Armor Kit

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Type Boss Loot
Function Changes a selected armor into an Epic Armor, with a special ability
Source King of Dwarves
Reusable No
Upgradeable No
Stackable No
Breakable No
Buy price cannot be bought
Sell price cannot be sold

The Armor Kit is an item which transforms an existing armor, into a class-specific Epic Armor, each with a unique special ability.

Description[edit | edit source]

Armor kit.png
Armor kit
Using this kit of small tools and materials anybody can transform any armor into an "epic armor", which will keep all properties of the original armor, but will also provide its wearer a special ability depending on his class. No skills in tailoring, leatherworking or blacksmithing are required.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Dwarf King gif.gif

The Armor Kit is dropped by the King of Dwarves.

Armor modifications[edit | edit source]

  • The armor takes on the appearance of those shown in the Hero/ine Selection Screen.
  • The armor retains its strength requirement, protective value, & glyph.
  • The armor loses its “+N” suffix.
  • Most notably, the ability to upgrade the armor any further is lost.
  • The armor is no longer affected by degradation.
  • Since the armor has no level anymore, it’s not capped and, thus, not degraded when transferred through Hero's remains.
  • For abilities that affect all enemies within the Field-of-View, enemies seen through the use of a Potion of Mind Vision, will be affected.

Special abilities[edit | edit source]

The Epic Armor special abilities are class-specific. They can be assigned to the quickslot, and some tactics can be devised around them. The Special Ability costs 1/3rd of the Hero/ine’s current HP to cast, which makes it less appealing to spam, unless the tactic revolves around it. As the cost is rounded up, special abilities cannot be cast when the Hero/ine only has 1 HP left (“Your health is too low!”).

For example: if the Hero/ine’s current HP is 130 when using the armor, the Hero/ine’s HP will drop to 87:

130 * 13 = 4313 ; 130 - 4313 = 8623

the Hero/ine’s HP is then rounded up to 87 (Calculations confirmed for Heroic Leap & Warrior Armor).

Heroic leap[edit | edit source]

Warrior armor.png While this armor looks heavy, it allows a warrior to perform heroic leap towards a targeted location, slamming down to stun all neighbouring[sic] enemies.

Heroic leap is the special ability for Warrior. It is a teleport that can be cast anywhere in line of sight, but cannot be used to bypass enemies in the way. Upon “landing”, it stuns all enemies for 2 turns in a 1-tile radius of the destination tile.

  • Even with a Potion of Levitation, slamming onto a trap will trigger it.
  • The Berserker sub-class can be used to inflict some serious damage on tough enemies, by alternating stuns and hits, if you can risk the HP loss. Vampiric weapons might pair nicely here.

Molten earth[edit | edit source]

Mage armor.png Wearing this gorgeous robe, a mage can cast a spell of molten earth: all the enemies in his field of view will be set on fire and unable to move at the same time.

Molten earth is the special ability for Mage. It will root all enemies in view to the spot, unable to move, and will also set them on fire.

Smoke bomb[edit | edit source]

Rogue armor.png Wearing this dark garb, a rogue can perform a trick, that is called "smoke bomb" (though no real explosives are used): he blinds enemies who could see him and jumps aside.

Smoke bomb is the special ability for Rogue. It is a teleport that can be cast anywhere in line of sight, and CAN be used to travel past enemies.

Spectral blades[edit | edit source]

Huntress armor.png A huntress in such cloak can create a fan of spectral blades. Each of these blades will target a single enemy in the huntress's field of view, inflicting damage depending on her currently equipped melee weapon.

Spectral Blades is the special ability for Huntress. If you are wielding a weapon with an enchantment, there is a chance that most, if not all, enemies in your field of view will be affected by the enchantment.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The only current workarounds to the 1/3rd-of-current-HP cost are:
  1. Standing on a Sungrass plant (heals every 5 turns; can be combined with number 2 for greater/more rapid HP returns) - Molten Earth & Spectral Blades only, and
  2. Glyph of Metabolism + upgraded Ring of Mending & upgraded Ring of Satiety (to delay/stave off hunger/starvation, via Metabolism glyph),
    as these are the only things that rapidly return big chunks of HP, without having to go into your supply of Healing potions.
    (It is advised to use the special ability sparingly if you do not have these items to compensate for the HP cost.)
    [NOTE: The Sungrass plant component can only be used with Molten Earth & Spectral Blades, as the Hero/ine remains stationary while using those Special Abilities; for Heroic Leap & Smoke Bomb, the player will have to make do with only the other three components in number 2.]
  • As of Update 1.7.4a, it is recommended to apply the Armor Kit on your armor, in order to preserve its strength requirement, protection value, & glyph, preventing it from degrading.
  • The Invisible buff will not prematurely end upon using Spectral Blades.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Armor kit is the name of a series of items in the game World of Warcraft, that has power to upgrade an armor; also, Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing are skills in the game that are used to create those armor kits.
  • If you have the Armor Kit in your Backpack & you get revived by an Ankh, the Armor Kit will be in your Backpack upon revival.

History[edit | edit source]

Update Change
1.6.3 Fixed: Armor kit retains existing Glyph
1.6.4 Fixed: The Berserker gains Fury when his health-halving Heroic Leap Armor Ability causes him to reach the Fury threshold.
1.7.1 Changed: Class armor usage is restricted

(The Armor Ability can no longer be used if the Epic Armor isn't equipped. Epic Armor can no longer be equipped by other classes {when received via Hero's Remains}.)

1.7.4a Changed: Class Armor are not upgradable, thus they can't downgrade.
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