Overview[edit | edit source]

"Fushigi No" means "Mysterious" in Japanese. The developer of the mod, HappyAlfred, has chosen this name because he has borrowed many elements from the roguelike video game "Fushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren" (English release title: " Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer"). The game is based off Shattered Pixel Dungeon version 0.6.5 (stated explicitly in-game) and it was first released on July, 2018. For additions and changes in Shattered PD up to version 0.6.5 you can visit this link.

There are a lot of new features in Fushigi No Pixel Dungeon, but the most important difference in its general structure is that the dungeon now has 51 depths, some new chapter bosses (until depth 30 there is one chapter boss every 5 depths, with the familiar ones getting relocated in depths 10, 20, 30, 40 and Yog in depth 50), and a lot of new regular enemies.

The most important differences in the mechanics of Fushigi No PD from all other mods are:

  • Strength plays a minimal role in a hero's ability to equip and use an item, as all weapons have a strength requirement of 10 and armors have none; excess (i.e. above 10) strength only adds with each point some extra damage dealt by the weapon and the familiar strength penalties don't exist. Nevertheless, if the hero's strength is reduced below 10 by a debuff or any other reason, there is a -5% penalty per str. point to the damage dealt by the weapon. As a result, potions of Strength are a random find and not a guaranteed spawn in Fushigi No PD.
  • Scrolls of Upgrade are also not guaranteed drops anymore, instead spawning randomly in the dungeon. Because of this, equipment is mostly upgraded via the pot of Fusion (see section below).
  • Ascending depths is impossible until Yog-Dzewa is defeated, because upon descending to a new depth, the previous depth's ceiling caves in. Because of this, it is important to be sure to grab all the items one needs before descending.
  • As an additional mechanic, the amount of time the hero can spend on a given depth is limited. After the hero spends 900 turns on a depth, the ceiling will start shaking. If the player does not bother with that, and ignores also the second warning message by the game, after 1,500 turns the ceiling will eventually collapse, burying the hero alive and ending the run. Even so, the time given before the ceiling starts shaking is always enough to at least explore most of the depth and even for searching for hidden rooms in some cases, while the time given afterwards is always enough to do a bit more exploring and after the second warning message to make a beeline for the stairs. This notably also means that the Imp quest can be completed in time only with a lot of luck.

It should also be noted that Fushigi No PD is among the few mods with Chinese origin that are fully available in English (the other four are Darkest PD, Easier Sprouted PD, Easier Vanilla PD and SPecial Surprise PD). Each one of these mods makes very different and considerably original choices regarding the modifications applied to their source material, but Darkest PD, Fushigi No PD and SPecial Surprise PD share some common NPCs, who are unique to these mods and who all refer to actual members of the PD Chinese community.

Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Fushigi No PD's alchemy is faithful to Shattered PD prior to the alchemy rework of version 0.7.0: the plants have the same effects and their seeds brew the same potions with Original PD, but cook the same blandfruits with Shattered PD (see below); nevertheless, there are no exotic potions and scrolls, no alchemical energy is needed, etc.

Alchemy pot Fushigi No.png

Even so, some new recipes are added along to those already existing in version 0.6.5. Fushigi No PD's familiar and new recipes are (for the potion recipes visit the link just above):

  • Any armor/weapon + potion of Liquid Flame + potion of Purification + any Scroll > glyph of Brimstone / Blazing weapon enchantment [requires pot of alchemy with at least 4 slots]
  • Any armor/weapon + stone of Augmentation + potion of Purification + any Scroll > glyph of Balance / Balance weapon enchantment (same min. and max. damage, +2 / +2 damage or defense scaling) [requires pot of alchemy with at least 4 slots]
  • Big Onigiri (pasty equivalent) > 2 Onigiris (normal food ration equivalent)
  • Blandfruit + seed > same with 0.6.5 Shattered PD: + Blindweed > Blindfruit (invisibility), + Dreamfoil > Dreamfruit (purification), + Earthroot > Earthfruit (paralytic gas), + Fadeleaf > Fadefruit (mind vision), + Firebloom > Firefruit (liquid flame), + Icecap > Icefruit (frost), + Rotberry > Rotfruit (strength), + Sorrowmoss > Sorrowfruit (toxic gas), + Starflower > Starfruit (experience), + Stormvine > Stormfruit (levitation/vertigo when thrown), + Sungrass > sunfruit (healing).
  • 2 Darts + seed > 2 darts tipped with the corresponding compound, also same with 0.6.5 Shattered PD: + Blindweed > Blinding dart, + Dreamfoil > Sleeping dart, + Earthroot > Paralytic dart, + Fadeleaf > Displacing dart, + Firebloom > Incendiary dart, + Icecap > Chilling dart, + Rotberry > Rot dart (corrosion), + Sorrowmoss > Poison dart, + Starflower > Holy dart (blessed), + Stormvine > Shocking dart, + Sungrass > Healing dart.
  • Onigiri + Chargrilled meat + potion of Beverage > 3 Special Onigiris (overpriced food ration equivalent which also grants buffs)
  • Potion of Explosion + Shattered Honeypot > Canon Ball (ammunition for the pot of Cannon)
  • Potion of Purification + Shattered Honeypot > potion of Purification + potion of Beverage
  • Slimy Gel (drops from all gel cubes) + any two different Potions > 2 potions of Explosion (a potion equivalent of a bomb)
  • For the familiar potion recipes from Original PD, see Potions section below or follow the link.
  • In the alchemical guide there is also a "Neutralization" recipe displayed that requires a potion of Frost + a potion of Liquid Flame, but the alchemy pot does not provide anything when these two potions are combined.
  • The brewing probabilities of potions is 66% chance for a potion corresponding to the seeds put into the alchemy pot, and the rest chances are for a random potion. Note that there is also a recipe with "Potion of Beverage + Seed" which brews the corresponding potion with a 80% chance.

Be careful with the "put all" option that most game windows in Fushigi No PD give, as the alchemy pot needs three seeds to get put separately into it. So if you "put all" three seeds at the same time, they will occupy the same slot in the pot and no potion will get brewed.

Note also that there is no Swiftthistle plant/seed and no potion of Haste in Fushigi No PD.

Armors[edit | edit source]

Forget what you know about armor tiers from Original PD and Shattered PD, as all the tiers from 2 and above in Fushigi No PD contain some strong armors with almost all of them having a +1/+3 defense scaling with upgrades. Nevertheless, tier 4 and 5 armors have better starting stats, so they are better candidates for upgrading. Also you should forget spefically epic armors, as the Dwarf King does not drop the skill kit anymore in Fushigi No PD. All armors in Fushigi No PD can obtain multiple enchantments by arcane styli or stones of enchantment, which are not erased by upgrades, but the player can erase any one of them specifically, with a scroll of Remove Curse, if he/she doesn't like a current enchantment of the armor, and wants to create free space for new ones (once the enchantment slots are filled, they can't get overwritten by using a stylus or stone on the armor). Also some armors have built-in properties, which can neither be erased or added with a scroll, stone or stylus and they can only be transferred by using a pot of Fusion. Unlike weapons, armors are not transmutable, even those from tier 1 to tier 4 that have more than one variants in their tier. All armors with the Balanced glyph have a damage scaling of +2/+2 and a median value for their defense always.

For the tables below:

  • "DR" is the normally distributed damage reduction roll range
  • "scaling" is the DR increase from upgrades
    • first number is the boost to min DR
    • second is the boost to max DR
  • "slots" refers to the amount of glyphs that the armor can have at one time.

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

Cloth armor.png
Cloth armor
This lightweight armor offers basic protection
Armors tier 1 Fushigi No.png
Silk suit
This is a silk-made suit that is light and thin. If it is on the ground, it will definitely sell for a good price. But in this dungeon, businessmen are not expected to give up this opportunity to make a fortune. Evil capitalism.

Name DR Scaling Slots Property
Cloth Armor 1 - 3 +1 / +3 4 -
Silk Suit 0 - 2 +1 / +2 4 Lightweight

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

Armors tier 2 Fushigi No.png
Gold armor
This is a piece of armor made of gold. It is reasonable to say that it should be heavy, but it is as light as ordinary leather. Maybe it has some magical power, which makes it more suitable as a carrier of magic. This armor is worth more.
Leather armor.png
Leather armor
Armor made from tanned monster hide. Not as light as cloth armor but provides better protection.
Wooden armor Fushigi No PD.png
Wooden armor
This is a wooden armor that provides excellent defense. But the rough craft makes it impossible to hold too much magic.
Name DR Scaling Slots Property
Gold Armor* 2 - 10 +1 / +3 5 Gilded
Leather Armor 4 - 9 +1 / +3 5 -
Wooden Armor 2 - 19 +1 / +3 1 Water Absorption

* Although the gold armor has much worse starting stats than higher tier armors, its gilded property makes it safe from getting downgraded by the red slimes' acid, so players who want to avoid that frustration should upgrade this armor. Alternatively, if they find an upgraded gold armor and their armor of choice has free enchantment slots, they can fuse them with a pot of Fusion, as the armor of choice will most probably get the gilded propertty as an enchantment (scrolls, stones and styli never apply properties though).

Tier 3[edit | edit source]

Cane armor Fushigi No PD.png
Cane armor
The cane armor is made by the tropical tribe with vines soaked in tung oil, and the protective ability is quite good. But it is also very afraid of fire.
Armors tier 3 Fuhigi No.png
Leaf armor
This is an armor made of thick, flexible leaves. Can provide a fairly good protection. Put it on if you stand still, you may be seen as a tree by others.
Mail armor.png
Mail armor
Interlocking metal links make for a tough but flexible suit of armor.
Name DR Scaling Slots Property
Cane Armor* 5 - 33 +1 / +3 2 Combustion
Leaf Armor 3 - 14 +1 / +3 3 Camouflage
Mail Armor 7 - 15 +1 / +3 4 -

* The max defense of the cane armor is even higher than that of the plate armor, but its combustion property means that the burning debuff won't go away by itself, until the hero steps on water, which can be a serious drawback in depths with few water tiles, unless the armor has the brimstone glyph, which makes an extremely powerful combination (permanent and regenerating shielding if you are burning).

