Dried rose

The Dried Rose quest is one of three quests given by the Sad ghost.

The Sad Ghost asks the Hero/ine to help it find its dried rose, which was stolen by a monster. The Hero/ine must then slay enemies at the same depth until s/he retrieves the Dried Rose.

Every time an enemy is slain, there is a chance that that enemy drops the rose; the drop chance is 1/(8-n), where n is the amounts of enemies slain since talking to the ghost at the same depth. Thus, the Hero/ine must slay, at most, 8 enemies.

Once the Dried Rose is given to the Sad Ghost, the Hero/ine will be rewarded with the choice of either the Ghost's weapon (melee), or the Ghost's armor.

Dialogue Edit

Upon speaking with the Sad Ghost: Edit

Hello adventurer... Once I was like you - strong and confident... And now I'm dead... But I can't leave this place... Not until I have my dried rose... It's very important to me...

Some monster stole it from my body...

Upon speaking with the Sad Ghost without the Dried Rose: Edit

Please... Help me... Find the rose...

Upon returning to the Sad Ghost with the Dried Rose: Edit

Yes! Yes!!! This is it! Please give it to me! And you can take one of these items, maybe they will be useful to you in your journey...

Upon choosing one of the Sad Ghost's items: Edit

Farewell, adventurer!

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.0 ADDED to the game