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All bags except for the Key Ring

A bag is an item that the Hero can carry with him/her, and that can contain other items. Tapping the tabs at the bottom of the Backpack window opens the other bags.

Except for the Backpack, bags can be stolen by a Crazy thief.

Bag types[]


Main article: Backpack

The main bag carried by the Hero (a.k.a. their inventory).

Seed pouch

Main article: Seed pouch
Seed Pouch.png
Seed pouch
This small velvet pouch allows you to store any number of seeds in it. Very convenient.

Scroll holder

Main article: Scroll holder
Scroll Holder.png
Scroll holder
You can place any number of scrolls into this tubular container. It saves room in your backpack and protects scrolls from fire.

Wand holster

Main article: Wand holster
Wand holster.png
Wand holster
This slim holder is made of leather of some exotic animal. It allows to compactly carry up to 12 wands.

Key ring

Main article: Key ring
Key ring.png
Key ring
This is a copper key ring, that lets you keep all your keys separately from the rest of your belongings.


Update Change
1.7.0 Change: The Open button has been removed (the tabs implemented in 1.6.4 are now the only way to open a bag).[1]