Tier 4[edit | edit source]

Armors tier 4 Fuhigi No-0.png
Lightning conch shell
This is a rare conch shell that releases lightning when struck. It has been specialy processed so that it can be used as armor.

Note: This is most probably a tribute to the infamous Lightning conch shell enemy of Sprouted PD.

Samurai armor Fushigi No PD.png
Samurai armor
The samurai armor is the armor worn by the Japanese warrior. It is made of bamboo, leather and a small amount of metal. It looks quite weird and majestic, but because of the small amount of metal used, the protection is not strong.
Scale armor.png
Scale armor
The metal scales sewn onto a leather vest create a flexible, yet protective armor.
Name DR Scaling Slots Property
Lightning Conch Shell 3 - 16 +1 / +3 3 Static Electricity
Samurai Armor* 3 - 17 +3 / +3 3 Dignified
Scale Armor 10 - 21 +1 / +3 3 -

* Although the starting stats of the samurai armor are rather worse in comparison to the scale and plate armors, its dignified property, which causes a short Stun to all enemies on first sight, is very useful, while the scale and plate armor don't have any properties.

Tier 5[edit | edit source]

Plate armor.png
Plate armor
Enormous plates of metal are joined together into a suit that provides unmatched protection to any adventurer strong enough to bear its staggering weight.
Name DR Scaling Slots Property
Plate Armor 13 - 27 +1 / +3 2 -

Generally armors of each tier start spawning regularly following the number of the game chapters, that is tier 1 in sewers, tier 2 in prison, tier 3 in caves etc. The plate armor is a much more frequent find than the tier 5 weapons though. Epic armors don't exist, as the Dwarf King does not drop a skill kit in Fushigi No PD.

Properties' meaning

  • Camouflage: Invisibility on high grass (1 turn per tile)
  • Combustion: Fire does not get extinguished with time, but only by stepping on water (not a curse, can't get erased).
  • Diginified: short Stun to enemies, very useful on depths with quick in attack ranged enemies.
  • Gilded: Protects armor from Acid destruction caused by red slimes.
  • Static Electricity: Shocks attacker.
  • Water Absorption: Barkskin on water (1 turn per tile)

Unlike enchantments, properties do not proc and their effect is always present if the occasion is suitable for them, in most cases for the better, but in the case of the "combustion" property for the worse.

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Artifacts are very similar with those of Shattered PD's version 0.6.5; the Alchemist's Toolkit doesn't spawn, Goo and DM-300 still drop the Lloyd's Beacon and the Cape of Thorns, and Thieves and Bandits still drop the Master Thieves' Armband exclusively.

The Lloyd's Beacon does not teleport to a preset location of a previous depth before the hero beats Yog-Dzewa (the ceiling has collapsed, as you remember), and also does not teleport the hero to another location on the same depth if he/she has robbed the shopkeeper (read shops section for details), but if you manage to kill Yog-Dzewa, want to achieve the "Happy Ending" badge, and also have the Lloyd's Beacon, it will be nice if you have previously had the premonition of winning and you have set it on a manageable depth before the city and use it to teleport there (teleporting to previous depths will have become possible after Yog gets killed), as it will save you from a lot of time, and also of the powerful enemies of the demon halls attacking the hero altogether as he/she will now have the Amulet.

The horn of plenty is the only reliable way for a mage to recharge its main staff, and is actually an extremely good solution to the charge problem, so always invest in the horn of plenty as a mage, as it allows you to play the classic wand dump build much, MUCH more easily.

Lastly, keep in mind that the Chalice of Blood is adjusted to deal more damage due to the higher hero levelling; do not trust the Shattered PD wiki about the Chalice's expected damage, and if the Chalice in Fushigi No PD warns you that it will be dangerous to prick yourself, trust it and better leave that for later.

Bombs[edit | edit source]

A fairly hefty black powder bomb. An explosion from this would certainly do damage to anything nearby.
Bombs Fushigi No.png
Cannon ball
A relatively small bomb, it has no fuse, so it cannot be ignited directly.
Firework Fushigi No PD.png
A fairly hefty black powder firework. It's power may be smaller than a bomb.

Apart from the familiar "Bomb" item and its "Two bombs" variant that is sold in shops, two additional bomb types are added, the Firework and the Cannon Ball, with the second being ammunition for the pot of Cannon (Cannon ball shares the same sprite with the plain bomb, it just hasn't got a fuse, but its important difference is that it can't be lighted and thrown and can only deal damage by getting thrown from inside a pot of Cannon). In their damage output the cannon ball is the strongest among them and the firework the weakest. All bomb items shatter potion bottles on the floor, while bombs and canon balls thrown by the pot of cannon in Fushigi No PD can destroy almost any item and any wall (so you can avoid jumping into a pit chasm if you have any of these two, and just use them on the next depth), but fireworks can't, as they can only destroy non-locked doors and wooden barricades. The only exceptions of wall-like tiles that can't get destroyed by bombs and cannon balls are locked doors (but walls around them can), decorative tiles like statues, and also all wall tiles on boss depths. Bombs and cannon balls can be also useful to create space around a very dangerous trap which can't be avoided, or to destroy a wall next to a door, if the hero hasn't found the key needed yet. Bombs and fireworks cause also Vertigo to enemies, but not cannon balls. There is also a fourth item that could be considered to fit into the "bombs" category, the potion of Explosion, which compared to the bombs deals the less damage than all of them and has no additional effect like they do.

"Ceiling is about to collapse" - Limited time per depth mechanic[edit | edit source]

This is one the most original additions to Fushigi No PD, which is not encountered in any other Pixel Dungeon mod. In all depths, even in chapter boss depths while the fight with the boss still continues, there is a time limit of approximately 1,500 turns. After 900 turns from the hero's entrance in the depth have already passed, there is a first warning message displayed: "The floor is shaking... This is not a good omen... You should probably consider leaving." This should not worry much the player, as it is mostly a warning signal that 60% of the time allowed on the depth has already passed. After 400 more turns pass (so 1,300 in sum) there is a second message displayed: "The floor is swaying violently and the walls are even cracking." This message should worry the player as it shows that 85% of the time allowed on the depth has already passed, and the hero should be rushing to the stairs. After 1,5000 turns have passed, if the hero is still on the depth, there is not a third warning message displayed but the ceiling just collapses, the run ends, and the player is transferred to the rankings screen, where the run is described as "You were buried alive".

As there is no visible turns counter in Fushigi No PD, players should take notice of the warning messages and manage the hero's time on the depth accordingly. It should be noted again that the time limit is in effect even during the boss fights, in which the hunger counter stops, so hiding for example inside a small room to rest and heal during the Tengu boss fight is a bad idea. Generally resting to heal without stepping on a Sungrass herb is very bad time management in Fushigi No PD, unless it is done for small amounts of HP. Also, it is obvious that completing the quests of the Old Wandmaker, Troll Blacksmith and the Ambitious Imp should come second and avoiding the collapse of the ceiling first (especially the "token quest" of the Ambitious Imp will need a lot of favorable RNG to get completed in time). As a rule of thumb, until the first warning sign do whatever you think is suitable on the depth but don't waste time, until the second warning sign try to finish quests if they are still pending and open yet unvisited locked rooms and chests, and after the second warning sign rush to the stairs. Obviously heroes equipping a ring of Haste and Freerunner rogues by default will be advantaged and will have more time available on each depth. Also, as mentioned before, after descending to the next depth, the previous depth's ceiling collapses anyway and it becomes unvisitable, until the hero manages to kill Yog-Dzewa.

Classes[edit | edit source]

The hero classes are mostly the familiar ones from Shattered PD's version 0.6.5, so the Huntress still starts with 15 HP, has a boomerang as a starting item, no spirit bow item exists etc. (the Warden is also like the one before the Huntress rework, so no seeing through high grass for her, no furrowed grass after planting seeds etc.). All familiar classes are also available from the first game apart from the Huntress, like in Original PD and most mods. A general difference of all classes from both Original PD and Shattered PD is that after a class accomplishes its first victory, all its subsequent runs will be starting with the Tome of Mastery (with the exception of the new Fuurai class, that doesn't receive a tome from Tengu anyway). If a class starts with a Tome of Mastery, Tengu will not drop one again after he is defeated.

Moving to specific classes, another notable difference in Fushigi No PD is that Mages recharge only the wand imbued to tehir staff by eating and only for 1 charge, Battlemages do not recharge wands by hitting enemies with a Staff of Magic Missile equipped at all (they still have all the other melee effects with the rest of the wands imbued to the staff though) and only Warlocks can recharge steadily their mage's staff, but at a very slow rate (warlock's staff will gain approximately 5-6 charges during a "full stay" on a depth, that is with using all available time before the second warning message about the ceiling; this is done automatically and is not affected by the warlock's soul marking of enemies, but only affects the wand imbued to the mage's staff and all the other wands remain unchanged). As wands in general don't get auto-recharged in Fushigi No PD, the result is that "wand centered" mage builds familiar from Shattered PD and many of its other mods can't work in this mod, as the amount of available wand uses will be too few for a build like that, even with many wands in the mage's inventory. A further related consequence is that warlocks will be able to soul mark enemies in a small amount, as their available uses of their wands will be rather limited.


There is also the Fuurai class added (meaning generally "Thunderstorm" in Japanese), which gets unlocked after the player achieves the "Happy ending" badge. This class' sprite is heavily inspired by the Shiren character of "Shiren the Wanderer" game. Unlike all the other classes he starts with no equipped items and no container at all but only with one onigiri food item. Nevertheless, his important advantage is that he gains quadruple XP from enemies (for example he will gain appr. 4.5 levels on depth 1, while all the rest of the hero classes will gain appr. 1.5 level). This quick levelling up gives to him a big advantage in his accuracy, evasion and max HP in comparison to all the other classes until late-game, when levelling up for Fuurais becomes slower due to the more XP required, and the rest of the classes almost catch up with them. He deals also more damage while unarmed, so until he finds a weapon on early depths, he is just fine unarmed (obviously a build based on the ring of Force would be ideal for him, but this ring is removed from Fushigi No PD). His subclasses are named in the game's github as Trapper and Samurai, but they are practically unavailable, as Tengu currently does not drop a Tome of Mastery when Fuurais beat him (there is an "X" in the image above, as clicking/tapping on the Tome of Mastery in the hero selection screen makes the game crash). But even without subclasses, he is still the most powerful class in Fushigi No PD, due to his increased stats by levelling up more quickly.

