Mods extend the Pixel Dungeon source code to add additional features or tweaks. This page lists most of the available mods:

  • The first table lists mods that contribute something original, even small and considered insignificant by some, to the source material they use.
  • The second table lists mods that are legitimate and contribute something original, but part of their content or their whole content is only available in languages that are mostly spoken outside Europe and North/South America. They are either not translated in english at all, or are partly translated and a considerable amount of the game messages are of the "No text found" type or it is displayed in the game's original language. This division-arrangement takes only into account the languages mostly used by the wiki's audience, and has no other purpose.
  • Broken mods, clone mods, hacked mods, illegetimate mods, imposter mods etc. are listed in the third table just for documentation reasons.

Although they are not all listed here yet, Pixel Dungeon currently has over 110 Mods, +20 of them currently in active development, and +40 of them with source code available. Unfortunately, 12 of these mods are simply clones of Original Pixel Dungeon or other mods.

Also, if you follow the links to the mods' main pages, you will often see in their infobox the ordinal number of their first release in comparison to the other mods. Moreover, this number will be displayed in a different color, according to the current state of the mod:

Green → Actively developed, Light Blue → Completed, Red → Abandoned, Yellow → on Hiatus.

Disclaimer: This list does not contain all of the available mods, but contains most of them. Currently 84 mods are listed in the first two tables and 21 in the third table, so 105 in sum.

Mod list

Mod Name Highlights Author & direct Parent fork: Download Last Update[1]

(Version Number)

3D Pixel Dungeon
  • Visual remake of Original PD with 3D graphics
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Google Drive android

Google Drive desktop

2018-04-21 (v.0.2.8)
3oiDburg PD
30iDburg PD
  • LibGDX port of Shattered PD, suitable for both desktop and mobile
  • Heroes start with 1,000,000 gold
  • Shattered PD v.0.6.5
Github android

Github desktop



ASCII Dungeon
  • Visual remake with ASCII characters
Unknown Author
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Google Drive no date info


Chancel PD icon
Chancel PD
  • Major game balance changes
  • Strength & hunger systems overhauled
  • New potions and scrolls
  • New existence systems
  • Shattered PD v.0.6.5c
Discord 2019-08-26


Chernog; FOTMA
Chernog: Fortress of the Mad Admiral RPG
  • Medieval-themed RPG that uses code and assets from Original PD.
  • It is not an actual PD mod at all in its gameplay.
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Play Store (Note that it is not free, but sold for 0.8 €) 2019-02-28


Classic Dungeon-0
Classic Dungeon
  • Visual remake of Original PD
  • Takes place in Gymnasium
  • Only Mage and Warrior
  • 10 depths
Miles Artemius
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Play Store 2019-02-10 (2.1 language attempt)
Cursed PD (New)
Cursed PD
  • Ring of Wealth +10 in each run
  • Upgrading to higher levels is possible
  • Almost all curses changed
  • Dew Vial changed
  • Dragon pets added
  • Shattered PD v.0.7.3b
Discord (see announcement

for the latest

indev version)

Google Drive (stable versions only)

Constantly updated (visit discord link in the previous cell to get informed about the latest version)
Darkest PD
Darkest PD
  • Many new NPCs
  • Pressure mechanic added
  • New Artifacts
  • New class - Sorceress
  • New items, quests, enemies
  • Shattered PD v.0.4.2b
Github 2019-07-27 (0.3.2a)
Deistic PD
Deistic PD
  • Early mod of Sprouted PD
  • As a result no Dolyahaven Mines chapter and no Sokoban depths.
  • Races (Dwarf, Gnoll, Human, Wraith) and race subclasses
  • Race specific artifacts
Average Mormon Gamer
  • Sprouted PD v.0.3.5
Google Drive 2015-12-15 (0.1.6)
Desktop version (LibGDX port)
  • Desktop variant (suitable also for mobile)
  • LibGDX port
  • Based on old version
  • Original PD v.1.7.2a
Github 2014-11-23 (1.7.2a)
Desktop version (Watabou)
  • Desktop variant
  • Based on old version
Watabou, Arcnor
  • Original PD v.1.7.2a
Developer's site 2014-11-23 (1.7.2a)
Dixel Pungeon
Dixel Pungeon
  • New classes
  • Much bigger depths
  • New consumables
  • Soulforge repairs items
Arfonzo J. Coward
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Developer's site 2016-01-02 (r60)
Dungeon Run WIP-0
Dungeon Run WIP
  • 3 upgrading scrolls
  • More drops
  • Bigger depths
MEM Apps
  • Original PD v.1.9.1

