Overview[edit | edit source]

Classic Dungeon is a mod of the Original PD created by a high school students group under the name of MilTy and first released on February 6th, 2018.

This mod is interesting for two reasons: as mentioned previously it was developed by high school students in St. Petersburg Russia, and it is a very imaginative visual remake of Original PD that takes place in the undergound ruins of an old Gymnasium, a type of secondary school that focuses on academic learning, equivalent to a british grammar school (see game screenshots at the end of the page). Almost all game items and features are thus renamed and retextured to fit the educational theme (wands are lesson folders, potions have the names of chemical compounds like aminoacetic acid, the knuckleduster is a red pen etc.).

Features[edit | edit source]

The mod does not state explicitly the version of Original PD it is based on and also takes many liberties regarding its source material so exact comparisons are rather difficult to be made, but the fact that wands and ranged weapons can auto-aim (a feature immplemented in version 1.9.0 of Original PD) and that is a raher recent mod, published long after Original PD was completed, makes the final public version 1.9.1 of Original PD the most probale to be its base. That said, it does not implement degradation, and also has some important gameplay differences from that version:

  • It allows players to save their games.
  • The game ends at depth 10, or after ascending from depth 1 to the surface for the "You won!" happy ending, after the hero finds the Charter of the Gymnasium (formerly Amulet of Yendor), dropped by Secret Adviser Uvaroff (formerly Tengu). As a consequence subclasses are not obtainable in Classic Dungeon.
  • The Sad Ghost shows to the player which are that the two specific weapon and armor alternatives he/she can choose from.
  • Only the Warrior (Zelchenko) and Mage (Alekseev) classes are available.

Due to the fact that it is most probably based on the directly previous from the current version there is one more somewhat important difference from Original PD in its game features, that same wands don’t merge (for the few more minor additions and changes existing in this mod you can read a fuller list of additions and changes in version 1.9.1 and final 1.9.2 here).

There are also some minor bugs in work in this mod, as no wand apart from the wand of magic missile can get in the quickslot, and opening the inventory or talking to the Sir Expert (formerly Old Wandmaker) infrequently crashes the game.

Unfortunately all this imaginative renaming can also become a little confusing during the first games until the player gets used to the new names, because in some cases the descriptions are too vague and creative, for example the honeypot is renamed to "Remote controller", has the game description: "If you press the play button on this remote control, a hologram of the video lesson will appear in the air. This hologram has so often saved you in class." and it releases an entity that looks more or less like a spectre and surely not like a golden bee. That said, it should also be noted that the artwork of this mod is very imaginative and also rather well designed, considering also the fact that it is a project developed by high school students.

Classic PD a.png
Classic PD b.png

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