In Fushigi No PD, there is no cap to leveling up, so heroes can level up past level 30 as long as they aren't killed due to staying on a depth for too long. Due to this forced going forward, which basically prohibits XP farming, a non-Fuurai hero that reaches Yog-Dzewa will be around level 45 and a Fuurai will be closer to level 50 than 45 (the XP needed for levelling increases with each level up, so by end-game Fuurais are slightly ahead from the other classes, unlike early-game and mid-game).

Depth generation[edit | edit source]

Apart from being double in number, the depths of Fushigi No PD after the first five depths of the sewers are also usually from bigger to much bigger in comparison to the depths of Shattered PD. Rather rarely they are of the same size though, so don't be too quick to use a scroll of Magic Mapping, if a depth seems too small, but you have already found some loot and the exit stairs. Their bigger size combined with the limited amount of time allowed on each depth makes fully exploring depths impossible in some cases, when the rooms are many and with long corridors connecting them (searching for hidden rooms can also be done minimally). As a consequence, the ceremonial candles quest of the Old Wandmaker and the dark gold quest of the Troll Blacksmith might not be able to get finished before the second warning sign about the ceiling shaking, and the Ambitious Imp's quests generally can be completed only with a lot of luck in encountering the requested type of enemy. Obviously among all the hero subclasses the Freerunner has by default an advantage in completing quests and fully exploring depths (new players of Fushigi No PD should consider having their first runs with a freerunner rogue, as they will get less stressed by the "ceiling soon to collapse" mechanic). Note that some debuffs scale up with the dungeon depth, so in later depths a poisoned debuff for example can take the hero's max HP to the minimum and kill him/her, if it doesn't get cured. Another consequence of the double in number and bigger in size depths is that a run in Fushigi No PD lasts much longer than a run in Shattered PD, less than in Sprouted PD for sure, but this mod can hardly be considered a "coffee-break" game, unless the breaks are of similar amount and size to the game's depths. Lastly, two more difference of Fushigi No PD from Shattered PD is that gold piles found on the floor or inside chests are often far less generous and can be less than 10 gold pieces even in Demon Halls and that the exit rooms might be close or even adjacent to the entrance rooms.

Enchantments, Glyphs and Curses[edit | edit source]

Fushigi No PD's weapon enchantments, armor glyphs and curses are almost the same in function and number with those of 0.6.5 Shattered PD. Three general difference of Fushigi No PD are:

  • Almost all weapons and armors in Fushigi No PD can obtain multiple enchantments, which are never erased by upgrades. A visual extra difference that follows this change is that enchanted items never have a colored hue, most probably because in the items with more than two active enchantments the resulting kaleidoscopic effect would not offer much info anyway.
  • The player can erase specifically one of them each time by using a scroll of Remove Curse, if he/she doesn't like the current enchantments of the armor/weapon, and wants to create free space for new ones (once the enchantment slots are filled, they can't get overwritten).
  • In contrast, pots of Dispel remove all enchantments, glyphs and curses from the items that are put inside them.

Also, some weapons and armors have built-in properties, similar in concept to enchantments, but which can not get erased or added with a scroll, stone or stylus and can only be transferred to another weapon or armor by sing a pot of Fusion. These are described in the armors and weapons section, as all properties are armor-specific and weapon-specific.

  • Fushigi No PD's armor glyphs are: Affection, Anti-Entropy, Balance (the only glyph added), Brimstone, Camouflage, Entanglement, Obfuscation, Potential, Repulsion, Stone, Swiftness, Thorns, Viscosity.
  • Fushigi No PD's weapon enchantments are: Blazing, Chilling, Dazzling, Eldritch, Energy (the only enchantment added), Grim, Lucky, Projecting, Shocking, Stunning, Unstablle, Vampiric, Venomous, Vorpal.

The Balance glyph makes the armor's defense become always steady, having the median value between minimum and maximum damage absorption (it has always this effect and does not proc like the other glyphs). For example an armor that would normally absorb 1-10 damage with a Balance glyph will absorb always 5 damage. There is also a Balance weapon property built-in to the quarterstaff weapon, with the same effect on damage dealt, which unlike the glyph can't be erased. The Energy weapon enchantment increases the hero's accuracy when it procs. Scrolls of Upgrade never erase enchantments and scrolls of Magical Infusion never replace them. Note that armors and weapons have varying numbers of enchantment slots, from 1 up to 5, which can get filled with multiple enchantments or glyphs if the slots are more than 1. Nevertheless, the enchantments or glyphs applied are semi-permanent, can't get replaced by a new one applied by a scroll, stone or stylus, and must be erased by using a scroll of Remove Curse, for their slot to become available again. If an arcane stylus, scroll of Magical Infusion or stone of enchantment is applied on a weapon or armor with all slots filled it has no enchanting effect and just gets spent this way (the scroll only upgrades and the other two do nothing).

  • Fushigi No PD's armor curses are: Anti-Entropy, Bulk, Corrosion, Displacement, Metabolism, Multiplicity, Overgrowth, Stench.
  • Fushigi No PD's weapon curses are: Annoying, Displacing, Elastic, Exhausting (note that there is also an Exhausting weapon property, which can't be erased by a scroll of Remove Curse), Fragile, Friendly, Sacrificial, Wayward.

Note that armors and weapons with specific curses can also be already or become enchanted, as the game considers the curse to occupy a different "slot" than the enchantment, so for example a weapon can have at the same time the wayward curse and the venomous and blazing enchantments, which will all proc at different times, or even one after the other. Also, armors, rings and weapons can be found as loot or even sold cursed and upgraded, especially when dropped by tombstones. Lastly, as you will read with details in the "Pots" section, the pot of Fusion might transfer along with upgrades the curse, enchantment or property of the fused items. In this case, the transferred attributes will be now displayed as enchantments or glyphs, for example: thumping enchantment (normally a weapon property), lightweight glyph (normally an armor property), annoying enchantment (normally a weapon curse), corrosion glyph (normally an armor curse). These enchantment-like curses and properties are never encountered in the dungeon loot.

Enemies: regular and bosses[edit | edit source]

Main article: Enemies

28 new regular enemies are added in Fushigi No PD in all the game chapters, and also 3 new chapter bosses on depths 5, 15, and 30. Most of the familar regular enemies and all chapter bosses have also been changed either in their behavior or depths of spawning and have different item drops than current Shattered PD. For details about them visit the link above.

Food[edit | edit source]

New food items Fushigi No.png

The non-ration food items of Fushigi No PD are the same with those of Original PD (mystery meat, chargrilled meat etc.) but all types of rations are renamed to Onigiris ("onigiri" is the actual name of a japanese rice ball recipe and also the name of a shield in "Shiren the Wanderer"). As a result there are no holiday variants of the pasty, and also because the new alchemy of Shattered PD is not implemented, there are no stewed meat and feast food items. The pasty is "Big Onigiri" and the normal food ration is plain "Onigiri" (it does not satisfy hunger fully anymore), but the overpriced food ration has become "Special Onigiri" which satisfies hunger even less than the overpriced ration but also grants randomly the Blessed, Healing, Levitation or Mind Vision buffs (in the image you see special, "plain" and big onigiri from left to right). The Slimy Gel item (far right) dropped by Gel Cube enemies is also edible, but satisfies very little hunger and is mostly useful as an ingredient in the potion of Explosion alchemical recipe. All food items apart from the Big Onigiri satisfy half hunger or less.

Note that starving is very punishing after a short while, as it makes the hero lose regularly approximately 10% of his/her max HP, but food drops are always generous in Fushigi No PD and there is absolutely no point in letting your hero starve for long.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

In Fushigi No from depth 1 and below the NPCs are the same with Original and Shattered PD, and they are encountered in their familiar chapter but later due to the double amount of depths. Nevertheless, the hero spawns on depth 0 and not on depth 1, which contains some new friendly NPC characters.

Fushigi No depth 0.png

The Lynn (1), Ren (2) and Roberry (3) NPCs will just tell interesting stories to the hero but the Abbey (4), Abeys (5) and Alfred (6) NPCs will give to the hero some good advice about the game, so if you haven't played the game much, be sure that the hero talks at least with them. Also there are two NPCs that offer services on depth 0: the Warehouse Manager (7) stores items for the hero for 200 gold pieces each, but in the beginning of the run the hero will have no money to do so. He can be used in the middle of the run with a scroll of Escape or in the end of a run after ascending though, and as items are available to all heroes in current runs and if you don't mind missing items from the rankings screen, you can store them for a hero in a next run, end your run and get a new hero to take the stored items. Yun Meng (8) will uncurse any item for free (again, this is useless in the beginning of a run, as the hero has no cursed starting items, but she can be helpful in the end of a run in coordination with the Manager). The Warehouse Manager can store up to 20 items and does not accept only artifacts, containers, the dew vial and obviously the Amulet. Also, heroes from another run can't retrieve stored items unique to a class, for example a fuurai can't take a stored boomerang, or a huntress a stored mage's staff (a huntress can take and have a second boomerang or a mage a second staff though). The new hero receives the items already identified, so pots, potions, scrolls etc. retrieved will have a name and will spawn identified later in the dungeon. The only drawback of this feature is that the hero with the end-game items from depth 1 will have a rather boring run, as he/she will obliterate any enemy that he/she encounters, until he/she reaches the Metropolis, but from then and on it will still be much more easier for him/her, as the end-game items of the previous run will be even more upgraded than they were in the beginning. Players patient enough to do two or three runs like these, leaving the end-game items for the next hero, will eventually find the demon halls enemies extremely easy. Lastly, when the hero returns with the Amulet most of the NPCs recognize that achievement and congratulate the hero but nothing more than that happens.

