Ambitious imp

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Type Quest & Standard
Spawn Depths 17 to 19
Gives A cursed & identified +3/+4 random ring
Walk speed 0 tiles per turn
Attack details
Health  ? HP
Dodge  ?
Accuracy 0
Armor 0
On Damage  ?

The Ambitious imp is a Quest & Standard NPC.

Description Edit

Demon gif
Ambitious imp
Imps are lesser demons. They are notable for neither their strength nor their magic talent, but they are quite smart and sociable. Many imps prefer to live among non-demons.

Info Edit

The Ambitious Imp can be found on depths 17 to 19.

If the imp’s quest is fulfilled (returning to the Imp to give him the tokens, receiving his reward, & the Imp leaving), he will reappear on depth 21 as the Shopkeeper.

However, if depth 21 is visited before the quest is fulfilled, the Imp won’t ever appear at the shop, even if you complete the quest after visiting depth 21.

When in his shop on Depth 21, if any attack or buff affects the Imp, he will disappear with all his wares like the Shopkeeper. However, when encountered before/during his Quest no attacks or buffs will have any effect on him (except that he may become opaque).

The imp is 2 times more likely to give the Dwarf Monks quest as compared to the Golems quest

Golems quest

Main article: Golems quest

 He will ask you to slay 6 Golems, with each one dropping a Dwarf token. After returning to him with at least 6 Dwarf tokens, he will reward you with a cursed, identified ring. 

Dwarf Monks quest

Main article: Monks quest

 He will ask you to slay 8 dwarf monks, with each one dropping a Dwarf token. After returning to him with at least 8 Dwarf tokens, he will reward you with a cursed, identified ring.

Prize generation

The Ambitious imp will generate a random ring with level probabilities of:

Level Probability
+3 1/2 50 %
+4 1/2 50 %

This ring will always be cursed and identified.


  • The Ambitious Imp is partially stealthed/invisible, so make sure that you check every room, so that you don't miss him/pass him by. You'll know he's within your field of view when red text appears at the bottom-left corner of your screen - "Psst, <insert class name>!"  (You can also determine his location with a Potion of Mind vision, in which he'll also beckon you the same way.). When the text appears, it is also entered in your Journal so you can check which Depth he is on even if you don't see the text notification.
  • Remember; Golems do not spawn at depth 16 & depth 17.
  • If the Ambitious Imp requests for you to dispatch 8 Dwarf Monks, the best depth to do so is at Depth 18, as they spawn there the most.
    If the Ambitious Imp requests for you to dispatch 6 Golems, the best depth to do so is at Depth 19, as they spawn there the most.
  • Try to dispatch more than 6 Golems/8 Dwarf Monks, and unstack the extra tokens before talking to the Imp, as you can sell the tokens for 100 Gold a piece.
  • In terms of resource management, it's best to accept the Imp's quest either after clearing the Dwarven City stage, but before fighting the King of Dwarves, or after fighting the King of Dwarves, but before descending further.
  • Even if you don't need the ring, you need to complete the Imp's quest anyway, in order to unlock the depth 21 Shop. His quest should be completed before you visit depth 21, or the Shop will never appear, even if you complete the Imp's quest after having visited Depth 21.


Update Change
1.6.2 ADDED to the game
1.6.3 Fixed: Ambitious Imp's ring reward level is corrected
1.6.4 Added: Monks quest
1.6.4a Changed: Only spawns in depth 16
1.6.4b Fixed: Spawns at depths 17 to 19 again
1.7.0 Fixed: Quest NPC's can no longer drop their reward on a non-walk-able cell (Quest Items can no longer be thrown at a non-walk-able cell)

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