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Samy el pro 48 Samy el pro 48 30 September

Pequeños tips (mios)

Tip 1 : serpientes resistentes 🐍

Si vez que una serpiente soporta un golpe los más probable es que tenga una semilla

tip2 esqueletos 💀☠️

Si vez un esqueleto (restos) en el centro de una habitación lo más probable es Que halla trampas de invocación ¡CUIDADO!

si vez unos restos cerca de un cofre examina que no sea un mimico 💼🧰

O también si vez restos en un lugar lleno de trampas puede que queden algunas más

tip3 fuerza 💪🥃

Si te hace falta fuerza para un arma o armadura (o arma arrojadiza) puedes optar por usar la semilla de putrebaya con una putrebaya subiéndote un nivel o puedes usar un anillo de poderío el cual también aumenta tu vida

Tip4: intuición🔍🗝️📜🗡️🥃🤔

Puedes saber si un objeto esta maldito o no si bebes de un pozo con signo de interrogaci…

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Samy el pro 48 Samy el pro 48 27 September

Intento de escape o error

Por lo que he visto y es algo poco frecuente encontrar enemigos de pisos inferiores como por ejemplo ladrones en EL nivel de las alcantarillas o cosas así me preguntó si es solo un error o algo hecho aproposito como un intento de salir de la mazmorra y poder escapar

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MegaErdan MegaErdan 24 February



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MrKukurykpl MrKukurykpl 14 July 2019

The art of Spacing & Timing, aka How to use Wand of Corrosion effectively

This short tutorial/guide was originally posted on reddit on 21st of October, 2018, under the same title - you can find it here. By the time of me writing this, it has already been over 6 months, and so the post is archived and cannot be edited anymore, and so is sliiiightly outdated. Despite that, I still believe it's worth reading, as I believe Wand of Corrosion can be easily overlooked as harmful to the player and not too effective in combat, which I still believe is wrong. I took a moment and decided to update parts of my guide (they'll be uhhh hard to miss), the results lie before you. So, without further ado...

MrKukurykpl (talk) 20:37, July 14, 2019 (UTC)

heya! o/

Wand of Corrosion, formerly Venom is my favorite wand. That's why when I…

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UrMumOnion1337 UrMumOnion1337 20 March 2019

Ideas for a New Pixel Dungeon

There needs to be more Pixel Dungeon, so here's a list of ideas. 

  • 1 Name
  • 2 Overview
    • 2.1 Characters
    • 2.2 Dew Vial
      • 2.2.1 Sip
      • 2.2.2 Enrich
      • 2.2.3 Drink
      • 2.2.4 Remove Curse
      • 2.2.5 Alchemical Mixing
      • 2.2.6 Bless
      • 2.2.7 Upgrade
      • 2.2.8 God Mode
      • 2.2.9 Fill With Water
      • 2.2.10 Fill With Blood
      • 2.2.11 Hyperhydration
      • 2.2.12 Garden Master
      • 2.2.13 Anticoagulation
      • 2.2.14 Vampiric Kiss

First, there needs to be a name for this, so here are a few ideas:

Celestial Pixel Dungeon

Overhauled Pixel Dungeon

Epic Pixel Dungeon

That's all the names I can come up with.

A general overview of my ideas:

Of course, there would be new characters, like:

Lost Soul (Would be the requirement to go to floor 27 and beyond.)

Doctor (Health-based)

Allstar (Average at everything)

Ninja (Stealthy, throwing/melee build)

and more...

Seems t…

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Silvergremlin 4705 Silvergremlin 4705 10 January 2019

Somen To Sy

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Vp00 Vp00 17 August 2018

Huntress class

So I've obtained the Amulet of Yendor with all classes except the Huntress class.

I'd really like to complete the game with all 4 classes to get that badge but I just dont know how to play with the Huntress. :( I always die in the sewers.

If you've ever completed the game with the Huntress class please tell me how you did it. What did you use the upgrade scrolls for, what strategies should I use, how do I defeat crabs, should I upgrade the boomerang etc.

