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30iDburg Pixel Dungeon
3oiDburg PD
#81 Released mod
DownloadMobile Desktop
Source CodeGitHub
Current Version1.0.0
30iDburg (Zoidburg) Pixel Dungeon is a mod of Shattered PD ported to the libGDX application framework, which allows for the development of desktop and mobile games by using the same code base. It was first released on 17th September 2018 by WuWuWu in the VK social media platform. Although it is not stated explicitly, judging by the in-game evidence and the game code, it was based on version 0.6.5 of Shattered PD and for this reason it is somewhat outdated. Apart from porting Shattered PD, the two other features that it adds to Shattered PD are:
  • Heroes start with 1,000,000 gold pieces (!).
  • The boomerang has a "buff" option that gives a "blank" buff which, based on the description, does nothing aside from being stacked as different buffs every time it gets applied.

For additions and changes in Shattered PD up to version 0.6.5 you can visit this link.

Trivia Edit

This mod was created as an answer to all questions of a quiz by an unspecified member of the VK group Pixel Dungeon Universe. The only information available about its developer is the name mentioned in the mod's github repository (the github being the answer given to the quiz).

The title of this mod is almost surely a reference to the character Dr. John Zoidberg from the Futurama tv series, although the character's only relevance with this mod is that his picture is used as the game's logo.

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