Google Drive

2016-10-10 (1.0.3)
Easier PD
Easier PD
  • Easier by default
  • More potions of Strength & scrolls of Upgrade
  • Weaker enemies
  • Original PD v.1.7.2

Google Drive

2015-01-27 (1.0)
Ic launcher sprouted
Easier Sprouted PD
  • Easy Mode options added
  • Only Draw out Dew available before end-game
  • All of Sprouted's original game crashing bugs fixed
  • New wands from Shattered PD
  • Sprouted PD v.0.4.1
Google Sites 2017-10-22 (171125 Final)
Easier Vanilla PD
Easier Vanilla PD
  • Easy Mode options added
  • "No degradation" option
  • By default some drops better
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Google Drive 2016-07-29 (0.0.2)
Easy Dungeon
  • Easier by default
  • Stronger hero, weaker enemies
  • More drops
Easy Casual Games
  • Original PD v.1.7.1
Google Drive no info (3.0.20)
Easy PD
  • 25 depths added
  • First familiar part very easy, second new part very difficult
  • More drops
  • New items, enemies and bosses
  • Original PD v.1.7.5a

Google Drive

2015-05-19 (1.0.8)
Shattered PD logo
Experienced PD
  • No level cap for heroes, also to survive end-game level 200 is a prerequisite.
  • Ring of Wealth +1 always on depth 1.
  • Experience Band artifact is added, boosts experience gain.
  • New end-game chapter with new enemies.
  • Shattered PD v.0.7.2 2019-09-21 (1.3)
Frog Pixel Dungeon
Frog PD
  • Mod of Shattered PD in very early development
  • 1 scroll of Upgrade as starting item for all classes and 1-3 more scrolls of Upgrade per run in comp. to Shattered.
  • Sharpness stat added in weapons
Frog the Turtle Cultist
  • Shattered PD v.0.7.4c
Google Drive 2019-08-30 (0.7.4c)
Fushigi no PD
Fushigi No PD
  • New starting area (depth 0)
  • New NPCs
  • Many new items
  • 51 depths, 3 new bosses
  • Upgrading done mostly with pot of Fusion
  • Strength is less important
  • Limited allowed time per depth
  • Shattered PD v.0.6.5
Github 2019-05-05 (1.2.4)
Girls Frontline PD
Girls' Frontline PD
  • Visual remake of Shattered PD heavily inspired by "Girls' Frontline" mobile strategy game.
  • Shattered PD v.0.6.5
Github 2019-03-17


Goblins PD
  • Goblins theme
  • Heroes, enemies and items retextured
  • New Items (artifacts, weapons)
  • Pets added
  • All the added features of Unleashed PD
  • Unleashed PD v.0.2.8
Google Play 2018-07-06 (1.5.4)
Hell dungeon
Hell Dungeon
  • Very big depths
  • Much more loot
  • Original PD v.1.7.5a
Google Drive 2015-05-14 (1.7.5aa)
Hell Dungeon Rewarded-0
Hell Dungeon Rewarded
  • Huge depths
  • Immense loot
  • Original PD v.1.7.5a
Play Store 2015-06-05 (22.0)
Loot Dungeon-0
Loot Dungeon
  • Japanese RPG anime visual theme
Senri Hin
  • Original PD v.1.7.2
Google Drive 2014-10-20 (2.7.2e)
Shattered Loot Dungeon-0
Loot Dungeon Shattered
  • Japanese RPG anime visual theme
Senri Hin
  • Shattered PD v.0.2.3
Aptoide no info available (0.1)
Lovecraft PD
  • New items
  • Bigger depths
  • New mobs
  • New weapons
  • New enchantments
  • Living plants
  • Shattered PD v.0.6.5

Also takes features from Remixed, Unleashed, Sprouted, YAPD, Moonshine.

