Hi all!!

I haven't been around for a bit, but just picked up the game again, and remembered how much I love/hate it; haha.
So, I'm thinking of recording some walkthroughs & tutorials for Pixel Dungeon!

I'd love input from everyone on:

  • what they would like to see,
  • what kind of tutorials people are interested in, and
  • what kind of format would be a good way to go...
  • Also would love cool screen-shots from everyone, of weird & wacky situations that I can add in for fun!

Initially, I'd introduce:

  • the game,
  • the character types, and
  • then some basic gameplay tips.
  • Then probably do a walkthrough of each level section & boss
  • And finally, move onto some achievement and
    • challenge walkthroughs.

Will take a while before I start uploading; I'm going to just start recording all my games now, to build up footage of everything we might want to cover. (voice-overs later)

Just thought I'd throw the idea out there and get your ideas/support.

Sound like fun?
Who would be interested in this?

Would you be interested in this?

11 votes

Keep the smilings!!!

CJTC (mootle)

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