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0WiseWarlock0 0WiseWarlock0 30 June 2018

Easy Tengu Guide (Shattered)

Hi there :)

So today I finally managed to get to floor ten and face off with Tengu while playing as my mage. The battle went semi smoothly (in the second half anyway) and required no preparation beforehand, other than the fact I had a wand of venom (the crux of my strategy) My armour was +3 leather armour and my weapon was a +3 scimitar. I had the talisman of sight (not important till later) and a staff of magic missile (suffering from the already imbued glitch)

Upon entering the fight Marco (we decided mage needed a name) had no buffs, and only 1 healing potion. Tengu spawned and filled the room with countless spear traps dotted around everywhere. As my first time ever making it to such a high level I was nervous, not wanting to be Tengu…

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Degrathz Degrathz 3 December 2017



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Degrathz Degrathz 29 October 2017



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TheEnlightened53 TheEnlightened53 6 May 2017

Upgrading Tips

1. Wait until you have a quality weapon to upgrade.

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Lighthouse6444 Lighthouse6444 6 February 2017

Expect a new mod - Random Dungeon

I'm more than halfway done with creating a new mod, Random Dungeon. I've created a new mechanic that allows the game to go on infinitely. (Unless you die)

Stay tuned!!!

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Lighthouse6444 Lighthouse6444 18 December 2016

Working on a new mechanic

I'm working on a new mechanic.

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Electriclaser Electriclaser 22 October 2016

Creating a new mod :)

Just started on my mod for pixel dungeon today. I would like to thank everyone that has added information on how to do so to the wiki, you have been a massive help but there are still some parts I'm unsure of.

1 how do I test my mod like getting it to run so I can see my changes (I used eclipse for coding by the way)

2 so second. I have drawn up a new sprite to add as a weapon into the mod buuut... I have no idea to how connect the code files and sprite files. I'm sure somebody will look at this and think wow this guy is stupid xD but I'm sure it's not that complex and I'm missing somthing small and simple.

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Bobrossesbrain666 Bobrossesbrain666 15 October 2016


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Lighthouse6444 Lighthouse6444 5 September 2016


I've started a mod now since I finally was able to build pixel dungeon :)

It's called emoji dungeon, and I'm planning to use several different emojis in it. It'll probably be more of a graphical hack than a new feature hack, but that doesn't mean I won't be changing code.

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ShadesRaith ShadesRaith 8 April 2016

What are some ideas that you would bring up?

 I always look at games and ask what can make this thing better. It is something that I picked up with my drawings as well as I love others input on my art I am sure the game developers would be intrested in your ideas in a simular way. I hop that many of you will contribute an Idea or 2 and that the game creators (modders included) would be able to draw of some ideas here. I hope to make a variant myself but I need to learn a bit more on coding. I wish to learn a bit more and make my own games that would help others enjoy there time but for now trying to help out existing and learning a bit from them will in turn help me out to learn a bit more on the coding language itself.

ShadesRaith (talk) 06:41, April 8, 2016 (UTC)

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Sa12369 Sa12369 2 April 2016


I see in a couple of pages reference proc/proccing but I haven't seen an explanation for it. I assume it some game mechanic. Can someone explain it to me?

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Shadow Automaton Shadow Automaton 27 February 2016

My Inactivity As Of Late

It's been a while since I've been last active on here.

And it's mainly cause I've gotten busier, completing other tasks/projects on my Task Queue, and because I'm in the process of making changes in my life.  Changes that will make me even busier.

Among those changes is a diversion of where I now spend my free time on.
This is likely my last year playing League of Legends, as I'm now back to playing my backlog of games on my XBox 360 (which I've missed oh so dearly).
In addition to no longer playing League, my activity here will also drop significantly, not only because I'm busier & I'm investing more of my free time specifically to my XBox 360 games, but because I don't see Watabou migrating Legacy Mode to the Android platform, specifically …

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MCGillie MCGillie 26 February 2016


Hi all! I'm relatively new here, but I catch on quick. Any advice or tips for me? Just post them on my message wall!

MCGillie Out.

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A Fandom user 19 November 2015

How to kill Wraiths

Now, let's say you're that one unsuspecting hero who finds a stone tablet sticking out of the ground. You obviously know it's a grave, and you also know that some people were buried with riches, such as gold and weaponry, so you decide, since no one's around, that you would take a peek and see what's inside, and bring it with you. As you lift up the tombstone, you see a sword that is glowing with a reddish light. A blazing sword! You lift it out of the hole in the ground, and look up to see four dark entities surrounding you. You see one raise it's ghost-like arm and, as you just realized, you are bleeding all over, and probably don't have long to live. You feel a blow to the head, and fall to endless sleep in the muck-filled tunnels...


