Bookshelves can be found whenever certain rooms are generated by the dungeon.

Description Edit

Bookshelves change in appearance & description as you descend deeper into the dungeon.

Image Stage Description
Bookshelves sewers Sewers The bookshelf is packed with cheap useless books. Might it burn?
Bookshelves prison Prison This is probably a vestige of a prison library. Might it burn?
Bookshelves caves Caves Who would need a bookshelf in a cave?
Bookshelves city Dwarven City The[sic] rows of books on different disciplines fill the bookshelf.
Bookshelves halls Demon Halls Books in ancient languages smoulder[sic] in the bookshelf.

Info Edit

Bookshelves are decorative, flammable tiles, & solid tiles.

They also block Storage entrances (1/3 chance), along with the Wooden Barricade. And they can be burned just like Wooden Barricades.

Bookshelves are found in certain room types:

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.3 Changed:
  • Storage Room entrances can now also be blocked by bookshelves. (1/3rd Probability)
  • Bookshelves in the anteroom, at the King of Dwarves Boss Depth, have a unique description.
  • Sewers' bookshelves have enhanced description

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