Play Store


2018-05-31 (I.I.V)

This mod had a previous incarnation also with many updates.

Lustrous PD
Lustrous PD
  • Huntress class changed
  • Various types of shaman enemies
  • New or changed items
  • Shattered PD v. 0.7.2
Github 2019-08-08 (0.1.2)
Ic launcher-3
Minecraft PD
  • Visual remake of Shattered PD with Minecraft theme
  • This mod had two incarnations
v.1: CaptainTotes & SariusDev
  • Shattered PD v.0.3.3b

v.2: CaptainTotes

  • Shattered PD v.0.6.5c
Reddit (v.1)

Reddit (v.2)

v.1 2016-06-25 (1.2a)

v.2 2018-11-4 (beta)

Mo'food PD
Mo' Food Mod PD
  • More food item drops and also more types of them
  • Starving hurts much more and happens much earlier
  • Original PD 1.7.1c
Reddit 2014-09-09 (1.1.4a)
Moonshine PD
  • New class: Gunslinger
  • New weapons and enemies
  • Heroes in both genders
  • New challenges
Dreamfools dev. team
  • Shattered PD
Google Play 2018-02-07

(0.1.33 alpha)

This mod is currently under complete redesign by its team.

Ic launcher-1546908638
No Name Yet PD
  • No degradation, Levels up to +5
  • New optional depth: Dark Caves
  • New weapons and armors
  • New visuals
  • Yet Another PD 0.3.1j
Gitlab 2019-01-06



Open PD
  • Allows the player to play different mods (see next cell) without opening and closing apks
  • Most of the mods and also Original PD are very outdated
Sloan Reynolds

– Original PD, Shattered PD, Original PD’s Legacy Mode, Easy Dungeon, Mo’ Food Mod, Ripped PD

Google Drive January 2015 (lobby 0.5.6)
Overgrown icon
Overgrown PD
  • New weapons
  • New enemies
  • New items
  • Many new plants & potions
AnonymousPD(i.e. TypedScroll)
  • Shattered PD 0.7.1
Google Play


2019-05-05 (0.0.2a)
Palantir icon
  • Sprouted PD's Sokoban - inspired puzzle game
  • Removal of combat, enemies, items and most core mechanics
  • Sprouted PD 0.4.1
Google Play 2019-04-14


PD +
  • Available for both desktops and mobiles
  • Based on an old version
Jan A. Neumann
  • Original PD v.1.7.1
Microsoft Store - free June 2018 (1.1.18)
Pixel Dungeon 2-0
PD 2
  • Mod of Remixed Dungeon with minor changes
Sand from Glass
  • Remixed v.27.3 fix 2

Google Play

2018-03-19 (1.5.1)
PD Brasil
PD Brasil
  • Translation of Original PD in Brasilian Portuguese
Wire Way
  • Original PD v.1.7.2
Play Store 2019-03-09 (1.0)
PD Easy Mode
  • "Hard mode" same with Original PD, "Easy Mode" somewhat easier
  • Original PD v.1.7.1c
Google Drive 2014-07-28 (1.7.1c)
PD Legacy Mode
  • Choice between degradation or non-degradation (Legacy mode)
Retronic Games
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Note that the application is not free, but sold for 4,50€ in Steam -
Pixel Dungeon Legends
PD Legends
  • All seeds are edible and apply buffs (sometimes also debuffs)
  • No degradation
  • Chance of failed upgrading
  • Original PD v.1.7.5a
Google Drive 2015-07-20 (0.2a)
  • It offers Original PD fully translated in French, German, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish.
Rodrigo Pan
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Play Store 2018-04-28 (
PD Prayers
  • Original version with praying feature
  • Each god offers different gift to hero
  • Original PD v.1.7.2

