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The Alchemy pot can only be found in a Laboratory, and is used to perform alchemy.


Alchemy pot small.gif
Alchemy pot
Drop some seeds here to cook a potion.

The water in the pot changes color as you descend deeper into the dungeon, matching the color of the stage's water tiles.

Image Stage
Alchemy pot sewers.png Sewers
Alchemy pot prison.png Prison
Alchemy pot caves.png Caves
Alchemy pot city.png Dwarven City
Alchemy pot halls.png Demon Halls


Main article: Alchemy

The alchemy pot is useful if you want more potions and have extra seeds. You must drop/throw in at least 3 seeds to brew a potion (& dropping more than 3 seeds of the same type will increase/ensure the chances of getting the desired potion).

As of Update 1.6.4, you can no longer step on an Alchemy Pot by tapping it, and therefore you can't pick up an item there in this way. Instead, you need to tap a wall behind the Alchemy Pot. [1] (This is now the only method of dropping a stack of seeds into the pot.)

Tapping the Alchemy Pot itself will force an interaction ("Select a seed to throw"), opening up your Backpack (if you don't have a Seed Pouch), graying out all other items except seeds (If you have a Seed Pouch, tapping the Alchemy Pot will open up your Seed Pouch instead); after tapping the pot, tapping on a (stack of) seed(s) will then automatically throw that seed into the pot, but only 1 seed at a time. Tapping out/any other Gameplay Button will cancel the interaction.


Update Change
0.5.2 ADDED to the game
1.6.3a Fixed: Planting Seeds on an Alchemy Pot (1 Seed 1 Potion Exploit)
1.6.4 Changed: Only Seeds can be placed into an Alchemy pot