6 healing potions, 2 Levitation potions, 1 P-Gas, 1 Purification

4 Sungrass, 2 Dreamweed, 3 Sorrowmoss, 3 Firebloom, 1 Icecap

2 Terror scrolls, 1 Remove Curse scroll, 1 Recharging scroll, 1 unidentified which is either Mirror Image, Psionic Blast or Challenge (I haven't used it because I didn't want to waste Mirror Image and didn't want to use Challenge in Demon Halls)

I was thinking of throwing P-Gas at the fists then hitting the eyeball then when the P-Gas dissipates, throwing Dreamweed so they'd just be running about randomly to buy me a few extra turns. Still, going for the eyeball would need to deal 1200 damage in total plus the larvae and with the fists at least 850 plus the larvae. With 30 damage on average (taking into account dodging, I did hit a warlock for 70 damage in one go in stage 4 but not the same thing) it'd take about 40 turns to get the eyeball plus extra for the larvae so about 60 turns. Don't know if I can keep the fists away for that long...

Still I thought I should go for the eyeball first because it's probably too risky with no Earthroot going for the fists but if they're right next to the eyeball or the B-Fist starts attacking as soon as I step off the stairs it could probably be tough.

Plus, my torch is probably going to run out soon

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