Google Drive

2015-05-28 (2.0.0)
Perfect Pixel Dungeon-0
Perfect PD
  • Only in Russian language
  • Many new items (armors, artifacts, food, weapons)
  • New rooms
  • Wands changed
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Play Store Github 2018-12-14 (0.3.0 Fix 6)
Phoenix Pixel Dungeon
Phoenix PD
  • Starting class: Marsupial Rat
  • Next run with the monster that killed you in the previous run
  • Original PD v.1.7.5
Dropbox 2015-06-03 (beta 1.021)
  • Sci-fi-themed RPG game that uses code and assets from Original PD.
  • It is not an actual PD mod at all in its gamplay.
  • Original PD v.1.7.5
Play Store 2016-05-30


Pixel Ponies
  • Mod of Remixed Dungeon with "My Little Pony" theme
A Wolf. & Michael Pinnegar
  • Remixed v.25.4 fix 1
Dropbox 2016-09-09 (alpha 0.1)
Pixel's Dungeon / PD Gravity Games
  • Incomplete mod of Original PD
  • Only Warrior class available (Kyle) partly retextured
  • Weapons are upgraded by getting used
  • New music
Gravity Games
  • Original PD v.1.7.2
Google Drive 2014-10-08
Pixel Undungeon
  • Undo max 10 turns back
Shai Ayal
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Google Play 2015-10-04


Plugin PD
  • Lovecraft PD with optional features - plugins
  • Shattered PD v.0.6.1b
  • Lovecraft PD v.I.I.IV
Dropbox July 2017


PPD Icon
Prismatic PD
  • A Sokoban-puzzle-like depth is added in the middle of each game chapter
  • Some new items
  • Shattered PD v.0.7.0
Google Drive 2018-10-16 (0.7.0)
Random Dungeon-0
Random Dungeon
  • Only Endless Mode
  • Depths 1-15 and then new run
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Google Drive 2017-03-14 (0.3.1)
Rat King's
Rat King Dungeon
  • All classes retextured to Rat Kings
  • RNG is extremely favorable
  • No degradation
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Available only in reddit and only on April 1st Reissued for only one day every year by 00-Evan in reddit
Ic launcher sprouted
Regrown PD
  • Incomplete mod of Sprouted PD
  • Some new items
  • Mage class very much buffed in its starting items
  • Note that all the game crashing bugs of Sprouted also exist in this mod.
  • Sprouted PD v.0.4.1
Google Drive 2018-12-22 (0.4.1)
Remake PD
  • Mod of Remixed with many new features
  • New class: Cleric, with 2 new subclasses
  • New items
  • New game chapter after Demon's Nest with new enemies and boss
  • Remixed v.25.4 fix 1

Google Drive

2017-08-12 (0.1.56)
Ic launcher remixed
Remixed Dungeon
  • 3 New Classes: Elf, Gnoll & Necromancer
  • Bows and arrows
  • New items
  • New enemies
  • New chapters
  • Localization
  • Pixel Dungeon ML v.
Google Play



(remix.28.6. fix.6)

Re-Remixed Dungeon
Re-Remixed Dungeon
  • Fork of Shattered PD with many features from Remixed Dungeon
  • 3 transferred Classes: Elf, Gnoll & Necromancer
  • Mana and class-specific skills added
  • Alternative visual features of chapters
  • Shattered PD 0.7.4
Google Play 2019-09-11


Ripped PD
  • New weapons
  • New class: Priest, with 2 subclasses, Alchemist & Druid
  • New Plants
  • Original PD v.1.7.1
Reddit 2014-11-04 (0.1.1R)
Shattered Ice Dungeon-0

Shattered Ice Dungeon
  • Visual remake of Shattered PD with ice theme
  • Only sewers chapter retextured (incomplete)
  • Shattered PD v.0.3.0e
Reddit 2015-07-11

(0.0.1 beta)

