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Buffs are positive status modifiers that can provide benefits from additional healing to invisibility.
Some buffs are completely unexpected, and some are the result of using an item.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are debuffs.

Hero buffs[]

These buffs help the Hero in a positive way, usually acquired by the use of items, like potions.

Sprite Name Description
Herbal armor.png Herbal armor Makes the Hero temporarily immune to physical attacks as long as s/he stays still (whatever the buff cause), for a total damage absorption equal to their total HP (if from Earthroot), or equal to 5×(entanglementLevel+1) if from entanglement.

Acquired when stepping on an Earthroot, or from the glyph of entanglement.

Herbal healing.png Herbal healing Heals the Hero as long as they stays still, by 1/10 of their total HP every 5 turns. Herbal healing is not affected by the Hero’s hunger.

Acquired when stepping on a Sungrass plant.

Illuminated.png Illuminated In the Demon Halls stage, allows the Hero to see at a distance of 4 cells.

The Hero will receive this buff when carrying a torch or on fire.

ImmuneToGases.png Immune to gases When drinking a Potion of Purification, the Hero will be immune to Paralytic gas, Toxic gas, and Confusion gas, for 5 turns.

The Hero will also be immune to any other form of paralyzation, be it from avalanches or enemy attacks.

Invisible.png Invisible When drinking a Potion of Invisibility, eating a Phantom fish, or eating a Frozen carpaccio (1/5 probability), the Hero will be turned invisible to all enemies for 15 turns.

Reading a scroll, using a wand or attacking an enemy will dispell the buff. However, drinking a potion, eating food, or throwing an item or ranged weapon will not make the Hero visible to enemies.

Levitating.png Levitating When levitating, the Hero:
  • Does not trigger any traps
  • Is immune to the rooted debuff
  • Does not fall into chasms
  • Does not catch fire from burning tiles
  • Has a higher chance of not being spotted by sleeping enemies.

However, they also won’t be able to trample vegetation or step on water. When drinking a Potion of Levitation, the Hero will levitate for 20 turns.

Mind vision.png Mind vision When drinking a Potion of Mind Vision, the Hero will be able to see all the enemies on the level, and see through walls, for 20 turns.
Shadowmelded.png Shadowmelded While standing, or waiting, in the area-of-effect, the Hero will be invisible and everything around him/her will be in shadows. Also, the Hero will get hungry at a significantly slower rate while Shadowmelded. It will last for 1 more turn after exiting Gardens.

Found in Gardens.

Barkskin.png Barkskin The Hero’s armor absorption will be increased by a fraction of their total health (initially a third when trampling vegetation or plant; a fourth when eating frozen carpaccio), but the armor bonus decreases by one each turn, until reaching 0.

Acquired by Warden when trampling vegetation, or plant; or by any class, by eating Frozen carpaccio (1/5 probability).

  • Duration from vegetation/plant: 1/3 of Heroine’s max health
  • Duration from Frozen Carpaccio: 1/4 of Hero’s max health
Zeroed in.png Zeroed in Triggers when landing an attack with a ranged weapon. The next ranged attack the Hero performs will be twice as fast.

This is a buff that only the Sniper sub-class and the Mage class can obtain.

Combo.png Combo
Main article: Gladiator

Being able to start & maintain a combo allows for more damage per hit, with 13-hit being the maximum possible combo. A Fast melee weapon and/or an upgraded Ring of Haste is needed in order to make full use of this perk.

Combo is a buff that only the Gladiator sub-class can experience.

Fury.png Fury If the Hero is at low health, he’ll inflict more damage.

Fury is a buff that only the Berserker sub-class can experience.

Enemy buffs[]

These buffs are acquired by some enemies under given conditions.

Amok.png Enraged Gnoll brutes enrage when their HP falls strictly below 1/4 of total health (i.e. if HP < 10).

They inflict more damage under this buff (10 to 40 (25 ±6.33) instead of 8 to 18 (13 ±2.26)). Even though this buff is using Amok’s icon, it’s totally different.

Goo.png Pumped up Goo can pump itself up instead of performing a standard melee attack, with a probability of 1.

The Hero should then immediately run away, in order to avoid a strong attack (5 to 30 (17.5 ±5.32) instead of 2 to 12 (7 ±2.26)). Goo will have a “!!!” symbol above it when affected by this.

Former buffs[]

These buffs don’t appear in the game anymore. They are either changed to something else, or do not exist anymore.

Rejuvenation.png Rejuvenation While standing, or waiting, in the area-of-effect, the Hero was able to regenerate HP even if s/he was starving.

Before Update 0.4, this buff was found in Gardens.


Update Change
0.4 Changed: Rejuvenation REPLACED by Shadowmelded
1.6.1 Changed: Burning provides Illumination
1.6.2a Changed: Herbal Armor now applies before the worn armor absorption
1.6.4 Fixed:
  • The Berserker gains Fury when the health-halving Heroic leap Armor Ability causes him to reach his Fury threshold.
  • The Berserker gains Fury if the Warrior's health is within the Fury threshold when the Tome of Mastery is read.
1.7.3 Added: Zeroed-In

(REPLACED Sniper's Mark)

1.7.3 - 1.7.5 Fixed: Target of the Zeroed-in buff gets saved