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Cooldudebmw Cooldudebmw 25 October 2015

Pixel duengon stratigies


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anyone have tips&tricks? i cant get past the skeletons on 6 :(

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Oraticus Oraticus 8 September 2015


Starting a list of Shattered Pixel Dungeon items/additions that still needs to be done. This list is malleable; it will change with time and is not guaranteed to have everything that should be added about the SPD mod. Feel free to point out any other changes that should be made.

  • Find and link back all SPD content that is the same as PD
  • Add .gifs for Gnoll Trickster, Giant Crab, and Guardians (use gnoll, crab, and animated statue .gifs as reference)
  • Bee (different than PD)
  • Finish adding game information to the wand page
  • Finish adding game information to the traps page
  • Clean up main page
  • Add SPD items and item changes
    • Bomb (different than PD)
    • Bag of Sand
    • Honey Pot (a little different than PD)
      • Shattered Honey Pot
  • Add trap spawn probabilities by stage
    • Link…

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YanPL YanPL 17 August 2015

One run to identify them all

My rogue is currently on depth 12 with 6 different wands and 5 different rings.

It would be better than that, but, twice I forgot to leave some bones for him when advancing to next level, and I've gotten armor from bones twice as well.

Old wandmaker (that bugger) gave me a wand I already had.

So... it's getting tedious to find the wands to pass on by bones in first place, as now I only need a small subset of them...

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CJTC CJTC 29 April 2015

Vid series

It's Started!

I've recently decided to do a whole bunch of tutorials and walkthroughs on youtube. Would love any support and/or ideas for what everyone would like to see.

I'm using the channel 'SmallGame Adventures' for the series's's's so get on board and if you have any questions of cool in-game footage let me know and I'll defs include it!

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Papayaman1000 Papayaman1000 26 April 2015

You Have To Win The Game: Part Deux - Class Strategies

Still having trouble beating the game? Or maybe already beat it once, but hate a certain class? I'm here once again to teach you!

Each section will be split into three parts: Basic overview, as well as more detailed help based on each subclass.

  • 1 Warrior
    • 1.1 Vanilla
      • 1.1.1 Suggested Equipment
      • 1.1.2 Battle Tactics
    • 1.2 Gladiator
      • 1.2.1 Suggested Equipment
      • 1.2.2 Battle Tactics
    • 1.3 To be continued

A vanilla Warrior is by far the easiest class to pick up, however doesn't quite offer as much depth and advanced strategy. You'll usually just brute-force through.

Primary Weapon: Whatever you can get your hands on.
Armor: The best you can find.
Rings: Anything that seems useful.
Status Playthings: Whatever.

As a Warrior, your battles will be incredibly simple. Charge in get…

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Papayaman1000 Papayaman1000 14 February 2015

Weird things I've done during my time on the wiki

That moment when you get the LUCKY EDIT badge (36,000th! What what)

When letting your inner Grammar Nazi free on the Main Page and you realize that due to the random nature of the images the badge system logs it as adding a photo and after like 12 edits in between fixing minor errors and trying to work with the impossible syntax for scrollbar images you have like a tier 4 image badge

When you hope to one day be admin and competitively watch your score surpass most of the non-admins

When you curse the heavens because you can't always get on the wiki or find something in need of fixing To keep the Streak badges up

When you seriously hope to be an admin when you've been on  for less than six months and contributed like one really major thing

When t…

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Npreiloutlook.com Npreiloutlook.com 25 January 2015

Super Pixel Dungeon vAlpha 1.0.0b

As I mentioned in my wikia , there was a bug in alpha 1.0.1, so that when you clicked the sad ghost, if shattered quests was enabled, the game would crash. I found the problem; the images for the Shattered quests were not properly inserted, and when it tried to generate the "boss", it resulted in a NullPointer Exception - the image for the boss did not exist.

I have fixed this. The new version, Alpha 1.0.1a, can be downloaded here.


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AnuelTabs AnuelTabs 19 January 2015


I just made this to earn the badge. yay, now I got the badge

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Rad777 Rad777 15 December 2014

Awesome wells Idea!