Shattered PD logo
Shattered PD
  • Artifacts
  • New items
  • New quests
  • Class reworks
  • New enemies
  • Game balance changes
  • Boss reworks
  • Enchantment & glyph reworks
  • Curse reworks
  • Alchemy rework
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Google Play 2019-07-18 (0.7.4c)
Shattered Trap Dungeon-0
Shattered Trap Dungeon
  • 18 new trap types are added to those of Shattered PD.
  • More traps spawning
  • New items
  • New enemies
  • Tougher bosses
  • Shattered PD v.0.7.3
Google Drive 2019-07-17


Skillful PD
  • Difficulty levels
  • Active and passive skills
  • New items
  • Champions
  • Story mode
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Google Play 2019-07-14 (0.4.5)
Soft PD
  • Load/save game
  • Many drops from high grass
  • Easier Shattered PD
  • Shattered PD v.0.2.3.
Google Play 2015-03-07 (0.2.3f_wm1)
Pixel Dungeon In dev
  • Shattered Pixel Dungeon Net: Multiplayer version of Shattered PD
  • Shattered PD v.0.7.4
Github 2019-08-20

(Alpha 11)

Ic launcher (SPS-PD)
SPecial Surprise PD
  • Rebalanced/ new weapons, armors, enemies, pets, bosses, and many items
  • New hero classes
  • New cooking and crafting systems
  • Dolya Town area with 40+ new NPCs
  • Sprouted PD v.0.4.1

Many features are also borrowed from other mods, especially form Shattered PD. Actually SPS-PD could be considered a dual-parent mod (Sprouted + Shattered) or even a multi-parent mod.

Github 2018-08-02 ( Chaos War in City A)
Ic launcher sprouted
Sprouted PD
  • Complex dew vial mechanics
  • New upgrade system
  • Balance changes
  • New items
  • New enemies
  • New & reworked bosses
  • More stages
  • Shattered PS v.0.2.4
Google Play 2017-03-09 (0.4.2 beta)
Pixel Dungeon In dev
Survival PD
  • Inspired by Bloodborne game
  • 10 more depths
  • Cooking skill added
  • Many new items, especially food items
  • Overgrown PD v.0.02
Dropbox 2019-09-22 (0.0.3 Indev)
Too cruel Pixel Dungeon
Too Cruel PD
  • 11 new challenges added to the 7 already existing in Shattered PD
  • It must be played with at least 1 challenge enabled.
Dreamfools dev. team
  • Shattered PD v.0.7.4
Github 2019-08-12 (0.1.0)
Torment Pixel Dungeon
Torment PD
  • Incomplete mod of Shattered PD
  • English version with "No text found" for new items, full text only in Russian
  • New items, mostly weapons: bows and tier 6
Trashbox Bobylev
  • Shattered PD v.0.6.2
Github 2017-12-31 (0.1.0a debug)
Tunable PD
  • This mod offers to the player many options before a run, most of which can make the game easier.
Tidalscale Keithr
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Google Drive 2015-11-12 (1.9.1)
Unbreakable PD
  • Removes degradation from Original PD
  • Original PD v.1.9.1
Google Drive 2018-03-19 (0.1.0)
Undegraded PD
  • Removes degradation from Original PD
  • Original PD v.1.7.5a
Developer's site 2015-07-05 (1.7.5a Undegraded)
  • Visual remake of Shattered PD with drastic changes
  • Only 10 depths, only Warrior
  • Seeds, Wands don't exist.
  • Shattered PD
Play Store 2017-01-26 (v.0.1.0b)
Unleashed PD
  • Difficulty levels
  • Altars
  • New chapter
  • New enemies
Father Nature
  • Shattered PD v.0.3.0

Google Drive

2016-02-03 (0.2.8)
Yet Another PD
  • Reworked mechanics & classes
  • Different & new items
  • Harder bosses
  • Dual wielding
  • Ranged weapons
  • Difficulty levels
  • Shields
Considered Hamster
  • Original PD v.1.7.5
Google Play 2019-08-14 (0.3.2a+)
Your PD
  • Tutorial
  • Map editor (controls RNG)
Eric Britsman
  • Original PD v.1.7.5
Google Play 2015-02-11 (1.0c)
Mod Name Language Download Version, Comments, Author
Traditional Chinese Pixel Dungeon
Chinese (Taiwan) ApkPure

Google Drive

Based on original PD v. 1.9.1.