The only extra difference of the NPCs familiar from Shattered PD apart from being encountered later, if we count depths and not game chapters, is that for all the quests that require a number of items to get gathered, their amount is reduced due to the "ceiling about to collapse" mechanic: the Troll Blacksmith asks for 8 pieces of dark gold or for simply hitting and not killing a bat with the pickaxe (any bat will work, even on floor 1 or floor 49, and as you can deposit the pickaxe one might want to complete the quest earlier than normal that way) and the Ambitious Imp for 4 embers or tokens. Still, with some unfavorable RNG (mostly if the hero encounters the NPC late in exploring the depth), it is probable that he/she will not be able to gather the needed amount of items before the second warning signal about the ceiling (in this case, just abandon the quest and head to the depth exit). Note also that in the Trol Blacksmith dark gold quest the pickaxe needs to get equipped for the hero to be able to mine with it, and its mining option displays a "no text found" title, it works without a problem though.

Potions[edit | edit source]

Shattered PD's exotic alchemy and the need of alchemical energy have not been implemented, so there are no exotic brews and potions, no alchemical energy is needed etc. and as a result the general picture is much more similar to Original PD than to current Shattered PD. The new and familar potions of Fushigi No PD are:

New[edit | edit source]

Potion Beverage Fushigi.png
Potion of Beverage
This may be what an idiot wizard accidentally sold, the juice he had just made, to a pharmacy.

It has no important function, as it just satisfies a little hunger when drunk and can also be used to extinguish fire when no water tiles are around, while not wasting any of the beneficial potions for this purpose. It can be brewed in an alchemy pot, not by using seeds, but a potion of Purification + a Shattered Honeypot, which produce a potion of Purification and a potion of Beverage.

Potion Explosion Fushigi.png
Potion of Explosion
This liquid may be a failure, but a geek collects them. It is extremely unstable and will explode when exposed to air. Fortunately, the destructive power is not particularly strong.

It is what its title says and functions like a bomb when drunk or thrown (obviously, after it gets identified, only throw it). It is the weakest among all the bomb-like items. It can be brewed in an alchemy pot, not by using seeds, but a Slimy Gel (drops from all gel cubes) + any two different Potions, which produce 2 potions of Explosion.

Potion Panacea Fushigi.png
Potion of Panacea
This magical potion can cure most of the intractable diseases and restore the patient's strength. But it does not restore the life of the patient.

It cures ailments and restores lost strength (Iron Scorpios occasionally decrease it permanently by -2 and weakening traps or drinking a potion of Venom always by -1, but with its previous upper limit remaining, which gets restored by the potion). It does not restore strength lost by Golden Scorpions' hits and does not restore HP. It can't be brewed by any means in an alchemy pot.

Potion Teargas Fushigi.png
Potion of Teargas
This potion is the latest research of the wizarding union. It is a volatile liquid that irritates the eyes and facial skin, making it impossible for the eyes to open. It is often used to slay the wizard from the Holy See.

It creates a Dark Gas blob, blinding all characters inside it, while the debuff remains active for a short while after exiting the area of effect. It can't be brewed by any means in an alchemy pot.

Potion Venom Fushigi.png
Potion of Venom
This terrible pharmaceutical should have been made by a black wizard. It has no odor and is very volatile and contains highly toxic substances, damaging the body and spirit of those who drink or let it touch their skin. Unless you want to die, don't use it for yourself.

It causes at the same time strong Poisoning, Slowness and Weakness and it is very useful against strong chapter bosses and in the final fight against Yog. It is a rare potion, but better avoid using unidentified potions you don't have a good guess about their function with enemies around, as it will make the hero extremely weak for a while and it will also decrease his/her strength semi-permanently by -1 point, until he/she drinks a potion of Panacea. It can't be brewed by any means in an alchemy pot.

Familiar[edit | edit source]

Details are mentioned only when the potion is in any way different than its equivalent in current Shattered PD.

Potion of Experience
The storied experiences of multitudes of battles reduced to liquid form, this draught will instantly raise your experience level.

It is brewed with Starflower seeds.

Potion of Frost
The chemical contained in this potion will evaporate into a freezing cloud upon exposure to open air.

It is brewed with Icecap seeds.

  • Note that there is no potion of Haste in Fushigi No PD.
Potion of Healing
This elixir will rapidly restore your health.

Note that unlike the potion of Shattered PD it cures no aliments and its curing properties have all been transferred to the new potion of Panacea. It is brewed with Sungrass seeds.

Potion of Invisibility
Drinking this potion will render you temporarily invisible. While invisible, enemies will be unable to see you. Attacking an enemy, as well as using a wand or a scroll before enemy's eyes, will dispel the effect.

It is is brewed with Blindweed seeds.

Potion of Levitation
Drinking this curious liquid will cause you to hover in the air, able to drift effortlessly over traps and pits. Throwing this potion will create a cloud of unrefined gas, disorienting anything caught in it.

It is brewed with Stormvine seeds.

Potion-Liquid Flame.png
Potion of Liquid Flame
This flask contains an unstable compound which will burst violently into flame upon exposure to open air.

It is brewed with Firebloom seeds.

Potion Might Fushigi.png
Potion of Might
This powerful liquid will course through your muscles, permanently increasing your strength by one point and health by five points.

Unlike current Shattered PD, the potion of Might still exists in Fushigi No PD and like in Original PD it neither spawns as loot in the dungeon nor is brewed with seeds, but it is only a product of transmuting a potion of Strength.

Potion-mind vision(s).png
Potion of Mind Vision
After drinking this, your mind will become attuned to the psychic signature of distant creatures, enabling you to sense biological presences through walls. Also this potion will permit you to see through nearby walls and doors.

It is brewed with Fadeleaf seeds.

Potion-Paralytic Gas.png
Potion of Paralytic Gas
Upon exposure to open air, the liquid in this flask will vaporize into a numbing yellow haze. Anyone who inhales the cloud will be paralyzed instantly, unable to move for some time after the cloud dissipates. This item can be thrown at distant enemies to catch them within the effect of the gas.

It is brewed with Earthroot seeds.

Potion of Purification
This magical reagent will quickly neutralize all harmful effects in a large area. Drinking it will give you temporary immunity to such effects.

It is brewed with Dreamfoil seeds.

Potion of Strength
This powerful liquid will course through your muscles, permanently increasing your strength by one point.

As mentioned before it is a random find and not a guaranteed spawn anymore, and it can also get sold in the dungeon shops. "Random" should be underlined as one hero might find 8 potions of Strength in a run and another hero might not find even one. Nevertheless, strength does not affect the hero's capability to equip an item anymore but only adds a bit to the damage he/she deals against enemies, while the hero having strength less than 10 due to a debuff or any other reason decreases the damage dealt by the equipped weapon by -5% for each missing strength point (missing strength has no effect on armor use). Because Golden Scorpions in demon halls decrease the hero's strength permanently without any available cure for it, it is advisable to save the potions of Strength you find for drinking later in the demon halls, unless you were lucky enough to find many of them. Unlike current Shattered PD this potion gets transmuted to a potion of Might. It has a low chance to get brewed by using the Rotberry seed from the Old Wandmaker's quest along with two other random seeds.

Potion-Toxic Gas.png
Potion of Toxic Gas
Uncorking or shattering this pressurized glass will cause its contents to explode into a deadly cloud of toxic green gas. You might choose to fling this potion at distant enemies instead of uncorking it by hand.

It is brewed with Sorrowmoss seeds.

Because of the increased number of potions spawning as loot, the colors and names of unidentified potions are also increased in Fushigi No PD. All the possible names and colors of unidentified potions are: amber, azure, bistre, charcoal, chromeyellow, copper, crimson, ermine, golden, indigo, ivory, jade, magenta, salmon, silver, soda, steelblue, turqoise.

Pots[edit | edit source]

It is one of the most original innovations of Fushigi No PD, as many of the features of Original PD can also get performed by them and the most important among them is the pot of Fusion, as items are mostly upgraded by using this pot. They are an infrequent drop or find in the dungeon and can also get sold in shops. They always spawn with a starting capacity from 3 to 5 slots. All pots in the beginning are unidentified, have names irrelevant to their function, which just refer to their shape, size or material and are assigned differently in each new run (their probable pre-identification names are: Calabash, Cracked, Ear, Globose, Long, Narrow-mouth, Normal, Ring, Small, Thin-Neck, Triangular, Wide) and while still unidentified all have the general description: "This strange pot seems to hold a lot of things. Would you like to try and put something inside?" Their sprites are displayed just below, following the order of their names in the parenthesis above (the first is the calabash pot, the second the cracked pot etc.).

Pots Fushigi No.png

Some pots get identified after functioning once (but not by just putting items inside them), while some others don't, so a scroll of Identify becomes necessary, but with the right items put inside them all unidentified pots will function accordingly. Two pots will put out their stored items by getting pressed (alchemy and cannon) but most of them won't and in this case the hero needs either to throw the pot and break it, or use the rare scroll of Exsuction if available, which keeps the pot intact. Another pot-related scroll is the scroll of Expand, which as its name says expands the pot's capacity by 1 slot. All pots give the option to put all items of a stack inside them and to occupy only one slot this way. In the game descriptions that follow only the identified pots' symbols are displayed, as the pots' shapes are very different and a common outline can't be used like with potions and scrolls.

Pot of Alchemy Fushigi.png
Pot of Alchemy
Put specific items into the pot and try to make them into other items like a medicine pot. The magic is that you don't even know what you put in, it will automatically help you. Pressing this pot will pop up the items inside.

