Wooden Barricades are an obstacle that can be found whenever Storage rooms are generated by the dungeon.

Description Edit

Wooden barricades change in appearance as your Hero/ine descends deeper into the dungeon.

Image Stage
Barricade sewers Sewers
Barricade prison Prison
Barricade caves Caves
Barricade city Dwarven City
Barricade halls Demon Halls

Info Edit

A wooden barricade is a flammable tile (as well as a Solid Tile) which blocks the entrance of storages.
There will always be a Potion of Liquid Flame at the same depth as the barricade/bookshelf.
There is a 1/3 chance that a barricade can be generated as a Bookshelf.

Tips Edit

  • You can burn the barricade open with a Potion of Liquid Flame, a Seed of Firebloom, a Wand of Firebolt, a Bomb, or a Fire Trap.
  • If you're not sure which potion is the Potion of Liquid Flame from potions found on that depth, use something else instead to get into the room. If you don't have something else, try to remember the potions you've obtained on that depth to test them.
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