Equipping a cursed item

A Cursed item is an item that, once equipped, cannot be unequipped.
Any item generated with below a +0 level will be cursed.

Note: The Rat King room can generate degraded items (-3, -2, -1), but may not be cursed.

Knowing if an item is cursed Edit

  • If an item is known to be cursed, the item's background will be red.
  • You can discover if the item is cursed by using a Scroll of Identify.
  • Items from Skeletal remains (and Hero's remains), that have a Wraith spawn, or a ring from the Ambitious imp, are always cursed.
  • The item's description will say "You feel a malevolent magic lurking within."

Probability for an armor to be Cursed:

See also: Game mechanics/Armor

How to remove the curse Edit

You can use a Scroll of Upgrade, Scroll of Remove Curse, Scroll of Enchantment, or drink from a Well of Health, to lift the curse off weapons, armor, or rings.

Keep in mind that, when using a Scroll of Remove Curse, the degradation values (-3, -2, -1) will still be on the weapon/armor/ring.

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.3a Fixed: Items now keep their Cursed state after reloading the game file.

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