It works just like an alchemy pot, but can have more than one slot due to being a pot and as such is required for the alchemical enchanting recipes. It gets identified by putting seeds inside it and getting a potion brewed, it gets out the potion that was brewed by pressing it, and loses a slot this way (pots of alchemy with a capacity of 3 slots can be used for brewing potions only once as a consequence, as two slots are not enough for the seeds needed to brew a potion). Be careful with the "put all" option that all pots give, as the pot of alchemy works in the same way with an alchemy pot and needs three seeds to get put separately into it. So if you "put all" three seeds at the same time, no potion will get brewed.

Pot of Cannon Fushigi.png
Pot of Cannon
This pot can launch the placed items through the terrain and land in your chosen location. It can be used to launch shells.

It is what its title says and has also its unique rare amunition, the cannon ball, which explodes instantly after its gets thrown by the pot, deals decent damage against enemies, and destroys walls. It gets identified by putting an item inside it and pressing it to throw it out, and does not lose slots this way. Due to it being reusable and its items eaily retrievable it can be also used as a small bag (it does not damage the items it throws out, unless they get destroyed/spent anyway when thrown).

Pot of Dispel Fushigi.png
Pot of Dispel
This pot can remove the magic attached to the item, whether it is beneficial or harmful.

It works almost just like a scroll of Remove Curse, but as a more potent version of it, as it removes curses and all enchantments and glyphs from the items that get put into it. It gets identified by putting a cursed or enchanted item inside it. It does not put out items by pressing it.

Pot of Freeze.png
Pot of Freeze
There seems to be some cold substance in the pot that can freeze the items. Breaking or pressing the pot will release the frost inside.

It does what its title says and can be used mostly for turning meat into frozen carpaccio. Due to its limited usefulness it can be also used as a small bag like the pot of Cannon, but a temporary one, as it can't put items out by pressing it (obviously you should not store potions in this pot). It gets identified by putting an item inside it and freezing it. When thrown and broken, apart from dropping its items it creates also a small and potentially harmful freezing cloud just like a potion of Frost (when you have a lot of pots but not a potion of Frost, throwing it can become useful in the Newborn Fire Elemental quest of the Old Wandmaker). Throwing it with tons of harmful potions also has the benefit of allowing you to unleash all of those potion effects at once, making it a good weapon for bosses.

Pot of Fusion Fushigi.png
Pot of Fusion
This pot can blend the items placed in the back into the same kind of items that were first placed.

As mentioned before, the scrolls of Upgrade are a random find in Fushigi No PD and they are not guaranteed spawns, and the basic method of upgrading equipment is by using this pot. It fuses all the upgrades of same upgradable items (armors, rings, weapons etc.) to the first item put inside of it (be careful with the order you put items inside it, to avoid upgrading an unwanted item) and loses a slot with each fusion. It does not fuse different types of items though, for example a melee weapon with an upgraded armor. If a cursed item is upgraded, it is also eligible for fusing its upgrades with the first item, nevertheless there is a good chance that its curse will also be transferred, if there are empty enchantment slots in the first item. Items transfer upgrades even when not identified, but they must have at least +1 upgrade to do so. Be careful not to put irrelevant or unupgraded items inside the pot, as it will get "clogged up", stop functioning and get wasted. As this pot is very important and spawns infrequently, in the beginning of the run it is not advised to put random items inside pots to have them identified, because pots of Fusion can easily get "clogged up" and will stop working. It does not put out items by pressing it and gets identified after its first fusion. Rings don't get upgraded by the pot of Fusion above level +5, as they can't get upgraded in general above level +5, so the pot consumes the rings, but doesn't transfer levels. Also, the boomerang can have melee weapons fuse their upgrades with it, just like a melee weapon. As mentioned before, sometimes enchantments, properties or even curses of the fused items get transferred to the target item if it has free enchantment slots and the transferred property or curse will be displayed as an enchantment or glyph. As some properties are very useful, especially the Gilded property that protects weapons and armors from getting downgraded by the red slimes' acid, it is not a bad idea to use in the fusions a gold armor or weapon, even if it is not highly upgraded, in order to transfer also its gilded property, as this can not be obtained otherwise.

Pot of Identify Fushigi.png
Pot of Identify
This pot can identify permanently and reveal all of the secrets of a single item put in.

It works just like a scroll of Identify. It gets identified by putting an unidentified item inside it. It does not put out items by pressing it.

Pot of Midas.png
Pot of Midas
This pot can turn the items into money.

It turns any item put inside it to gold, with the amount increasing for good quality items. It does not get identified afterwards, so the player will have to nickname it or use a scroll of Identify to properly identify it. It does not put out its gold by pressing it.

Pot of Restructure.png
Pot of Restructure
This pot can restructure the items into a new item.

It "restructures" items to another random item (almost never of the same type like the pot of Transmutation) or turns them into gold. It is a good idea to put low quality items inside it instead of selling them, as a cursed knuckleduster might turn into a scroll of Upgrade or into an artifact (but it can also turn into a dart, the outcome is totally random). In contrast it is a bad idea to put high quality items inside it, as this will have no effect in the outcome. It does not get identified by restructuring items, so the player will have to nickname it or use a scroll of Identify to properly identify it. It does not put out items by pressing it.

Pot of Storage.png
Pot of Storage
This pot allows you to use or remove the items inside.

It simply stores items and it gets identified by viewing the items inside it (not by just storing them). It does not put out items by pressing it. Viewing the items will have the same options as normal (including zap for wands, equip for weapons and throw for throwing weapons), as well as a "take back" option. Holding this pot is basically an upgrade of the backpack.

Pot of Transmutation.png
Pot of Transmutation
This pot can turn the placed items into other similar ones, just like the well of transmutation.

Like a well of Transmutation it does not transmute armors, missile weapons and stones, but transmutes artifacts, melee weapons, potions, rings, seeds, scrolls, and wands. Transmuting a wand adds 8 charges to it. It does not get identified by transmuting items, so the player will have to nickname it or use a scroll of Identify to properly identify it.

In general pots can't get into pots, and as a coonsequence they can't get transmuted by the pot of Transmutation, nevertheless they get transmuted to another pot by a well of Transmutation (be careful not to throw them into the well, but to drop them, as throwing shatters the pots). It is advised to identify with scrolls the first pots, until you find the game-changing pot of Fusion, in order to avoid clogging it and wasting it, and perhaps until you also find the pot of Transmutation, but as the scrolls of Identify are rather uncommon and pots can't get identified by the pot of Identify, after finding the pot of Fusion, you can then store random items inside the rest of the pots and also press them / view the items inside them for the chance that they will get identified. Fushigi No PD allows "nicknaming" items, so you can even write short clues on still unidentified pots (not freeze, not dispel etc.) until you get them identified.

Rings[edit | edit source]

The rings of Shattered PD are mostly kept the same, and only the ring of Alert is added, which grants increased vision range and a huntress-like Mind Vision buff of neighbouring enemies (like the ring of Might that shows its strength bonus in the stats window while still unidentified, this ring also displays the "weakened mind vision" buff icon while still unidentified).

Fading rings.gif
Ring of Alert
This ring enhances the wearer's awareness. It already has enough power to allow the wearer to look farther and discover all the creatures on the floor. A cursed ring will weaken the wearer's vision.

In contrast, the ring of Force is removed and although the ring of Energy exists in the game code, it does not spawn in the game, but the general difference of all the rings of Fushigi No PD in comparison to Shattered PD is that they can't get upgraded above level +5 (scrolls of Upgrade can't select them above level +5, and if rings with more than 5 levels in sum are put in the pot of Fusion, it will just stop transferring upgrades at level +5 while also consuming the rings).

Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Shattered PD's exotic alchemy has not been implemented, so there are no exotic variants, no new stones etc. and the general picture is more similar to Original PD, nevertheless 6 new scrolls are added to those familiar from Original PD. The new and familiar scrolls of Fushigi No PD are:

New[edit | edit source]

Scroll Affection Fushigi.png
Scroll of Affection
This may have been done by a single 50-year-old witch in the wizarding union. It allows you to capture the hearts of everyone around you in an instant, letting you be at your mercy.

It causes the Charmed debuff to all nearby enemies.

Scroll Escape Fushigi.png
Scroll of Escape
This reel can make a one-time transfer door. It allows you to leave the dungeon and return to a safe place.

It returns the hero from anywhere in the dungeon to depth 0 and it is the only scroll that is preidentified in every run. As it is basically a scroll of Teleportation with a preset destination, it also can't get used on boss depths. It is very important to remember that there is no going back after using the scroll - the stairs to depth 1 will not be working anymore, and there will be just a staircase leading up, for the player to end his/her run. Note that even if the hero has the Amulet of Yendor when getting teleported to depth 0, this will not be recorded in the rankings screen as a victory, and the title will be "Leave by the scroll of Escape", the same title as if he/she had returned from depth 1, in the case he/she had found the scroll that early. Nevertheless, this scroll can also be used to play Fushigi No PD "Shiren the Wanderer-like" with successive runs that will create much stronger equipment (for details see section below).

Scroll Expand.png
Scroll of Expand
This reel expands the capacity of a pot so that the pot can hold more items or allow the pot to be used again. However, it should be noted that the capacity of the pot is limited.

It adds +1 slots to a pot, and as of 1.3 (labelled 1.2.4 beta), they can also be increased above their base max of 5 slots, while in previous versions it will result in a waste of a scroll. As it is a rare scroll, it is better to get used on important pots like the pots of Fusion or Transmutation.

Scroll Exsuction Fushigi.png
Scroll of Exsuction
A small black hole magic is enclosed in the scroll that sucks the contents of the pot and falls to your side.

It sucks out the items from a pot, while keeping it intact. As it is a rare scroll too, it is also better to get it applied on important pots like the pot of Fusion or Transmutation.

Scroll Onigiri Fushigi.png
Scroll of Onigiri
You can use this scroll to turn an item into a rice ball. You'd better not use it for your expensive equipment, because the quality of the onigiri has nothing to do with the value of the item.

It turns any item (aside from unique items) to the onigiri food item and stacks of items to equivalent stacks of onigiris. Because of its power of being applicable to any item, don't use an unidentified scroll to an upgraded or an important item, if you haven't found yet the scroll of Onigiri. If you are a mage, you can use unidentified scrolls on the staff to be sure of not destroying an important item.

