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All types of food

Food can be found throughout the dungeon and will restore the Hero’s hunger when eaten.
The Warrior will also have 5 health restored and the Mage will have 1 charge for all his wands restored.

Eating food takes 3 turns.

List of food[]

Ration of food

Main article: Ration of food
Ration of food
Nothing fancy here: dried meat, some biscuits - things like that.


Main article: Pasty
This is authentic Cornish pasty with traditional filling of beef and potato.

Overpriced food ration

Main article: Overpriced food ration
Overpriced food.png
Overpriced food ration
It looks exactly like a standard ration of food but smaller.

Mystery meat

Main article: Mystery meat
Mystery meat.png
Mystery meat
Eat at your own risk!

Chargrilled meat

Main article: Chargrilled meat
Chargrilled meat.png
Chargrilled meat
It looks like a decent steak.

Frozen carpaccio

Main article: Frozen carpaccio
Frozen carpaccio.png
Frozen carpaccio
It's a piece of frozen raw meat. The only way to eat it is by cutting thin slices of it. And this way it's suprisingly[sic] good.

Food generation probabilities[]

Food Probability
Ration of food 4/5 80 %
Pasty 1/5 20 %
Mystery meat 0 0 %

Note: Although the other food types should be included, the table strictly follows the game's Java coding. So it should remain as is, until the code gets revised.

Food drop probabilities[]


  • Eat your Food Ration/Meat/Pasty after you've descended a depth, not right before, as descending/ascending stairs accelerates hunger/starvation.
  • Eat the Food Ration/Meat/Pasty you have only after you've found the Food Ration that the depth generates; that way, you'll always be 1 Food Ration ahead and you'll always have 1 Food Ration/Pasty left for an emergency.
  • Farming:
    Food is very hard to collect, as there's usually only 1-2 portions of food at each depth.