Info[edit | edit source]

Blobs are non-anchored areas that can evolve (move and/or spread) under certain conditions, and that have specific effects on characters and/or items present in that area.

Blobs[edit | edit source]

  • Alchemy
  • Confusion Gas
  • Fire
  • Foliage
  • Frost
  • Paralytic Gas
  • Regrowth
  • Sacrificial Fire
  • Toxic Gas
  • Water of Awareness
  • Water of Health
  • Water of Transmutation
  • Web
  • Well Water

Properties[edit | edit source]

Fire, Gas, & Regrowth propagates/spreads cardinally (plus-shaped pattern, not diagonally). Be mindful of which direction you decide to retreat to, in order to avoid their debuffs and to use the space of the room more effectively.

A property unique to gasses is that they fade away slower based on how many tiles are around it (expect toxic gas in a 3x3 room to fade away slower than a 30x30 room). This makes them way more effective on small rooms than large ones.

Yog's burning fist can generate fire around it every second turn, while DM-300 has a cloud of toxic gas following it constantly.

Frost, on the other hand, covers its area of effect uniformly in all directions. The distance it covers depends on the source – potions of frost freeze a 5x5 area, while icecap plants only a 3x3 area. Frost blobs do not persist and will vanish 1 turn after they appeared.

Webs generated by cave spinners while fleeing will root the Hero for 5 to 7 turns when stepped into, and will disappear on their own in 6 to 12 turns.

Sacrificial fire and the water of awareness/health/transmutation are all permanent blobs that only disappear if you interact with them, by either stepping on them, throwing an item or killing mobs affected by sacrificial fire.

Sacrificial fire grants the marked for sacrifice debuff and spawns the scroll of wipe out if all the requirements are met.

Foliage blob present in Garden rooms grants the shadowmelded buff and makes the grass regrow, even if it was turned to embers with fire.

Alchemy and well water blobs are purely decorative, and they do not alter the properties of a tile.

History[edit | edit source]

Update Change
0.5.1 Changed: Frost extinguishes fire
0.5.3 Fixed: Bug with Blobs (i.e. fire, gases, et c.)
0.5.4 Added: New visual effects for gases, fire, et c.

Changed: Toxic Gas displaces Paralytic Gas

1.7.0 Fixed:
  • Blobs are no longer obstructed by non-solid tiles, which impede vision/field-of-view (like tall vegetation).
  • Code performance while fire is spreading, is enhanced
  • Fire can only be seeded in cells that are not already burning at the same time.
1.7.2 Changed: Toxic gas (slightly)
1.9.0 Added: Sacrificial Fire
1.9.2 Changed:
  • Sacrificial mark gets propagated on attack.
    I.e. instead of luring enemies into sacrificial fire, the Hero/ine can step into it him/herself and then attack them - they’ll become “marked for sacrifice”.
  • All enemies at a depth get beckoned when someone steps into sacrificial fire.
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