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Dungeon tiles are objects that remain static on the map. They cannot be picked up, or used, by the Hero, but a few can be interacted with. Other tiles, like a flaming tile, set fire to other flammable tiles. A trap activates when the Hero steps on one or a thrown object triggers it.

List of tiles[]

Tile Sewers Prison Caves City Halls Main article Blocks Interaction
Sign Sign sewers.png Sign prison.png Sign caves.png Sign city.png Sign halls.png Signpost Nothing Displays text for the floor, or turns to ash.
Ascending stairs Stairs up sewers.png Stairs up prison.png Stairs up caves.png Stairs up city.png Stairs up halls.png none nothing moves to an upper depth
Descending stairs Stairs down sewers.png Stairs down prison.png Stairs down caves.png Stairs down city.png Stairs down halls.png none nothing moves the player to the next depth
Floor Floor sewers.png Floor prison.png Floor caves.png Floor city.png Floor halls.png none nothing triggers a hidden trap, if there is one.
Decorated floor Floor decorated sewers.png Floor decorated prison.png Floor decorated caves.png Floor decorated city.png Floor decorated halls.png Decorated floor nothing None
Vegetation Grass long sewers.png Grass long prison.png Grass long caves.png Grass long city.png Grass long halls.png Vegetation vision only turns to trampled vegetation, dropping a dewdrop or seed
Trampled vegetation Grass trampled sewers.png Grass trampled prison.png Grass trampled caves.png Grass trampled city.png Grass trampled halls.png Vegetation nothing None
Ashes Burnt sewers.png Burnt prison.png Burnt caves.png Burnt city.png Burnt halls.png none nothing None
Water Water sewers.png Water prison.png Water caves.png Water city.png Water halls.png Water nothing extinguishes fire, if the object is not levitating
Wall Wall sewers.png Wall prison.png Wall caves.png Wall city.png Wall halls.png none all None
Decorated wall Wall decorated sewers.png Wall decorated prison.png Wall decorated caves.png Wall decorated city.png Wall decorated halls.png Decorated wall All Cave walls will react to the pickaxe's 'mine' function
Closed door Door closed sewers.png Door closed prison.png Door closed caves.png Door closed city.png Door closed halls.png Door vision only turns to an open door
Open door Door open sewers.png Door open prison.png Door open caves.png Door open city.png Door open halls.png Door nothing turns to a closed door when moved off
Locked door Door locked sewers.png Door locked prison.png Door locked caves.png Door locked city.png Door locked halls.png Door All turns to a closed door by consuming a valid key
Special floor Floor special sewers.png Floor special prison.png Floor special caves.png Floor special city.png Floor special halls.png Special flooring nothing None
Barricade Barricade sewers.png Barricade prison.png Barricade caves.png Barricade city.png Barricade halls.png Barricade all None
Bookshelves Bookshelves sewers.png Bookshelves prison.png Bookshelves caves.png Bookshelves city.png Bookshelves halls.png Bookshelf all None
Alchemy pot Alchemy pot sewers.png Alchemy pot prison.png Alchemy pot caves.png Alchemy pot city.png Alchemy pot halls.png Alchemy pot Does not move the player onto it from direct tapping Instead of moving, allows the player to throw and brew a seed from their inventory
Full well Well full sewers.png Well full prison.png Well full caves.png Well full city.png Well full halls.png Well nothing turns to an empty well and grants effects, depending on type
Empty well Well empty sewers.png Well empty prison.png Well empty caves.png Well empty city.png Well empty halls.png Well nothing None
Pedestal Pedestal sewers.png Pedestal prison.png Pedestal caves.png Pedestal city.png Pedestal halls.png Pedestal nothing None
Statue (normal) Statue normal sewers.png Statue normal prison.png Statue normal caves.png Statue normal city.png Statue normal halls.png Statue movement only None
Statue (special) Statue special sewers.png Statue special prison.png Statue special caves.png Statue special city.png Statue special halls.png Statue movemment only None
