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Cave spinner
Cave spinner
Spawns in 12 to 14 (Caves)
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 50 HP
Dodge 14
Armor 6
Resistant to Poisoned
Immune to Rooted
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee
Accuracy 20
Damage 12 to 16 (14 ±1.06)
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Gives Poisoned and flees (1/2)
Max level
16 for XP
18 for drop
Experience 9 XP
Drops Mystery meat (1/8)

The Cave spinner is a standard enemy that can be found in Caves.


Cave Spinner gif2.gif
Cave spinner
These greenish furry cave spiders try to avoid direct combat, preferring to wait in the distance while their victim, entangled in the spinner's excreted cobweb, slowly dies from their poisonous bite.


Cave spinners will attack the Hero/ine until the Hero/ine is poisoned, and will then run, leaving a trail of sticky webs behind themselves.
They depend on the webs to Root the Hero/ine, until their poison kills the Hero/ine.
If one poisoning isn’t enough, they will repeat the whole attack again.

Special notes

  • Chance to poison on hit.
  • Leaves a trail of webs, Rooting the Hero/ine for 5-7 turns, if s/he decides to step into a webbing without levitating.
  • Last enemy to give you experience before Depth 16.


  • Avoid stepping into its spiderweb trail.
  • Slay them as fast as you can, so they don’t poison you and run.
  • Always have at least one potion of healing when approaching a cave spinner.
  • Avoid approaching the cave spinner, if you don’t have potion of healing and you’re low HP, because their poison could finish you off.
  • Try to zap with wands, or missile weapons, before it comes to you, to reduce chance of getting poisoned.


Update Change
0.3 ADDED to the game
0.4.1 Changed: Levitating enemies & Hero/ine cannot be Rooted
1.6.4b Fixed: An error in the Cave Spinner's description, that caused a crash whenever the Cave Spinner was Examined, has been corrected.