Scroll Self-destruct Fushigi.png
Scroll of Self-Destruct
I heard that there are a group of self-destructive people in the far west, they will use this thing to die with the enemy. Obviously you don't want to die, your tenacious will will make you sigh after you blew yourself. Similarly, this scroll will also weaken some powerful enemies.

It gets instantly the hero to 1 HP (but never kills him/her),destroys walls around you, and also harms to some degree even the strongest or most resistant enemies. The harm to enemies is very rarely big enough to justify all the HP loss to the hero though, and if this scroll is used, it should be done far from the enemies, as with +1 HP the hero can die more than easily. Because of this scroll, it's better not to use unidentified scrolls with enemies around or while starving, as starvation can soon get the hero's +1 HP to zero.

Familiar[edit | edit source]

Details are mentioned only when the scroll is in any way different than its equivalent in current Shattered PD.

Shattered-Scroll identify.png
Scroll of Identify
This scroll permanently reveals all of the secrets of a single item.
Shattered-Scroll lullaby.png
Scroll of Lullaby
Reading this scroll emits a soothing melody will lull all who hear it into a deep magical sleep.
Scroll Magical Infusion Fushigi.png
Scroll of Magical Infusion
This scroll will infuse a weapon or armor with powerful magical energy. In addition to being upgraded, A weapon will gain a magical enchantment, or armor will be imbued with a magical glyph.If the item already has an enchantment or glyph, it will never be erased by this scroll.

Unlike current Shattered PD the scroll still exists in Fushigi No PD, and like in Original PD it does not spawn as loot in the dungeon, but it is only a product of transmuting a scroll of Upgrade. If the item already has an enchantment or glyph, it will never be erased by this scroll, but if the item has its enchantment slots filled (or none at all), the scroll will just upgrade the item.

Shattered-Scroll magic mapping.png
Scroll of Magic Mapping
When this scroll is read, an image of crystal clarity will be etched into your memory, alerting you to the precise layout of the level and revealing all hidden secrets. The locations of items and creatures will remain unknown.
Shattered-Scroll mirror image.png
Scroll of Mirror Image
The incantation on this scroll will create illusionary twins of the reader, which will chase their enemies.
Scroll Psionic Blast Fushigi.png
Scroll of Psionic Blast
This scroll contains destructive energy that can violently tremble the souls of all creatures in the field of vision. The power of the scroll seems to be related to the user's own will.

Unlike current Shattered PD the scroll still exists as loot in Fushigi No PD, but it does not harm the hero or apply any debuffs to him/her at all. The similar scroll of Retribution of Shatered PD does not exist in Fushigi No PD.

Shattered-Scroll rage.png
Scroll of Rage
When read aloud, this scroll will unleash a great roar that draws all enemies to the reader, and enrages nearby ones.
Shattered-Scroll recharging.png
Scroll of Recharging
The raw magical power bound up in this parchment will, when released, charge a users wand.

It gets applied to a specific wand and adds 6-8 charges to it. It does not grant a recharging buff and does not recharge all wands in the inventory, so its game description is also changed. The only way for a hero tho get a recharging buff in Fushigi No PD is to be a Mage and eat, and it will still be very short and recharge only the wand imbued to the staff and only with 1 charge.

Shattered-Scroll remove curse.png
Scroll of Remove Curse
The incantation on this scroll will instantly strip any curses from a single weapon, ring, wand, armor, or artifact. It can also be used to remove the enchant of the weapon and the glyph of the armor.

In addition to its familiar use of removing a curse from a specific item, It can remove also one specific enchantment or glyph from an item (cursed or not) with each use but it can not remove properties. As a result, its game description is also changed.

Shattered-Scroll teleportation.png
Scroll of Teleportation
The spell on this parchment instantly transports the reader to a random location on the dungeon level. It can be used to escape a dangerous situation, but the unlucky reader might find themselves in an even more dangerous place.
Shattered-Scroll remove curse.png
Scroll of Remove Curse
The incantation on this scroll will instantly strip any curses from a single weapon, ring, wand, armor, or artifact. It can also be used to remove the enchant of the weapon and the glyph of the armor.
Shattered-Scroll terror.png
Scroll of Terror
A flash of red light will overwhelm all creatures in your field of view with terror, and they will turn and flee. Attacking a fleeing enemy will dispel the effect.
  • The scroll of Transmutation of current Shattered PD does not exist in Fushigi No PD, as it is replaced by the pot of Transmutation.
Shattered-Scroll upgrade.png
Scroll of Upgrade
This scroll will upgrade a single item, improving its quality. A wand will increase in power and number of charges, weapons and armor will deal and block more damage, and the effects of rings will intensify. This scroll is even able to mitigate or sometimes totally dispel curse effects, though it is not as potent as a scroll of remove curse.

As mentioned before the scroll of Upgrade is a random find and not a guaranteed spawn anymore, and it can also get sold in the dungeon shops. Nevertheless, it is a less rare random find than the potion of Strength and at least one or two will be found in any run if it lasts long enough. Unlike current Shattered PD upgrading never erases enchantments or glyphs and also the scroll gets transmuted to a scroll of Magical Infusion. It also does not seem to erase specific curse effects in armors and weapons but only weakens their curse and makes the item again unequippable. As a result of these changes, its game description is also changed.

Because of the additional scrolls, some rune images and names have been added to cover the bigger variety of unidentified scrolls. All the possible rune names for unidentified scrolls are: Berkanan, Cerscen, Daekmaz, Gyfu, Henazo, Esoloz, Isaz, Kaunan, Laguz, Mannaz, Naudiz, Raido, Odal, Sowilo, Tiwaz, Ulral, Yngvi, Zaroi.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Like the dungeon depths of Fushigi No PD, its shops are also doubled by default, and they are encountered normally after each chapter boss depth, on depth 6, 11 etc. and also on depth 36, which has no chapter boss immediately before it, but with the exception of depth 46, that normally does not spawn a shop. These "after-boss" shops are almost never hidden, they spawn always in a room next to the depth entrance (so even when hidden they are actually "semi-hidden", as players will expect to find one and search for it) and they might also sell potions of Strength or scrolls of Upgrade, in addition to the other items of Fushigi No PD. The prices of some necessary item types like food items, potions and scrolls are cheap, but armors, weapons, pots etc. might be on sale for hundreds of gold pieces. Also, after the hero sells an item, they display and resell it at the expected price of the depth. Shops can also spawn in random depths with less merchandise, but in this case they are very often hidden and can spawn anywhere on the depth. These random shops can also be encountered in the Demon Halls chapter, which doesn't generate a regular shop, and they might also spawn rarely in a depth that has already a regular shop. In this last case, threatening one shopkeeper makes also the other one vanish as well.

The most important difference of shops in Fushigi No PD though, is that heroes can "rob" any shop without a Master Thieves' Armband equipped, which in contrast allows them to "steal". "Stealing" with the Armband works in the same way as it does in Shattered PD, as it has various percentages of success depending on the Armband's charges and level, and if "stealing" succeeds, there is no negative consequence for the hero. If "stealing" fails or if the player decides to "rob" the shop, the shopkeeper vanishes and leaves all his merchandise behind him, which seems great, but there is also a twist. An alarm is set off that attracts all regular enemies of the depth, and also a group of 10 or more animated statue-like yellow Shop Guardians spawn all around the depth and most of them run to the shop in order to punish the hero along with regular enemies attracted by the alarm, and if the hero tries to fight with the Shop guardians, there is a 99% chance that he/she will get killed, unless he is a Fuurai with a good armor and weapon or has received upgraded items from a previous run (in the last case of having previously upgraded equipment they are no threat, at least not before the Metropolis). Nevertheless, in addition to the previous exceptions, a Rogue with a cloak having many charges or any hero that is lucky enough to have the shop spawn near to a chasm and a potion of Invisibility in the inventory can try "robbing", pick as much merchandise he/she can before the Shop Guardians arrive, turn invisible, run to the chasm and jump into it. Drinking a potion of Invisibility and/or planting a Fadeleaf plant or reading a scroll of Teleportation can also work, but it is more risk-taking, as teleportation can get hero even further from the stairs. In case you worry about finding them again in end-game while descending back for the "Happy End" badge, assumedly they have all been crushed by the collapsed ceiling, as these depths will have their regular enemies, but not the Shop Guardians previously spawned. Shop Guardians are also summoned when the shopkeeper vanishes for other reasons, like getting threatened by a scroll or damaged by accident. Shopkepers in Fushigi No PD seem invulnerable to having the ceiling collapse on them, as the hero finds them in their regular place selling their merchandise, when he/she ascends back, unless he/she has already robbed their shop.

Note: The distinction between "robbing" and "stealing" is made by the game, so these actions were named differently also here, but as far as the common use of these verbs in english is concerned, they are both actions of stealing, as no violence is exercised to the shopkeeper.

Stones[edit | edit source]

Only the stones of Augmentation and Enchantment are available in Fushigi No PD, with the same function as in Shattered PD and the same limitations in enchanting equipment with all their slots filled that were described previously in the "Enchantment and Curses" section. In the game's github there is also the stone of Intuition mentioned, but it does not spawn currently.

Successive runs "Shiren the Wanderer-like"[edit | edit source]

Fushigi No PD's Demon Halls are filled with strong enemies, and already by the Metropolis heroes without good upgraded equipment will suffer and will most probably not survive to reach Demon Halls. Upgrading equipment is very RNG-dependant though, as this relies mostly on finding upgraded items and pots of Fusion, while scrolls of Upgrade are also generated randomly and not in guaranteed amounts like in Shattered PD. Nevertheless, there are two ways around Fushigi No PD's RNG, one after finding the Amulet of Yendor and the other by using the scroll of Escape. Although in the Pixel Dungon context both of them can be considered exploits, these tactics are actually another influence of the "Shiren the Wanderer" game, in which repeated playthroughs are a core concept of the game, with the players having to improve their items by successive runs and by storing the strong items in warehouses for the next heroes to find.

