Dwarf warlock
Dwarf warlock
Spawns in 16 to 19 (Dwarven City)
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 70 HP
Dodge 18
Armor 8
Resistant to Grim weapon
Immune to Nothing
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee, ranged
Accuracy 25
Damage Melee: 12 to 20 (16 ±1.86)
Ranged: 12 to 17
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Nothing special
Max level
21 for XP
23 for drop
Experience 11 XP
Drops Random potion (5/6)

The Dwarf warlock is a standard enemy that can be found in Dwarven City.


Warlock gif.gif
Dwarf warlock
When dwarves' interests have shifted from engineering to arcane arts, warlocks have come to power in the city. They started with elemental magic, but soon switched to demonology and necromancy.


Warlocks wield powerful dark magic and will attack you on sight.
Similar to the gnoll shamans, they will always confront you from a distance.
Their ranged attack not only deals damage, but also inflicts the Hero/ine with the Weakened debuff (1/3), which causes the Hero/ine’s strength to temporarily decrease by 2, for 40 Turns.
Their close combat is not something to be overlooked, however.
Although they will probably miss a lot, their strikes are almost as powerful as their magic.
The Weakened debuff also decreases wand charges by one.

Drop detail

Potion Probability
Potion of Healing 45/151 29.8 %
Potion of Experience 4/151 2.65 %
Potion of Toxic Gas 15/151 9.93 %
Potion of Paralytic Gas 10/151 6.62 %
Potion of Liquid Flame 15/151 9.93 %
Potion of Levitation 10/151 6.62 %
Potion of Strength 0 0 %
Potion of Mind Vision 20/151 13.25 %
Potion of Purification 12/151 7.95 %
Potion of Invisibility 10/151 6.62 %
Potion of Might 0 0 %
Potion of Frost 10/151 6.62 %


  • Warlock's ranged attack is very strong. If one sees you, either get to melee range, or get out of sight; whichever gets you out of their ranged attack first.
    Never attack a warlock with ranged weapons, or wands. The damage you would deal is going to be far less than the damage you would take. Take cover and let them come after you.
  • If you have to run in the open, run tile by tile. This way, you minimize the chance for any mistakes from the side of your character, like glitching for instance.
    You can also better observe the damage taken, and you can heal yourself if you must.


Update Change
0.4 ADDED to the game
0.5.4b Fixed: (Buffed) Dwarf Warlock's drop probability of potions has been multiplied by 10 (0.0830.83).
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