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Debuffs are negative status modifiers that can hinder the Heroes or enemies by dealing damage, slowing actions, or worse. Some debuffs originate from enemies and some are the result of using an item, or stepping on a trap.

The opposite of debuffs are buffs.

General debuffs[]

These debuffs can affect both enemies and the Heroes.

Dealing damage[]

Bleeding.png Bleeding The character will be damaged over time, like the Poisoned debuff.

It can be caused by:

  • being hit by an Albino rat - Duration: 1-2 turns
  • stepping on a Gripping trap - Duration: 6-7? turns
  • hitting an enemy with a Tomahawk - Duration: Damage1/3 to damage turns

It can be dispelled by drinking a Potion of Healing or (with a 20 % probability) by eating a piece of Frozen carpaccio.

Burning.png Burning The character receives fire damage every turn, and if applied to a Hero, has a chance for a random scroll or Mystery Meat in their Backpack to burn up. Burning lasts up to 8 turns with a probability of ending on a particular turn being (1-HP/totalHP)/3.

It can be caused by:

It can be dispelled by stepping into water (except when levitating) or drinking a Potion of Frost.

Enemies are immune to Burning:

Poisoned.png Poisoned The character receives poison damage every turn.

Can be caused by:

  • eating Mystery Meat (1/5 chance) - Duration: healthTotal/5 turns
  • being hit by a Cave spinner - Duration: 7-9 turns
  • stepping on a Poison dart trap - Duration: 4+depth (with minimum of 20) turns
  • stepping on a Sorrowmoss plant - Duration: 4+depth (with maximum of 20) turns
  • using a Wand of Poison - Duration: (5 + wand's level + ring of Power level when existing) turns
  • hitting/being hit by an Animated Statue with a Venomous weapon - Duration: level+1 turns

The Poisoned debuff's damage is generally calculated by [(current amount of remaining turns/3) rounded + 1]

It can be dispelled by drinking a Potion of Healing or (with a 20 % probability) by eating a piece of Frozen carpaccio.

Enemies resistant to Poisoned:

  • Animated Statue
  • Cave Spinner
  • Scorpio
  • Tengu

Enemies are immune to Poisoned:

Non-dealing damage[]

Amok.png Amok Under this debuff, the enemy will hit everything in its way without noticing if it is another enemy, an NPC, or the Hero. In addition, an affected character will not avoid any detected traps or chasms present on its shortest path. Amok lasts 3+level turns. It's cast from a Wand of Amok.

Enemies immune to Amok:

Blinded.png Blinded The character's vision is limited to 3x3 tiles, similar to the Shadowmelded buff. In addition, the Hero cannot read scrolls, the Tome of Mastery or the Tome of Remastery.

It can be caused by:

Using a Rogue garb's Smoke bomb special ability blinds all enemies in the Hero's field-of-view

Charmed.png Charmed The character won't be able to perform melee attacks (bare hands or weapon in first slot). Magic and missile weapon attacks are recommended.

It can be caused by:

  • being hit by a Succubus - Duration: 3-7 turns
  • wearing armor inscribed with the Affection glyph - Duration: 3-7 turns (on enemy); 1-5 turns (on the Hero), but never more than the enemy

Enemies immune to Charmed:

Crippled.png Crippled The character's walk speed is divided by 2.

It can be caused by:

  • being hit with a Javelin - Duration: 10 turns
  • stepping on a Gripping trap - Duration: 10 turns
  • being hit by a Scorpio - Duration: 2 turns
  • falling into a chasm - Duration: 10 turns

It can be dispelled by drinking a Potion of Healing or (with a 20 % probability) by eating a piece of Frozen carpaccio.

Frozen.png Frozen The character in the area of effect is frozen for 5 turns. Taking damage from any source unfreezes the enemy or Hero. A frozen character cannot perform any action.

It can be caused by:

The giant piranha is immune to Frozen.

Marked for sacrifice.png Marked for Sacrifice Sacrificial fire burns here. Every creature touched by this fire is marked as an offering for the spirits of the dungeon.

Inflicted by a blue fire, atop a Pedestal, in a Sacrificial chamber - Duration: 5 turns

Slaying 5-6 enemies while either the Hero and/or the enemies are inflicted with this debuff yields a Scroll of Wipe Out.

Paralyzed.png Paralyzed The character is paralyzed for a few turns, unable to do anything. If the character is hit, it is possible for the character to snap out of paralysis; the harder the hit, the more likely for the paralysis to end.

It can be caused by:

Using a Warrior suit of armor's Heroic leap special ability paralyzes all enemies in a 1-tile radius of the destination tile for 2 turns.

It can be dispelled by drinking a Potion of Purification or a Potion of Frost.

Enemies immune to Paralyzed:

Rooted.png Rooted Roots force the character's feet to the floor, making them unable to move.

It can be caused by:

  • eating Mystery Meat (1/5 chance) - Duration: 10 turns
  • stepping on a Cave Spinner's web - Duration: 5-7 turns
  • stepping on a Rotberry shrub - Duration: 3 turns
  • stepping on a tile under the effect of a Wand of Regrowth - Duration: Equal to Wand Level/Number of tiles affected
  • being hit while wearing armor inscribed with the Entanglement glyph (Tip: unequip the armor that is inscribed with the glyph to fix the issue) - Duration: 5-(level/5) turns
  • using a Mage robe's Molten earth special ability roots all enemies in Hero's field-of-view

It can be dispelled by drinking a Potion of Levitation or using a Wand of Blink.