Imagine if you step in a Well of Transmutation , and become a new class.

Huntress --> Any class +5 HP and vice versa

Warrior --> Any class -1 Strength and vice versa

Rouge --> Any class gets hungry faster and vice versa

Mage --> Any class wand charges slower and vice versa


And a new Well- A well of upgrade- stepping init will upgrade one random item in your inventory/equipped items. Nothing can be thrown into it.


What do you guys think? to0 OP, other suggestions?

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Syzlx Syzlx 22 October 2014

Shattered Pixel Dungeon (Co-Op Mode!)

Alright.  I had this great idea that would allow 4 people to dungeon crawl together in Pixel Dungeon.

If we could use Bluetooth, then it shouldn't be very hard to connect the devices together.  All that would need to be done are slight gameplay changes, to complement the multiplayer environment (such as:  more food & higher spawning rates for just about every item; possibly a way to attack an opponent with a ranged weapon, without hitting an ally).

After a little work, a multiplayer mode would put this game at the top of the charts.  I would love to see this happen.

Help me get the Shattered pixel dungeon dev to see this, so we can talk about the possibility of this happening..

Thanks and have a wonderful day everyone!

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Papayaman1000 Papayaman1000 21 September 2014

You Have to Win the Game - Here's How! ~A guide by yours truly.

So, fellow players! I have recently witnessed a massive spike in my win rate, I now manage to win at least once a day in between my one (rarely two) games a day. I thought I'd share how.

This guide is now complete with all the basics you'll need. Not all the knowledge on the wiki, just... the meat of it.

Let's get started.

  • 1 Area One: Sewers
    • 1.1 Dwarf Monk Quest:
    • 1.2 Golem Quest:
    • 1.3 Rewards

Informative Slideshow of the most important things in the Sewers!

ATM I can't find the Ambitious Imp! That was pointless... for now!!!

Kill a few Dwarf Monks. Seniors count. That's all.

Kill a few golems. That's all.

NOTE: Any excess tokens sell for 150 gold/piece! Save a few, if you don't want to punch the Monks/Golems through the fourth wall (and your screen) by th…

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Papayaman1000 Papayaman1000 2 September 2014

Upsetting Defeats

I play Pixel Dungeon-A Lot. I got the "500 Games Played" badge before Beta was over. However, it's extremely rare that I win. But, I've had some pretty upsetting defeats.

Note: I will not include premature deaths (most deaths in the Sewers) here.


This was admittedy one of my most upsetting defeats. I had Plate Armor+4,  Venomous Warhammer+5, Ring of Haste, and both a WoMM and a WoD+1. Before battle,  I had 4 Iife pots, one full Dew Vial, 3 Potions of Pur., 1 Napalm Juice, and and 2 Seeds of Earthroot. Full health, Ate a ration right before entering the boss room. I have no idea how I lost. I had more than enough strength for my weapons, plenty of ranged attacks, oodles of knowedge about this boss... What went wrong?!

He neve…

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SuperSaiyan99 SuperSaiyan99 14 August 2014

Items at +13

  • 1 Weapons
    • 1.1 Glaive +13
    • 1.2 War Hammer +13
    • 1.3 Longsword +13
    • 1.4 Battle Axe +13
    • 1.5 Sword +13
    • 1.6 Mace +13
    • 1.7 Spear +13
    • 1.8 Quarterstaff +13
    • 1.9 Short Sword +13
    • 1.10 Dagger +13
    • 1.11 Knuckleduster +13
  • 2 Armor
    • 2.1 Plate Armor +13
    • 2.2 Scale Armor +13
    • 2.3 Mail Armor +13
    • 2.4 Leather Armor +13
    • 2.5 Cloth Armor +13
  • 3 Rings
    • 3.1 Ring of Haste +13
    • 3.2 Ring of Evasion +13
  • 4 Wands
    • 4.1 Wand of Firebolt +13

This is a log about items at +13. Here's what I have:

Everything written about the items is for pre-1.7.4.

It's really good. You don't take a lot of hits because it does a lot of damage, and it 1 to 2-shots every enemy. It does an average damage of 56 and can do over 100 damage every once in a while.
You might think it's good, but it isn't. Most enemies on stages 4 a…

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Ethaniel Ethaniel 10 August 2014

Wiki Hero!

