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To mutated
Crazy thief
Crazy thief
Spawns in 4 (Sewers)
6 to 9 (Prison)
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 20 HP
Dodge 12
Armor 3
Resistant to Nothing
Immune to Nothing
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee
Accuracy 12
Damage 1 to 7 (4 ±1.46)
Attack delay 0.5 turns per attack
On hit Steals unequipped item and flees (always)
Max level
10 for XP
12 for drop
Experience 5 XP
Drops Ring of Haggler (1/100)

The stolen item (always, even if the max level is reached)
One gold (only when fleeing)

The Crazy thief is a standard enemy that can be found in Sewers and Prison.

It has a 1/30 probability to spawn as a mutated Crazy bandit.


Thief Green gif.gif
Crazy thief
Deeper levels of the dungeon have always been a hiding place for all kinds of criminals. Not all of them could keep a clear mind during their extended periods so far from daylight. Long ago, these crazy thieves and bandits have forgotten who they are and why they steal.

Additional description if an item has been stolen:
Crazy <thief or bandit> is carrying a <stolen item name>. Stolen obviously.


The thief curses when he is forced to fight

The Crazy thief will attack on sight.
He will continuously stab your Hero/ine until he steals one of the unequipped items from the Backpack.
After that, he will start running away from you.
If he finds himself trapped in a room with the Hero/ine, he will swear and fight the Hero/ine to death.
After some period of time, the Crazy thief will eventually start searching for the Hero/ine. It will begin attacking the Hero/ine once it found him/her.

Special notes

If successfully hit with a physical attack while running away from the Hero/ine, he will drop 1 coin of gold.

His rare variant is the Crazy Bandit, that has the same behaviour, but also if a Crazy bandit hits the Hero/ine, there is a chance s/he will receive the Blinded debuff, which lasts for 5-12 turns.

Thief Purple gif.gif


  • Always check which item the thief steals. It might be the Ankh, the Dew vial, or the Potion of Healing stack.
  • Be careful when fighting thieves with any kind of fire weapon. If they steal a scroll and they catch on fire, your scroll will burn!
  • Before the thief steals from the Hero/ine, make him chase the Hero/ine into a dead-end room, and then get between him and the door, so he can't run off.
  • If you get him into a dead end, keep your distance and stay between him and the door.
    He will try to get to the door.
    You attack him once and he'll run away without attacking you, then come back toward the door again.
    You can slay him without him attacking you.
    If you chase him all the way into a dead-end, he will curse and attack you.
  • A Wand of Amok can be useful to make them come back and attack you again, so you can slay them and get your item back.
  • A Wand of Reach can be useful to keep them from leaving a room, trapping them in and forcing them to fight you.


Update Change
0.5.2 Added: Rare enemies (Crazy Bandit)