Locked boss door Door boss locked sewers.png Door boss locked prison.png Door boss locked caves.png Door boss locked city.png Door boss locked halls.png Door all opens using a valid skeleton key
Open boss door Door boss open sewers.png Door boss open prison.png Door boss open caves.png Door boss open city.png Door boss open halls.png Door Vision upwards transports the player to the next depth
Toxic gas trap Trap toxic gas sewers.png Trap toxic gas prison.png Trap toxic gas caves.png Trap toxic gas city.png Trap toxic gas halls.png Trap pathfinding Triggers, releasing toxic gas
Fire trap Trap fire sewers.png Trap fire prison.png Trap fire caves.png Trap fire city.png Trap fire halls.png Trap pathfinding triggers, setting its tile on fire
Paralytic gas trap Trap paralytic gas sewers.png Trap paralytic gas prison.png Trap paralytic gas caves.png Trap paralytic gas city.png Trap paralytic gas halls.png Trap pathfinding triggers, releasing paralytic gas
Poison dart trap Trap poison dart sewers.png Trap poison dart prison.png Trap poison dart caves.png Trap poison dart city.png Trap poison dart halls.png Trap pathfinding triggers, inflicting poison if possible
Alarm trap Trap alarm sewers.png Trap alarm prison.png Trap alarm caves.png Trap alarm city.png Trap alarm halls.png Trap pathfinding triggers, alerting all enemies like a scroll of challenge
Lightning trap Lightning sewers.png Lightning prison.png Lightning caves.png Lightning city.png Lightning halls.png Trap pathfinding triggers, dealing high damage entities on top
Gripping trap Trap gripping sewers.png Trap gripping prison.png Trap gripping caves.png Trap gripping city.png Trap gripping halls.png Trap pathfinding triggers, inflicting bleeding and crippled
Summoning trap Trap summoning sewers.png Trap summoning prison.png Trap summoning caves.png Trap summoning city.png Trap summoning halls.png Trap pathfinding triggers, spawning monsters nearby
Triggered trap Trap triggered sewers.png Trap triggered prison.png Trap triggered caves.png Trap triggered city.png Trap triggered halls.png Trap nothing None
Void/Chasm Void sewers.png Void prison.png Void caves.png Void city.png Void halls.png Chasm movement only enemies die, dropping loot on the next depth and awarding XP, player can jump in
Chasm (floor) Chasm floor sewers.png Chasm floor prison.png Chasm floor caves.png Chasm floor city.png Chasm floor halls.png Chasm movement only enemies die, dropping loot on the next depth and awarding XP, player can jump in
Chasm (water) Chasm water sewers.png Chasm water prison.png Chasm water caves.png Chasm water city.png Chasm water halls.png Chasm movement only enemies die, dropping loot on the next depth and awarding XP, player can jump in
Chasm (special) Chasm special sewers.png Chasm special prison.png Chasm special caves.png Chasm special city.png Chasm special halls.png Chasm movement only enemies die, dropping loot on the next depth and awarding XP, player can jump in
Chasm (wall) Chasm wall sewers.png Chasm wall prison.png Chasm wall caves.png Chasm wall city.png Chasm wall halls.png Chasm movement only enemies die, dropping loot on the next depth and awarding XP, player can jump in

Special tiles[]

Flammable tiles[]

There are six types flammable tiles:

  • Signposts
  • Trampled grass
  • Tall grass
  • Doors
  • Barricades
  • Bookshelves

When lit on fire, they will all eventually turn to embers. Each one of these tiles can be used for cooking chargrilled meat, and all of them will spread fire to other tiles.

Tile Sign Grass Tall grass Door Barricade Bookshelf
Image Sign sewers.png Grass trampled sewers.png Grass long sewers.png Door closed sewers.png Barricade sewers.png Bookshelves sewers.png

Alchemy pot[]

Main article: Alchemy pot

Magic wells[]

Main article: Magic well


Update Change
1.6.0a Fixed: flammable tiles delayed ignition
1.7.0 Added:
  • New cave tiles
  • New water textures
  • Empty wells have their own asset & description


1.9.2 Changed: "...the map should look a little less 'regular' now."