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Dungeon tiles are objects that remain static on the map. They cannot be picked up, or used, by the Hero/ine, but a few interact with the Hero/ine. Other tiles, like a flaming tile, set fire to other flammable tiles; while a trap activates when the Hero/ine steps on one.

List of tiles Edit

Tile Sewers Prison Caves City Halls Main article
Sign Sign sewers Sign prison Sign caves Sign city Sign halls Signpost
Ascending stairs Stairs up sewers Stairs up prison Stairs up caves Stairs up city Stairs up halls none
Descending stairs Stairs down sewers Stairs down prison Stairs down caves Stairs down city Stairs down halls none
Floor Floor sewers Floor prison Floor caves Floor city Floor halls none
Decorated floor Floor decorated sewers Floor decorated prison Floor decorated caves Floor decorated city Floor decorated halls Decorated floor
Vegetation Grass long sewers Grass long prison Grass long caves Grass long city Grass long halls Vegetation
Trampled vegetation Grass trampled sewers Grass trampled prison Grass trampled caves Grass trampled city Grass trampled halls Vegetation
Ashes Burnt sewers Burnt prison Burnt caves Burnt city Burnt halls Related: Flammable tile
Water Water sewers Water prison Water caves Water city Water halls Water
Wall Wall sewers Wall prison Wall caves Wall city Wall halls none
Decorated wall Wall decorated sewers Wall decorated prison Wall decorated caves Wall decorated city Wall decorated halls Decorated wall
Closed door Door closed sewers Door closed prison Door closed caves Door closed city Door closed halls Door
Open door Door open sewers Door open prison Door open caves Door open city Door open halls Door
Locked door Door locked sewers Door locked prison Door locked caves Door locked city Door locked halls Door
Special floor Floor special sewers Floor special prison Floor special caves Floor special city Floor special halls Special flooring
Barricade Barricade sewers Barricade prison Barricade caves Barricade city Barricade halls Barricade
Bookshelves Bookshelves sewers Bookshelves prison Bookshelves caves Bookshelves city Bookshelves halls Bookshelf
Alchemy pot Alchemy pot sewers Alchemy pot prison Alchemy pot caves Alchemy pot city Alchemy pot halls Alchemy pot
Full well Well full sewers Well full prison Well full caves Well full city Well full halls Well
Empty well Well empty sewers Well empty prison Well empty caves Well empty city Well empty halls Well
Pedestal Pedestal sewers Pedestal prison Pedestal caves Pedestal city Pedestal halls Pedestal
Statue (normal) Statue normal sewers Statue normal prison Statue normal caves Statue normal city Statue normal halls Statue
Statue (special) Statue special sewers Statue special prison Statue special caves Statue special city Statue special halls Statue
Locked boss door Door boss locked sewers Door boss locked prison Door boss locked caves Door boss locked city Door boss locked halls Door
Open boss door Door boss open sewers Door boss open prison Door boss open caves Door boss open city Door boss open halls Door
Toxic gas trap Trap toxic gas sewers Trap toxic gas prison Trap toxic gas caves Trap toxic gas city Trap toxic gas halls Trap
Fire trap Trap fire sewers Trap fire prison Trap fire caves Trap fire city Trap fire halls Trap
Paralytic gas trap Trap paralytic gas sewers Trap paralytic gas prison Trap paralytic gas caves Trap paralytic gas city Trap paralytic gas halls Trap
Poison dart trap Trap poison dart sewers Trap poison dart prison Trap poison dart caves Trap poison dart city Trap poison dart halls Trap
Alarm trap Trap alarm sewers Trap alarm prison Trap alarm caves Trap alarm city Trap alarm halls Trap
Lightning trap Lightning sewers Lightning prison Lightning caves Lightning city Lightning halls Trap
Gripping trap Trap gripping sewers Trap gripping prison Trap gripping caves Trap gripping city Trap gripping halls Trap
Summoning trap Trap summoning sewers Trap summoning prison Trap summoning caves Trap summoning city Trap summoning halls Trap
Triggered trap Trap triggered sewers Trap triggered prison Trap triggered caves Trap triggered city Trap triggered halls Trap
Void/Chasm Void sewers Void prison Void caves Void city Void halls Chasm
Chasm (floor) Chasm floor sewers Chasm floor prison Chasm floor caves Chasm floor city Chasm floor halls Chasm
Chasm (water) Chasm water sewers Chasm water prison Chasm water caves Chasm water city Chasm water halls Chasm
Chasm (special) Chasm special sewers Chasm special prison Chasm special caves Chasm special city Chasm special halls Chasm
Chasm (wall) Chasm wall sewers Chasm wall prison Chasm wall caves Chasm wall city Chasm wall halls Chasm

History Edit

Update Change
1.7.0 Added:
  • New cave tiles
  • New water textures
  • Empty wells have their own asset & description
1.9.2 Changed: "...the map should look a little less 'regular' now."

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