Animated statue
Animated statue
Spawns in Statue room
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health depth×5+15 HP
Dodge depth+4
Armor depth
Resistant to Toxic gas
Grim weapon
Scroll of Psionic Blast
Immune to Vampiric weapon
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee
Accuracy (depth+9)×weaponAccuracy
Damage weaponDamage
Attack delay weaponDelay turns per attack
On hit Nothing special
Max level
30 for XP
32 for drop
Experience 0 XP
Drops The random enchanted melee weapon the statue was using (always)

The Animated statue is a special enemy appearing in statue room (special room type which can be generated in any depth, except in non-regular depths (i.e. boss depths, and depths 21 & 26)).


Animated Statue gif.gif
Animated statue
You would think that it's just another ugly statue of this dungeon, but its red glowing eyes give itself away. While the statue itself is made of stone, the <weapon name>,[sic] it's wielding,[sic] looks real.


The Animated Statue will only attack if provoked.
Otherwise, it will stay still in its statue room.
If the Hero/ine steps on an Alarm trap, or reads a Scroll of Challenge, this won’t affect the Animated Statue. It is equipped with a random enchanted weapon, which it will drop when defeated. Unlike other weapon drops, this weapon will be fully identified.

Special notes

The Animated Statue is the only enemy that wields an actual obtainable weapon.


  • Approach the Animated Statue only if you have good equipment.
  • Planting a Seed of Earthroot, and stepping on it while you are adjacent to the statue will help reduce a lot of damage that you could take.
  • Before you provoke the statue, see what the weapon it carries is, and think if you really need it.
    There’s no reason to fight, over a weak, or useless, weapon.
  • If you fight a statue with a Blazing enchantment, stand on water and throw your scrolls in a corner, so neither you, or your scrolls, burn up.
  • Be extremely cautious when fighting a statue with the Grim enchantment, as one hit has a chance to instantly slay you.
    Only multiple, strong, ranged weapons (Curare darts, Wand of Slowness, etc.) are advised when attempting to slay such a statue.
    Also, be sure to bring a Seed of Dreamweed, Scroll of Lullaby, or everything that applies the Paralyzed, Rooted, and/or Slowed debuff.
  • With a good strategy and enough ranged weapons/seeds/potions, it is safe to slay a statue, even if it has a very powerful weapon.
  • If you find a statue in an early depth and you have a powerful weapon (e.g. longsword, tomahawk, et c.), it is possible to slay it in one hit.

Attributes table

Depth Health Dodge Armor Accuracy factor
1 20 5 1 10
2 25 6 2 11
3 30 7 3 12
4 35 8 4 13
6 45 10 6 15
7 50 11 7 16
8 55 12 8 17
9 60 13 9 18
11 70 15 11 20
12 75 16 12 21
13 80 17 13 22
14 85 18 14 23
16 95 20 16 25
17 100 21 17 26
18 105 22 18 27
19 110 23 19 28
22 125 26 22 31
23 130 27 23 32
24 135 28 24 33



Update Change
0.4.2 Fixed: Animated Statues are not activated by Alarm traps
0.4.3 Changed: Animated Statues are immune to Psionic Blast now
0.5.3 Fixed: Bug that caused a crash when fighting statues
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