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Easy Dungeon is one of the first generation mods of Original PD developed by Easy Casual Games, however there's no information about its release date.

As its title explicitly says, this is a mod designed to make playing Pixel Dungeon easier. Also there's not any version referenced explicitly in which the mod was or could be based on, but most probably it is based on version 1.7.1 as the Collapsed Room, the Pit Room and the Happy End are available, but it also lacks many important features of the current version of Original PD :

  • Auto-aiming of enemies with ranged weapons and wands is not available.
  • The Forbidden Runes challenge doesn't exist.
  • Same wands don’t merge.
  • Tengu does not drop a Tome of Remastery if the class has already obtained the Tome of Mastery in a previous run.
  • The Berserker perk: "The more enemies surrounding the Berserker, the faster he performs his attacks" is missing.
  • The Sacrificial Chamber and the scroll of Wipe Out don't exist.
  • The second quickslot doesn't exist.
  • The bomb and honeypot items are missing.
  • The wand of Telekinesis is still available and is not replaced by the wand of Reach.
  • Wands don't get auto-identified after 40 uses.

(for a fuller list of additions and changes in Original PD until version 1.7.1 and afterwards you can visit this link)


The features of Easy Dungeon that make it easier are:

  • The hero starts with a Tome of Mastery from the first run.
  • He/she has very high damage/evasion while the enemies have very low damage/evasion (even Yog's Fists miss half of the times).
  • High grass drops a lot of seeds and dew.