Traditional chinese translation.

Not available in english at all.

More drops, somewhat easier.

Author: Kurt Yu

日本語版 Shattered PD Japan
日本語版 Shattered PD
Japanese Play Store Based on shattered PD v.0.6.5c.

Japanese translation.

Not available in English at all.

Author: Urajin

Pixel Dungeon In dev
Added PD
Korean Google Drive Based on shattered PD v.0.7.3b.

Only Shattered's original content

available in English.

Two new unlockable classes, New NPCs, New items & enchantments

Author: Flowing Writer

Corrupted Pixel Dungeon (new)
Corrupted PD
Chinese Google Drive Based on shattered PD v.0.4.3c

Only Shattered's original content

available in English

New class, new stats (mana, wisdom, agility), new items and buffs.

Author: (Qi

DaiDuo Dungeon
DaiDuo Dungeon
Chinese Google Drive Based on shattered PD (pre 2.5d graphics update)

Only Shattered's original content available in English.

Existence of depth 0, New items, New enemies & NPCs, Several bugs.

Author: Badcw/Lightning

Shattered PD logo
Teller's PD
Chinese Google Drive Based on Shattered PD

Not available in English at all

Rework of damage handling, Off-hand weapons, Counterattack, New weapons.

Author: Teller

Yoruitaru Touhou Pixel Dungeon
Touhou PD (Full name: Yoruitaru TouHou Dungeon)
Chinese Google Drive Based on shattered PD, but borrows sprites from various mods.

Not available in English. 

Hundreds of new items, +20 Characters, Optional Depths, Lots of new enemies 

Non linear depth system. 

Author: Ren 

Mod Name Problem Parent Fork

& Developer's Name

Brave dungeon
Brave Dungeon
Broken controls & Laggy movement Original PD (v.1.7.5)

Author: Evie's Games

Classic Dungeon (Clone)
Classic Dungeon - Pure

& Better Pixel Dungeon

Clone of Shattered PD Shattered PD (v.0.7.3)

"Author": Simulation Games Studio

Deep Dungeon
Deep Dungeon
Clone of Original PD, just has

pre-revealed maps by default

Original PD (v.1.7.2a)

"Author": Dave

Shattered PD logo
Easy PD Unreleased
Broken apk, does not open Shattered PD (v.???),

Author: Sudocode

Dragonic PD*
An exception among these mods,

read below

Download (Github)

Shattered PD (v.0.6.1b)

Author: Duyhoang5152

Dungeon Frenzy
Dungeon Frenzy
Clone of Original PD Original PD (v.1.8.0)

"Author": Joe Caraccio

Escape Dungeon
Escape Dungeon
Clone of Original PD Original PD (v.1.9.1)

"Author": Dot Lab

EZ Dungeon
EZ Dungeon
Ascension crashes game &

corrupts saves,

Broken color palette

Original PD (v.1.7.2)

Author: Appliance Paul

Final PD
Its only addition currently is

the availability of map seeds,

but the game either crashes

when using them, or they

don't work properly.

Shattered PD (v.0.7.3b)

Author: Gaussian Wonder

Halloween PD
Halloween PD
Clone of Original PD,

Broken color palette

Original PD (v.1.9.1)

"Author": Bluedeep Studios

Multilanguage of PD , PD Heroes and Monsters
Hero! Dungeon Pixel Word: Star /

Multilanguage of Pixel Dungeon /

Pixel Dungeon: Heros and Monstres /

The 6 Superhero Dungeon Island

Clone of very old Remixed

Dungeon. It appears with

all the different names

mentioned to the lleft, but it is

the same clone as it keeps its logo.

Remixed (26.1 fix 3)

"Author": Simox

PD Mod; Many Lives
PD: Mod many lives
Hacked version of Original PD Original PD (v.1.9.2)

Author: Unknown

Pixel Dungeon origins
PD Origins*
This mod is playable and does not

crash. Its issue is the state of the

game messages. See below.

