Chasms can be found randomly throughout the dungeon, and can sometimes take up most of an entire depth, as a Depth terrain (10 % probability).

Info Edit

Falling through a Chasm will:

  • drop the Hero/ine one depth
  • damage the Hero/ine with healthTotal/3 to healthTotal/2 damage points (healthTotal = max health)
  • apply the Crippled debuff to the Hero/ine for 10 turns

If the Hero/ine manages to make an enemy fall through a Chasm, the enemy will die. It will not drop any loot, but will give experience.

Tips Edit

  • When equipped with a Bounce-inscribed armor & facing an enemy, position your Hero/ine in such a way, so that the enemy will be between the Hero/ine and the chasm.
  • When levitating over a chasm, a Wand of Reach can be used tactically, to switch places with non-flying enemies.
  • Jump into the chasms of Collapsed floor to get into Pit with the risk of falling damage.

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History Edit

Update Change
1.6.0 ADDED to the game
1.6.4 Added/Changed: Tapping a Chasm tile will make a Jump Confirmation window appear.
1.7.0 Changed: Flying enemies cannot fall into chasms anymore
1.7.4 Changed: Items that are dropped into a chasm, can be found at the next depth.

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