Burning is a debuff.

Effect Edit

The target (Hero/ine or enemy) receiving this debuff takes fire damage (1 to 5) every turn.
If the target is the Hero/ine, one unequipped item of the inventory is randomly chosen (uniform probability, each individual item counting independently even if stacked):

Duration Edit

The burning lasts up to 8 turns:

  • it extinguishes itself after 8 turns,
  • it extinguishes if the target walks into water (so, it does not apply to flying enemies, nor to the Hero/ine, if s/he is under the effect of a Potion of Levitation),
  • it extinguishes (after doing damage) with a probability (1-HP/totalHP)/3 (HP and totalHP of the burning target),
  • it extinguishes in a Potion of Frost's area-of-effect.

If the buff is applied again before the previous one extinguishes, the 8-turn counter is just reset, but it does not double the damage.

History Edit

Update Change
0.2.3 Changed: Now, it's impossible for water tiles to douse fire while the Hero/ine is levitating
0.5.1 Changed: Frost extinguishes fire
1.6.1 Changed: Burning provides Illumination
1.7.0 Fixed:
  • Code performance while fire is spreading, is enhanced
  • Fire can only be seeded in cells that are not already burning at the same time.
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