I’m contributing for more than one year (2013-06-03) but, as many people, I didn’t contribute every day (I didn’t contribute mostly on Sundays, as I don’t have Internet access at home). I earned the wiki badge “Key to the Wiki!” (a.k.a. “5 days of contribution”) as soon as the first week but, because of the missing Sundays, I wasn’t able to earn the following badges (14, 30, etc.) Then, on 2013-07-21 (the first Sunday I was able to contribute!) I decided to do my best to earn the following badges and, 2 weeks later, I finally earned the “14 days badge”; However I didn’t reach the “30 days” badge as, on 2013-08-10, I was totally unable to have Internet access that day because of some activity at a place without any phone network (yes, it st…

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A Fandom user 5 August 2014



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The Legendary Phoenix The Legendary Phoenix 16 July 2014

My first page


Please check my first page on the wiki about Surprise attack.

Tell me if you like it  and what I could improve in the future :D.

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JMP2000BOSS JMP2000BOSS 12 July 2014

Challenges (made up -- y'know, by people)

[If you can screenshot it please do, don't lie please - and this will be updated soon]         Amount  6

*Note that all of these are just stupid challenges  that  other people and (Not yet, but hopefully soon!) I, have come up with.

      [HARD] SUPER STREAKER!!!!!  -  Take a gladiator, a +0 knuckleduster, a ring of haste and accuracy,           find a boss, and get a 30+ streak on the boss.

    [Pretty Hard] 'Street Fighter  -  'Take any class, get rid of your equipped weapon, never equip a                 weapon, AND PUNCH EVERYTHING!!!

      [VERY HARD] Freeballer  -  Take any class and remove its armor, and never equip armor AGAIN.

      [Medium]Harryisawizard  -  Only use wands for a whole game = ONLY WANDS (No armor or weps, this       includ…

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Oraticus Oraticus 30 June 2014

Hall of Victors

After seeing Shadow Automaton's archive of victorious sessions, I figured it a good idea to enshrine some of my own victories in a blog as well. After all, the game doesn't do much for recording your successes, especially since there's only six spots on the hall of fame, which isn't even sufficient for all the subclasses.

Too bad I didn't see Shadow Automaton's blog earlier, or I might have more of my previous victories to post, but for now we'll start off with with the final of my subclasses that I had yet to beat the game with... the Warden:

  • 1 Warden
  • 2 Warlock
  • 3 Mage
  • 4 Warrior
  • 5 Rogue
  • 6 Huntress

Class: Huntress

Sub Class: Warden

Weapon: +2 Glaive

Armor: +3 Scale armor/Huntress Cloak

Ranged: +0 Boomerang

Rings (left to right):

  • +12 Ring of Haste
  • +4 Ring of Eva…

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A Fandom user 29 May 2013


Guys, can i enter the locked room on 26th floor?

How can i get the key?

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Shadow Automaton Shadow Automaton 25 April 2014

My Archive of Victorious Sessions

Created this log, so I can keep all my successful runs in one place & not lose track of it, or have to look for it, in the Endgame Hall of Fame thread.  I'll just link to this log in the EHoF thread, whenever I have new completed runs to share.

If you have any comments about any of my runs, please reply to me on either of the following two threads:

  •  Endgame Hall of Fame: Post Your Endgame Stats!
  •  Share: How many times have you beaten the game?

Finally finished my "Savage Native" run!  =D

(Never applied the Armor Kit on any of them cause of the consequence of using the special ability.  Worthless to use; too much risk, not enough reward.  Decided to leave it at D-26 as an alternate reward for other adventurers.  XD  )

  • 1 Warden
    • 1.1 2nd Warden run
  • 2 Ass…

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Ray L.H Ray L.H 23 April 2014

My PD fanfiction

           -Note:I'm currently doing some "repairs" on the text,and my progress is quite low,so,don't expect the next part of the 2nd fanfic to be coming soon…

I'll post here my Fanfic that I made.Be patient,and it will become ready in no time!

WARNING!!!The links and the text can contain spoilers!!!

I don't care for them,but if you care...Read at your own risk.

