Evil eye
Evil eye infobox
Spawns in 22 to 24 (Demon Halls)
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 100 HP
Dodge 20
Armor 10
Resistant to Wand of Disintegration
Grim weapon
Vampiric weapon
Immune to Terror
On damage Nothing special
Range Ranged
Accuracy 30
Damage 14 to 20 (17 ±1.46)
Attack delay 1.6 turns per attack
On hit Nothing special
Max level
25 for XP
27 for drop
Experience 13 XP
Drops Dewdrop (1/2)

The Evil eye is a standard enemy that can be found in Demon Halls.


Eye gif
Evil eye
One of this demon's other names is "orb of hatred", because when it sees an enemy, it uses its deathgaze recklessly, often ignoring its allies and wounding them.


  • The Evil Eye is a levitating enemy (like the Wraith, the Swarm of flies, the Vampire bat, & the Fire elemental); treat it as such.
    • It can travel over chasms & traps without, falling in, or triggering them (respectively).
  • The Evil Eye will blast its beam on sight, and won't hesitate to harm another enemy, in order to harm the Hero/ine.
    • Its disintegration beam makes no distinction between friend or foe, and will harm both the Hero/ine & fellow enemies alike if both are in its line of fire.

Special notes

Its disintegration beam is classified as Magic Damage, and therefore isn't mitigated by armor, no matter how upgraded it is.

Drop detail

Has 50% probability of dropping a Dewdrop.


  • Avoid, when possible; never engage, unless avoiding it will do more harm than good in the long run.
    Or if your Hero/ine is strong enough/well-equipped enough & needs to level up.
  • It would be ideal to have a Wand of Teleportation by the time you arrive at the Demon Halls stage, to be able to avoid confrontations with them altogether.
  • The Evil Eye is particularly susceptible to the following debuffs: Sleep, Amok, Vertigo, Paralyzed, & Frozen.
    • Drinking a Mind Vision potion, then reading a Scroll of Lullaby, will put them all to sleep.
      If that current depth is already at its enemy spawn limit at the time this action is performed, you'll have essentially made that depth safe to travel through back & forth,
      without any threat of being attacked (provided you avoid waking any of them up).
      • Avoid inflicting Amok on other enemies near a sleeping Evil Eye, as to not wake the eye up & incur its wrath.
    • It would be ideal to have a Wand of Amok by the time you arrive at the Demon Halls stage, to be able to turn the eye's disintegration beam against other enemies.
    • As a last resort against a group of Evil Eyes, manually trigger a Dreamweed plant between them & your Hero/ine, in order to make a hasty retreat.
    • Throwing an extra Potion of Frost at them can also help buy a few turns to escape.
  • Having a +3/+4, or higher, Ring of Shadows at Stage 5, pretty much functions like a 'Ring of Invisibility', allowing the Hero/ine to avoid the eye's detection altogether, which is underratedly helpful.
  • If you're feeling particularly brave (or are very well-equipped), you can try corralling them all, by reading a Scroll of Challenge in a non-essential section/room of the depth,
    then putting them all to sleep with a Scroll of Lullaby, & immediately getting out of there (via Invisibility potion, Teleportation scroll/wand, et c.).
    This would make the rest of the depth safe to traverse without any threat of attack.
  • Evil eyes drop dewdrops fairly often, so slaying it with an item that inflicts the Burning debuff (as the finishing damage source), can be slightly counter-productive, as the dewdrop will be vaporized.
  • Since the eye's attack harms everyone, it’s possible for a high-dodge character (Rogue in upgraded armor, or any class with Ring of Evasion upgraded) to make use of Evil Eyes, to wipe out other enemies - for any other character, it’s not worth it.


Update Change
0.4.1 Changed: Levitating enemies cannot be Rooted
0.5 ADDED to the game
1.7.0 Changed: Levitating enemies cannot fall into chasms anymore.

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