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The Bat quest is one of two quests given by the Troll Blacksmith.

The Troll Blacksmith asks the Hero to stain the head of his Pickaxe with Vampire bat's blood, by slaying 1 Vampire bat. Vampire bats can be found throughout the Mining Caves stage. The Hero must equip the Pickaxe and use it in battle (it will glow, as if enchanted, once you have succeeded). A good way to get the job done is to lower its health with a normal weapon, equip the Pickaxe, then try to slay it.

Once the Hero returns with the Troll's blood-stained Pickaxe, the Troll will take his Pickaxe back (unless it's still equipped, but will leave any mined Dark Gold Ore untouched) and the Hero will be rewarded with the choice to reforge 2 items of the same kind, into 1 level higher than the highest level item used in the forging process. The items must not be degraded, not be cursed, and must be identified.


Upon speaking with the Troll Blacksmith:[]

Hey human! Wanna be useful, eh? Take dis pickaxe and kill a bat wit' it, I need its blood on the head. What do you mean, how am I gonna pay? You greedy...

Ok, ok, I don't have money to pay, but I can do some smithin' for you. Consider yourself lucky, I'm the only blacksmith around.

Upon speaking with the Troll Blacksmith without a Bloody Pickaxe:[]

I said I need bat blood on the pickaxe. Chop chop!

Upon returning to the Troll Blacksmith with the quest completed:[]

Oh, you have returned... Better late than never.

Ok, a deal is a deal, dat's what I can do for you: I can reforge 2 items and turn them into one of a better quality.

Upon speaking with the Troll Blacksmith after completing the quest:[]

I'm busy. Get lost!

Upon asking the Troll Blacksmith to reforge a degraded item:[]

It's junk, the quality is too poor!

Upon asking the Troll Blacksmith to reforge a cursed item:[]

I don't work with cursed items!

Upon speaking with the Troll Blacksmith without his Pickaxe:[]

Are you kidding me? Where is my pickaxe?!


Update Change
1.6.3 ADDED to the game