Download (Google Drive)

Shattered PD.

Author: Quasistellar

Pixel Maze
Pixel Maze
Illegetimate visual remake of Original PD

(violates the GPL v3 license)

Original PD (v.1.6.4)

Author: Red Point Labs

Pixel Underworld
Pixel Underworld
Clone of Original PD Original PD (v.1.9.1)

"Author": Alo Game

Reassembled PD***
Heroes are not satiated by eating

or by drinking from a well of health

and they are always starving.

Shattered PD (v.0.6.5c)

Author: PangurbonB

Retro Dungeon (Clone)
Retro Dungeon Cool PD RPG Game
Clone of Shattered PD Shattered PD (0.7.3)

"Author": Role Playing Games Sudio

Retro Pixel Dungeon (Clone)
Retro PD - Classic Retro RPG Game
Clone of Shattered PD Shattered PD (0.7.3)

"Author": Arcade Games Studio

Statistics Pixel Dungeon
Statistics PD****
The game always crashes in Demon Halls.

Download (Dropbox)

Shattered PD (v.0.6.5)

Author: TypedScroll

Super PD (Copy Remixed)
Super PD
Clone of old Remixed


Remixed (26.2 fix 3)

"Author": Mupeet

Userspace Pixel Dungeon
Userspace PD
Broken apk, does not open Original PD (v.1.9.1)

Author: Sebasjm

We don't offer download links for most of the applications of the third table, because they are described as essentially problematic for one reason or another. The three exceptions are for the two games that crash only during end-game (Draconic PD, Statistics PD) and for the mod that it is randomly bilingual (PD Origins).

* Dragonic PD is a very promising but currently in hiatus mod of Shattered PD that adds many depths and dragons in its gameplay. Nevertheless, in its current version the game might crash after the hero descends to the new depths, always crashes after the hero ascends from them, and only its 2 new classes (Dragonknight, Viking) are practically playable, as all the rest are too weak to survive in the game, so although it has some very good qualities, it is objectively a semi-broken mod.

** PD Origins adds many new features to Shattered PD (changes in upgrading, absence of strength requirements, the addition of the forge mechanic and the spirit stat, many new items et al.) and is playable without any crashing, but many of the new features have a "no text found" description in-game, and while the mod is only available in English, the description of the new features in the changelog is only in Russian. Practically, it is a mod comprehensible only by speakers of both English and Russian.

*** Reassembled PD does not have any other issue in its gameplay apart from the heroes always starving, and it functions as if the "On diet" challenge is always selected. Nevertheless, it does not seem to add any new features to Shattered PD's gameplay apart from a Satiety bar below the HP bar, which basically counts the negative levels of hunger for the starving heroes. As a result, there is no actual reason to play this mod instead of Shattered PD with the "On Diet" challenge selected.

**** Statistics PD was meant to be a bug-fixed new version of Lovecraft PD and it did solve most of its bugs, but has a new game-crashing bug in every run, as when the hero first encounters an Evil Eye and it starts charging, the game crashes again and again and the run becomes unplayable. Nevertheless this mod includes some interesting new mechanics and a lot of new items and textures, so some players might want to give it a try (but they should have in mind that the game will always crash sooner or later in Demon Halls). It should also be noted that the developer of this and of other mods, AnonymousPD/TypedScroll, has been accused of promoting hate speech in one of his mods, Lovecraft PD (visit the link for details).

*****Omicronrg9's mod charts post in reddit has contributed much to the completeness of info displayed in all three tables and especially in the second and third one. It should be noted that Omicronrg9 documents also the existence of 5 more mods and mentions the few details he could find about them, but those details were not enough for them to be included to the above tables. These mods are: Browser Vanilla PD, cPixel Dungeon, Dungeon Drill, Pixel Dungeon C++, and Pixel Dungeon for a Texas Calculator.

[2]Dates' last update: 2019-09-08

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