  1. After beating Yog-Dzewa your hero will probably have some gold (and he/she will be able to get much more by selling unwanted items from the inventory) and he/she will surely have a highly upgraded weapon and armor and most probably also upgraded rings. If you don't mind missing the items from the ranking screen, you can take the hero back to depth 0, give all his/her high quality items to the Warehouse Manager after paying 200 gold pieces for each item, and after you finish with that, you can end your run. The new hero who will find these items, will be starting on depth 1 with an end-game weapon and armor and possibly with some upgraded rings and his/her run will be almost guaranteed to succeed. Note that the manager doesn't store artifacts, containers , the dew vial and obviously the Amulet, but stores Ankhs or any other of the game's items. As the new hero will retrieve the items already identified, you can also store potentially harmful items for the hero or his/her equipment when they are first used, like the potion of Venom or the scroll of Onigiri, to save him/her from the consequences of their first use while still unidentified. The only drawback in a run like this is that the hero with the end-game items from depth 1 will have a rather boring journey, as he/she will obliterate any enemy that he/she encounters, until he/she reaches the Metropolis, but from then and on it will still be much more easier for him/her, as the end-game items of the previous run will be even more upgraded than they were in the beginning. If a third hero receives the items of the second hero as well, even the demon halls will be very easy for him/her.
  2. A similar way of creating a run with a powerful start (but not extremely powerful) is not by completing the game, but by using a scrolll of Escape after you find it. If your hero has already some upgraded items of good quality, but not of very good quality, and you think that he/she probably won't survive for much longer, you can save some gold first, then use the scroll of Escape and leave the good quality items for a new hero's run, as it was described in bullet 1. Obviously the previous run will get wasted, so the tactic as described in this bullet should only be used for runs that are considered by the player not likely to last much longer.

Traps[edit | edit source]

Traps are almost the same with those of Shattered PD, but three new trap types are added and five familiar taps are also somewhat changed. The new traps of Fushigi No PD are:

  • Log trap: a strong version of a dart trap, which does not necessarily break after the hero steps on it and it also might Knock him/her back.
  • Mucus trap: Roots and also applies Caustic Ooze
  • Multiplication trap: Creates new traps, overt and hidden. It's extremely rare, so it does not spawn most of the times.

The changes in familiar traps are:

  • Alarm traps don't get deactivated after stepping on them once, but Guardian traps do.
  • Explosive traps also destroy walls and cause Vertigo to the hero, just like bomb explosions.
  • Guardian traps will either alert all enemies and summon the familar purple Guardians of Shattered PD, who drop their unenchanted and unupgraded equipped weapon and are generally manageable, or they will summon the yellow very powerful Shop Guardians (in the second case, unless you have received already upgraded items from a previous run, just rush to the depth exit or jump into a chasm).
  • Toxic gas trap's and corrosion trap blob can cover a huge area and likewise the blob created by the potion, to avoid damage from the density system (the more gas there is in a single tile, the more damage it deals, shown in the description). Fortunately the trap's blob dissolves much quicker than in Shattered PD.
  • Weakening traps decrease temporarily the hero's Strength by -5 and semi-permanently by -1 (in this case strength can be restored by a potion of Panacea though).

Wands[edit | edit source]

Like you did with armors, forget also what you know about wands from Original PD and Shattered PD. Wands have the same sprites with Shattered PD, but these sprites are randomly assigned in each new run and wands are first unidintified like in Original PD. Only Mages can get them identified with one use, and they do it fully for both their type and their available charges, while the other classes will have to assume the type of wand from its effect and nickname them at first. Be careful that when unidentified they are wands of a "type", but with the sole exception of a new added sprite that "type" corresponds to the sprite's stable assignment in Shattered PD and so the wands retain the sprite's name from Shattered PD, but this is totally random, so a wand of "lightning" with a sprite of the wand of lightning will be eventually identified for example as a wand of Magic Missile. Also, 5 new wand types are added, and because of that there is also an original wand sprite, a totally white wand, while three other sprites familiar from current Shattered PD are used, those assigned there to the wands of Living Earth, Regrowth, Transfusion and Warding, while these Shattered PD's wands' functions don't exist in Fushigi No PD. The names of unidentified wands in Fushigi No PD are: "blast wave", "corrosion", "corruption", "disintegration", "fireblast", "frost", "lightning", "living earth", "missile", "prismatic light", "regrowth", "transfusion", "warding". While still unidentified they all have the general description: "Although this wand looks familiar, is this really its effect?"

Another very important change in Fushigi No PD is that all wands have 100 max charges, but they are not recharged at all as time goes by, and they are always found as loot with charges below 10, which get permanently spent each time that the wand is used. Even Battlemages do not recharge wands by hitting enemies with a Staff of Magic Missile, and only Warlocks have them get recharged as time goes by, but at a very slow rate (approximately 5-6 charges will get added during a "full stay" on a depth, that is from entering it until the second warning message about the ceiling, and they are added only to the wand imbued to the staff, while all the other wands will remain unchanged - practically the staff of the warlock, if not used at all for zapping, will be reaching full charges by the end of demon halls, unless the warlock stays on every depth until the second warning sign). When a wand is imbued to the mage's staff, it adds its remaining charges to those of the staff and if the staff has become cursed, imbuing also uncurses it. Mages retain their recharging buff when eating (as mentioned previously there is no recharging buff from a scroll in Fushigi No PD) but it also recharges only the wand imbued to the staff and only for 1 charge. A basic result of all these changes is that "wand centered" mage builds familiar from Shattered PD and most of its other mods are not viable for mages in Fushigi No PD.

There are some new wands introduced and the familiar wands from Shattered PD have also some differences, so here are all Fushigi No PD's wands with their damage at level 0 when it has a fixed value and their scaling. It was mentioned previously that wand sprites are randomly assigned to wand types with each new run, and it would be more confusing than helpful to display also the wand sprites' names, as there would be successive couples of wand descriptions with the same name, one for the sprite, and one for the wand type. So, the game descriptions that follow are for the wand types.

New wands[edit | edit source]

Wand of Elements
This wand shoots bolts containing the power of the elements. These bolts can unleash the power of one of the four elements, causing considerable damage to everything hit by them.

Damage: 15-30 (randomly Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind damage), Damage Scaling: +1 / +5, Battlemage effect: randomly Chills, Ignites, Roots, causes Vertigo.

Wand of Holy
This staff contains divine magic that infuses life to the target. It seems to make fallen angels love you. It will burn the undead or demonic creatures, necromancer and lich please do not misuse. It can also remove curses from items and even curse enchantments from equipment!

It Harms only undead and demonic creatures and Removes Curses from items. It is very similar to the wand of Transfusion of Shattered PD, which does not exist in Fushigi No PD. Battlemage effect: Heals the hero.

Wand of Kaleidoscope
This staff reflects your shadow, creating a mirror image of you in the target area.

It creates a Mirror Image, no direct damage. Note that the Mirror Image is a regular one, with no increased life cycle, and only one spawns with each zap, so this wand is a good candidate for transmuting. Battlemage effect: No certain effect (occasionally there is a "no text found message" after a melee hit with the wand, but with no obvious effect to enemies).

Wand of Magician
This staff is a magic item that allows you to instantly move to a designated location or swap places with your target.

It Teleports the hero to a tile in line of sight or Switches places with an enemy, no damage. It is a sort of combination of the wands of Blink and Reach from Original PD. Battlemage effect: No certain effect (occasionally there is a "no text found message" after a melee hit with the wand, but with no obvious effect to enemies).

Wand of Nightmare
This staff can shoot a dark bolt that is entangled in grievances. The bolt will interfere with the target's mind, causing a random mental impact.

It causes one of the Amok, Paralysis, Vertigo or Terror debuffs randomly. Battlemage effect: same

Familiar wands[edit | edit source]

Wand of Blast Wave
This wand shoots a bolt which violently detonates at a target location. The force of this blast deals 10-25 damage [Level 0] and is strong enough to send most enemies flying.

Damage: 10-25, Knocks back and potentially Stuns, Damage Scaling: +1 / +3. Battlemage effect: Knocks 2 tiles back with the same possible side effects.

Wand of Corrosion
This wand shoots a bolt which explodes into a cloud of highly corrosive gas at a target location. Anything caught inside this cloud will take continual damage, increasing with time.

Corrosive blob, no direct damage. Battlemage effect: applies Caustic Ooze.

Wand of Corruption
This wand will release a blast of corrupting energy which will debuff enemies and eventually bend them to your will. Enemies are able to resist the corruption, but weakened enemies are much easier to corrupt than healthy ones.

Damage: 10-10, Corrupts, Damage Scaling: +2 / +2. Battlemage effect: Amoks.

Wand of Disintegration
This wand shoots a beam that pierces any obstacle, and will go farther the more it is upgraded. The beam deals 10-30 damage, [Level 0] and will also deal bonus damage for each enemy and wall it penetrates

Damage: 10-30, Piercing rays, Damage Scaling: +1 / +4. Battlemage effect: +1 range

Wand of Fireblast
This wand produces a blast of fire when used, extending out into a cone shape. As this wand is upgraded it will consume more charges, the effect becomes significantly more powerful the more charges are consumed. Its next attack will consume 2 charges and deal 23-53 damage [Level 0].

Damage: 23-53, Fire damage and potentially Burning debuff (only), Damage Scaling +1 / +6. It spends 2 charges per use. Battlemage effect: Ignites.

Wand of Frost
This wand shoots blasts of icy energy toward your foes, dealing 15-35 damage [Level 0] and chilling, which reduces speed. The effect seems stronger in water. Chilled and frozen enemies take less damage from this wand, as they are already cold.

Damage: 15-35 (to unchilled/unfrozen enemies), Chills and potentially Freezes, Damage Scaling: +1 / +5. Battlemage effect: Chills.

