You can see the catalogus in the upper left.

Overview Edit

Catalogus is a potion/scroll tracking tool.

It can be accessed in two ways:

  1. By tapping your character icon at the top-left corner of the screen, then pressing the Catalogus button placed in the upper-left corner of the character window, beside the Journal button.
  2. By pressing and holding the Backpack button.

Purpose Edit

The purpose of the Catalogus is to show all discovered potions and scrolls throughout the game in a simple list.
Items identified at the very beginning will be on the Catalogus.
Each time the Hero/ine identifies a potion or a scroll, it is added to the Catalogus.
If you tap on an item on the list, a window with the item's description will open.
It shows you the amounts of your Hero/ine's identified potions.
Potions can be drank and scrolls can be read from the Catalogus.

When you have discovered all but one item, the last item will automatically be added to the Catalogus.

Gallery Edit

History Edit

Update Change
0.4.1 ADDED to the game (Accessible from the Character Window)
1.6.1 Changed: Catalogus now displays all potions & scrolls (incl. unidentified)
1.9.2 Changed: (Improved!) It displays the number of currently owned identified potions and scrolls and you can use them right from there.
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