Everyone, regarding missing (iron) keys:

Please read Watabou's post - Missing Keys.

- Shadow Automaton

Screenshot 2014-05-29-18-31-16

My first real run with a Mage. It's much harder than it needs to be because there are locked doors without keys on multiple depths. I noticed it on depth 3 or so and figured I'd come back once I had ID'd Scroll of Magic Mapping. I eventually did so on depth 12, which revealed two locked doors without keys. So I took a screenshot.

What am I missing? I was under the impression that - and this has been the case in every other run through I have played - there are always keys for every locked door on a depth.

It's frustrating because I have the makings of a great run but I have been shorted on food and missed multiple wells due to this problem. I've seen it on three depths so far out of 16.

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