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Depth types modify a depth's landscape and terrain, governing how it is generated. There are three distinctive types of terrains, and they can significantly alter the gameplay or difficulty of the floor they appear on.

Chasm depth[]

Chasm depth in the Sewers stage

Rooms are connected by walkways made of Special flooring. All other surrounding tiles are chasm.


  • Ranged enemies are significantly tougher to dispatch.
  • With flying enemies, be careful not to slay them while they are over a chasm tile, as you will lose the potion/dewdrop that they drop.
  • When levitating over the chasm, a Wand of Reach can be tactically used to switch places with non-flying enemies.
  • If you find yourself pinned down on a bridge, or under barrage from a ranged caster with no escape to cover, you can jump into the chasm (though be wary of your HP).
  • Be hyper-vigilant where ranged enemies spawn; they will attack your Hero at range and will be hard to slay without taking a lot of damage if your Hero isn't near a room/wall to hide in/behind.
  • Be very careful with evil eyes as they fly and are ranged; they can be impossible to hit if they are flying over a chasm tile at least one tile away from the Special flooring tiles, and if you don't have any wands or a potion of levitation.

Flooded depth[]

Flooded depth in the Sewer stage

Hallways and rooms are filled with water.


Vegetation depth[]

Vegetation depth in Dwarven Metropolis stage

Hallways and rooms are filled with vegetation.


  • Be aware of attacks made with a blazing weapon; one successful Burning attack from them will light most, if not the whole depth on fire.
    • Similarly, in the Dwarven Metropolis stage be hyper-vigilant of the presence of fire elementals, as they can start fires as well.
    • Though a rarer encounter, animated statue's attacks can be just as dangerous if it is wielding a blazing weapon.
  • Playing as the Warden (with a Ring of Herbalism) will provide a much more significant amount of Dewdrops and seeds, sustaining both the Warden and your dew vial. Vegetation depths will also provide the Barkskin buff more frequently.


  • Be very careful if any depth terrains are generated for depths 13 and 14; all the enemy types listed above, spawn at these two depths.

Depth feelings[]

Depth feelings alert the player to special characteristics of the floor layout. There are several different feelings. When entering a special depth for the first time, you will get orange text at the bottom-left corner of the screen announcing it. If you do not receive a depth feeling, it is a standard depth with 3 or fewer secret doors.


Be cautious, since the dungeon is even more dangerous at night!

This message appears after midnight and indicates that the enemies' spawn rates are significantly higher.


The atmosphere hints that this floor hides many secrets.

This message appears at every regular depth (i.e. non-boss) that has at least 4 hidden doors, independently of the depth's terrain.


Your steps echo across the dungeon.

This message appears when you are on the chasm depth. This message cannot appear on boss floors and on floors direclty above them.


The smell of vegetation is thick in the air.

This message appears when you are on the vegetation depth.


You hear the water splashing around you.

This message appears when you are on the flooded depth.

Terrain generation probabilities
Terrain Probability
None 70%
Chasm 10%
Flooded 10%
Vegetation 10%

If the next depth below is a boss depth, Chasm probability drops to 0%, and None will instead be 80%.


Chasm Depth[]

Demon Halls stage


Update Change
1.6.4 ADDED to the game
1.7.0 Changed:
  • Graveyard cannot appear at a Vegetation Depth
  • Bridge room cannot appear at a Flooded Depth
  • The 4 corner cells of all rooms at Vegetation Depths always have (tall) vegetation