Enemies immune to Rooted:

Slowed.png Slowed The character’s general speed is divided by 2.

It can be caused by:

Vertigo.png Vertigo The character's movement becomes erratic, causing them to wander randomly when attempting to walk.

It can be caused by:

It can be dispelled by drinking a Potion of Healing or (with a 20 % probability) by eating a piece of Frozen carpaccio [requires in-code verification].

Enemies immune to Vertigo:

Hero debuffs[]

These debuffs can only affect the Hero.

Caustic ooze.png Caustic ooze The Hero takes 1 point or 5 points of damage each turn. It can be caused by being hit by Goo or the Rotting fist. It washes off in water.
Damage deferred.png Damage deferred It displays the amount of remaining damage to be incurred, on the character window. It's acquired from the Glyph of Viscosity.
Hungry.png Hungry It has no negative effects ─ it is only a warning about the Hero’s hunger.
Starving.png Starving The Hero will suffer 1 damage every 33.33 turns on average (1 damage every 40 turns on average for Rogue). Their natural regeneration (even with a Ring of Mending) is also halted.
Weakened.png Weakened The Hero loses 2 points of strength for 40 turns. It can be caused by being hit by a Dwarf warlock's shadow bolt. It can be dispelled by drinking a Potion of Healing, using a Scroll of Remove Curse, or (with a 20 % probability) by eating a piece of Frozen carpaccio.

Enemy debuffs[]

These debuffs can only affect the enemies.

Rage.png Rage While under the effects of this debuff, enemies are blinded with rage and do not avoid revealed traps or chasms.
  • It is caused by reading a Scroll of Challenge.
  • There are no mobs with immunity to this effect.
  • Duration of the effect depends on distance between you and the enemy at the time of using a scroll.
  • This effect is different from Amok, as it does not makes enemies attack each other.
Sleep.png Sleep Under this debuff, the enemy sleeps; it lasts for 1.5 turns if the Hero remains in the enemy's field-of-view and indefinite if Hero leaves immediately and is left undisturbed. The Hero can also sleep if the Wait turn button is held, but only if s/he is not starving. It can be cast from a Scroll of Lullaby.

Enemies immune to Sleep:

Terror.png Terror Under this debuff, the enemies run in fear from the Hero. If the Hero attacks the victim, the debuff will be dispelled. Terror lasts up to 10 turns. It can be cast from a Scroll of Terror or from the Eldritch enchantment.

Enemies immune to Terror:

Former debuffs[]

These debuffs don’t appear in the game anymore. They are either changed to something else or do not exist anymore.

Snipers mark.png Sniper's mark This was replaced by the Sniper and Mage buff Zeroed in.

The speed of all ranged attacks against an enemy with this debuff will be twice as fast as usual. It's cast by a Sniper when using a ranged attack on an enemy. The debuff lasts 1.1 times the attack delay of the missile weapon that cast the debuff (i.e. 0.6 turns with shuriken and 1.1 turns with other missile weapons). It’s by consequence, impossible to maintain the debuff on two enemies at the same time, because attacking a non-debuffed enemy lasts too long, for the debuff on the first enemy to still be active, when that first enemy will be attacked again.

King of dwarves affected by various debuffs


Update Change
0.4.1 Changed:
  • Weakness is buffed
  • Levitating enemies & Hero cannot be Rooted
1.6.0 Changed: Javelin applies Crippled debuff
1.6.1 Changed: Burning provides Illumination
1.6.2a Changed: A paralyzed enemy now has 0 armor.
1.6.3 Changed: Damage Deferred debuff now equals the absorbed damage (rather than 1.2 times the absorbed damage)

Fixed: Corrected the Sleep state display for enemies & the Hero

1.6.4 Changed:
  • Frost damages Fire elementals {Frost Damage, in triangular range: 1 — depth(totalHealth×2/3) }
  • The "Death from a glyph" badge can now be obtained by dying from the Viscosity glyph/Damage Deferred debuff.
1.7.0 Changed:
  • Ascending/Descending Depths hastens Hunger
  • A paralyzed character (enemy, or Hero) receiving damage, has some probability to lose the debuff ("The pain snapped ___ out of paralysis")
  • The Hero cannot read the Tome of Mastery while blinded.
1.7.2 Changed: Poison mechanisms (Buffed?)
1.7.3 Changed: Sniper's Mark is REPLACED with "Zeroed in"

(REMOVED Sniper's Mark from the game)

1.7.2 - 1.7.5 Changed: Amoked enemies ignore Terror during target selection


  • Terror debuff tracks source correctly through a save
  • Snapping out of Frozen doesn't snap the Hero out of Paralyzed, and vice-versa
    (Frozen's Paralyzed immunity Exploit has been patched!)
1.9.2 Changed:
  • Sacrificial mark gets propagated on attack.
    I.e. instead of luring enemies into sacrificial fire, the Hero can step into it him/herself and then attack them - they’ll become “marked for sacrifice”.
  • All enemies at a depth get beckoned when someone steps into sacrificial fire.