  • 1 Search for the Amulet of Yendor-Part 1:
  • 2 Part 2
  • 3 Part 3
  • 4 Part 4
  • 5 Part 5
  • 6 Part  6
  • 7 Part 7
  • 8 Part 8
  • 9 Part 9
  • 10 Part 10-The last fight
  • 11 Ending
  • 12 The second PD fanfiction
  • 13 Part 1:The drought
  • 14 Part 2:Entering in the dungeon
  • 15 Part 3:Making friends and enemies on the dungeon
  • 16 Part 4:Killing the boss and meeting the Rat king
  • 17 Part 5:Violence under the sewers
  • 18 Part 6:Thieves run trough the Prision
  • 19 Part 7…

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MilitaryGeneralXX MilitaryGeneralXX 14 April 2014

Pixel Dungeon, But With Gnolls? Gnoll Rpg

What if there was a sequel to pixel dungeon where the hero got the amulet of yendor, and the gnolls wanted to take it back? You would be a gnoll that would venture upwards to retrieve your amulet.

Even though it may sound that it isn't as Fantasy as pixel dungeon, remember that the dungeon was under the sewers beneath the city, so the gnolls navigated a way up to the surface world.


Gnoll Brute that has same stats as Warrior.

Gnoll Shaman that has same stats as Mage.

Gnoll Scout that has same stats as Rogue.

Gnoll Sniper that has same stats as Huntress.

All Classes would have same equipment as their counterparts.

Wands would be changed to Guns, (Ex. Wand of firebolt to Flame Gun, Wand of Flock to Smokescreen Gun).

Darts would stay the same, but…

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MilitaryGeneralXX MilitaryGeneralXX 12 April 2014

Are the Giant Piranhas TOO OP?

The giant piranhas are a bit too op. Sometimes you can't even beat a few giant piranhas even with really strong armor. If you have something to say, post on comments below.

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MilitaryGeneralXX MilitaryGeneralXX 9 April 2014

Similar Enemies

Some of the Enemies is Pixel Dungeon are a bit similar. Here are a list of enemies related to the Lvl. 1-9 Enemies.

  • Fire elementals, God's Larvae, and Vampire Bats are the greater versions of Marsupial Rat.
  • Gnoll brutes, Dwarf monks, and Succubus are the greater versions of Gnoll Scout.
  • Cave spinners are the greater versions of Sewer Crabs.
  • Dwarf Warlocks are greater versions on Gnoll Shamans.
  • Golems are the greater versions of Skeletons.
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A Fandom user 2 April 2014


Don't worry soon you will join the ranks of undead that prowl the dungeon.....yes....very soon.....

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A Fandom user 31 March 2014

Hero attribute

Warrior: This class is the easiest to begin playing as due to his high starting stats and stronger weaponry. The warrior invokes an aggresive playstyle and while having good sustain may lead you into dangerous situations should you get overconfident in your abilities.

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A C P L A C P L 8 March 2014

Pixel Dungeon Videos

If you have any suggestions or ideas for other guides/videos I can make, please post below :D My current videos:

Pixel Dungeon| How to kill Goo! Earthroot method

Pixel Dungeon - Killing the King of Dwarves

Pixel Dungeon - Killing the King of Dwarves 2

Pixel Dungeon - Fighting Goo

Pixel Dungeon - Dwarf King 3

Pixel Dungeon - Yog-Dzewa

Fan-Made Pixel Dungeon Trailer

Pixel Dungeon - Imma Firin Mah Lazer

Pixel Dungeon - Warrior Run Throught

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Umarnobbee13 Umarnobbee13 6 March 2014

How I play. Tips..

Hi, Everyone!

My name is Umar Nobbee.

My best friend, Emmanuel, got me into this game 2 weeks now, and I can't stop playing.

During the past week, I had my first successful run on my 372th try.  Then Sunday, I beat the game three times in a row; then Monday twice, and Tuesday once.  So, I've beaten the game 6 times so far, and only two weeks of playing.

So I am going to share how I play; and also tips.

Firstly, I've never beaten Goo with the Huntress.  -_-  She's a pain in the 4$$.  So weak, but I guess that's why she has the never-ending boomerang and more life from dewdrops, right?  Well I don't care, I still die xD ..literally too hard.  So, I haven't got the badge beating Goo with all classes yet ..anyway.

  • 1 Sewer stage
    • 1.1 Sad Ghost
    • 1.2 Upgradin…

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