Curare dart

Curare dart

Infobox sewers

Weapon info
Damage 1 to 3
Average 2
Strength 14
Accuracy 1
Delay 1
Debuff [[Paralyzed Paralyzed]]
DebuffDuration 3
Quantity 2 to 5
Price 12

The Curare dart's class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​weapons.​missile.​CurareDart".

Description Edit

Curare dart
Curare dart
These little evil darts don't do much damage but they can paralyze the target leaving it helpless and motionless for some time.

Damage Edit

The weapon's damage is triangularly distributed between 1 and 3.
A Huntress will obtain an extra 0 to (heroStrength-requiredStrength) damage points per throw.

Obtaining Edit

The Curare dart is randomly generated at normal depths, or can be obtained as loot from a Skeleton, in quantities of 2 to 5.


  • The Curare Dart can be equipped as a temporary melee weapon by the Rogue & Huntress (and is especially beneficial for the Assassin & the Sniper).
    • Equip the dart to paralyze difficult enemies, and then attack them with another weapon, while they are helpless (as the dart will get consumed upon a successful strike).

History Edit

Update Change
0.5.4 Changed: When equipped as a melee weapon (by the Rogue & Huntress), standard missile weapons get consumed upon successfully striking an enemy, decreasing the amount of missile weapons stacked in the Backpack.
1.6.1a Changed: New image for Curare Dart

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