Wand of Lightning
This wand sends powerful lightning arcing through whatever it is shot at, dealing 1-40 damage (Level 0]. This electricity can bounce between many nearby foes, spreading damage between them. The lightning and damage spread much more effectively in water. If you're too close, you may get shocked as well!

Damage: 1-40 (double to enemies on water), Chain effect, Damage Scaling: +0 / +7. Battlemage effect: Shocks.

Wand of Magic Missile
Each bolt from this wand deals 15-30 damage, [Level 0] and has no additional effects.

Damage: 15-30, Damage Scaling: +1 / +4 (it is still the starting wand of the Mage). Battlemage effect: None (not recharging like in Shattered PD).

Wand of Prismatic Light
This wand shoots rays of light which cut through the darkness of the dungeon, revealing hidden areas and traps. The beam can blind enemies, and deals 5-25 damage. [Level 0] Demonic and undead foes will burn in the bright light of the wand, taking bonus damage.

Damage: 5-25, More powerful against evil and undead enemies, Blinds, Damage Scaling: +1 / +4. Battlemage effect: Cripples.

Wand of Regrowth
When used, this wand will consume all its charges to blast magical regrowth energy outward in a cone. This magic will cause grass, roots, and rare plants to spring to life. "When life ceases new life always begins to grow... The eternal cycle always remains!

Grows vegetation, no damage, Battlemage effect: Herbal healing

As it was mentioned previously, the wands of Living Earth, Transfusion and Warding from current Shattered PD don't exist in Fushigi No PD (their sprites and their names for still unidentified wands do, but this shouldn't confuse players, their functions do not). Also the Old Wandmaker NPC still gives a choice between a battle and non-battle wand, but if the wand is not already identified, it will be of the "name" type. For example in this game screenshot, the first wand reward is indeed a wand of disintegration, but the second wand reward can be any still unidentified wand (the actual wand of Corruption may even already be identified and assigned to another wand sprite).

Old Wandmaker Fushigi.png

Weapons Melee[edit | edit source]

Forget also what you know about weapon tiers from Original PD and Shattered PD, as all tiers, even tier 1, contain some strong weapons (a higher tier has a higher percentage of strong weapons though) and almost all have a +1/+3 damage scaling with upgrades, so the game can be completed in theory even with some of the tier 1 weapons when highly upgraded. Like armors, almost all weapons in Fushigi No PD can obtain multiple enchantments, which are not erased by upgrades, but the player can erase them with a scroll of Remove Curse, if he/she doesn't like the current enchantment of the weapon, and wants to create free space for new ones (like in armors, once the enchantment slots are filled, they can't get overwritten). Also some weapons have built-in properties, which can not be erased or applied with a scroll or stone, but can be transferred to another weapon with a pot of Fusion. Have in mind also that some weapons that are familiar from Original PD or Shattered PD are somewhat different in Fushigi No PD (the greatsword is a tier 1 weapon and the war hammer is a tier 4 and very slow weapon for example). As the availability of pots of Transmutation makes transmuting somewhat easier in Fushigi No PD, players are advised to use any weapon they like, but unless the hero has an upgraded ring of Furor equipped, if it is a slow weapon, and especially if it is a very slow weapon, to transmute it just before the Metropolis chapter, as the dwarf monks in Fushigi No PD are very quick in their attacks when the hero has a slow weapon equipped. Generally speaking, weapons with good damage output that are accurate or quick will give an advantage to the hero in later chapters (for all the weapons with non-regular basic stats, either for better or for worse, see the last part of this section).

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

A simple iron dagger with a worn wooden handle.
This towering blade inflicts heavy damage by investing its heft into every swing.

Note that the greatsword is a tier 5 weapon in Shattered PD.

A piece of iron shaped to fit around the knuckles. Keeps the hands free, yet allows for better attacks than an empty fist.

Note that the knuckleduster is replaced with the otherwise identical studded gloves in current Shattered PD.

This sword's long razor-sharp steel blade shines reassuringly, though its size does make it quite heavy.

Note that the longsword is a tier 4 weapon in Shattered PD.

Mage's Staff
Crafted by the mage himself, this staff is a unique magical weapon. Rather than having innate magical power, this staff is instead imbued with magical energy from a wand.
A nicely balanced sword. Not too large, but still notably longer than a shortsword.

Note that the sword is a tier 3 weapon in Shattered PD.

Worn Shortsword.png
Worn Shortsword
A quite short sword, worn down trough heavy use. It is both weaker and a bit lighter than a shortsword in better condition.

[Scaling = Damage Scaling, Slots = Enchantment Slots]

Name Damage Scaling Slots Particularity Property
Dagger 1 - 13 +1 / +3 3 - Assassination
Greatsword 10 - 40 +1 / +3 3 - -
Knuckleduster* 3 - 6 +1 / +2 3 Delay 0.5 -
Longsword 6 - 30 +1 / +3 3 - -
Mage's Staff 1 - 9 +1 / +2 3 Unique to Mages -
Sword 4 - 20 +1 / +3 5 - -
Worn Shortsword 2 - 10 +1 / +3 4 Unique to Warriors -

* Like in Original PD, the Knuckleduster can't get knocked off by Dwarf Monks, although its low starting damage and scaling makes it an improbable choice for highly upgrading, unless it is used by a Gladiator (who can hope to find a tier 4 stone gauntlet, which is also unknockable though)

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

Weapons tier 1 Fushigi No.png
Gold sword
This is a short sword made of gold. It stands to reason that it should be heavy, but it is as light as a normal dagger. Maybe it contains some magic. This makes it more suitable as a carrier of magic. This weapon is worth more.
Hand Axe
A light axe, most commonly used for felling trees. The wide blade works well against foes as well.
The large iron head of this weapon inflicts substantial damage.

Note that the mace is a tier 3 weapon in Shattered PD.

A staff of hardwood, its ends are shod with iron.
Round shield
This large shield effectively blocks attacks and makes a decent weapon in a pinch.

Note that the round shield is a tier 3 weapon in Shattered PD.

A thick curved blade. Its shape allows for faster, yet less powerful attacks.

Note that the scimitar is a tier 3 weapon in Shattered PD.

A slender wooden rod tipped with sharpened iron.
Name Damage Scaling Slots Particularity Property
Gold Sword 3 - 15 +1 / +3 5 - Gilded
Hand Axe 1 - 25 +1 / +3 4 Accuracy +32% Beheading
Mace* 5 - 45 +1 / +5 3 Accuracy +28%,

Very Slow

Quarterstaff 9 - 9 +2 / +2 3 - Balance**
Round Shield 3 - 12 +1 / +3 5 +5 defense, +2 per level -
Scimitar 4 - 24 +1 / +3 3 Delay 0.8 Vorpal
Spear 2 - 24 +1 / +4 2 Delay 1.5, Reach 2 Assault

* Note that unlike its variants in most other mods, the mace in Fushigi No PD apart from accurate is also a very slow weapon. The other weapon of this tier with a deficiency by default that can't be changed is the spear, which has a delay of 1.5. Both weapons also have their advantages though, like their thumping and assault properties, increased accuracy (mace) and range (spear).

** Unlike the glyph, it can't be erased. Note also that unlike its versions in most other mods, the quarterstaff in Fushigi No PD doesn't offer any defense.

Tier 3[edit | edit source]

Assassin's Blade.png
Assassin's Blade
A small wavy blade made of obsidian, difficult to use despite being lightweight, but deadly if it finds the right mark.

Note that the assassin's blade is a tier 4 weapon in Shattered PD.

A fairly intricate weapon which shoots bolts at exceptional speeds. While it isn't designed for it, this crossbow's heft and sturdy construction make it a decent melee weapon as well.

This weapon enhances the damage of thrown darts when equipped, and will even grant its enchantment to them.

Note that the crossbow is a tier 4 weapon in Shattered PD. For the different tipped darts available that it can throw and for its recipes see "Alchemy" section in the beginning of the page.

A spiked ball attached to a handle by a length of chain. Very unwieldy, but devastating if it lands a solid hit.

Note that the flail is a tier 4 weapon in Shattered PD.

Weapons tier 2 Fushigi No.png
Beautiful, durable, sharp, it is the favorite weapon of the Fuurai ronin.

Note: A ronin was a samurai without a lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan. Also, in "Shiren the Wanderer" game, Shiren - the main character, is a ronin.

Weapons tier 3 Fushigi No.png
This is a small, versatile tool that is often used to excavate dirt, destroy obstacles, and is used as a weapon. [It always offers the "Dig" option in its window.]
Two thin blades meant to be wielded in one hand each. Excellent for parrying and swift cuts alike.
While the barbed length of rope at the end of this weapon deals poor damage, its reach cannot be matched.
Name Damage Scaling Slots Particularity Property
Assassin's Blade 1 - 30 +1 / +3 3 - Assassination
Crossbow* 2 - 14 (melee) +1 / +3 3 Mostly useful as ranged -
Flail** 5 - 63 +1 / +5 3 Accuracy 0.9

Can't surprise attack

Katana 7 - 32 +1 / +3 3 - Preemptive
Mattock 1 - 20 +1 / +3 3 "Dig" ability** -
Sai 6 - 12 +1 / +2 3 Delay 0.5

Defense +3 (no scaling)

Whip 2 - 12 +1 / +2 3 Reach 3 -

* Keep in mind that unlike current Shattered PD, darts are not guaranteed to be on sale in all Fushigi No PD shops, but they are very commonly sold, so until you find enough darts, don't be too quick to upgrade a crossbow.

** The Flail is the only tier 3 weapon with some deficiencies by default that can't be changed, as it can't surprise attack and is somewhat inaccurate, nevertheless it has its advantages like its high max damage and scaling and its thumping property. Like in Shattered PD it is still obviously a bad choice for an Assassin.

*** The Mattock can destroy any wall tile apart from locked doors, decorative tiles like statues and wall tiles in boss depths, and it is more useful as an all-purpose pickaxe than as a melee weapon, due to it having low damage and no combat-related advantage. If the hero has space in the inventory, it would be a good idea to keep a Mattock in it, as its "dig" ability can save the hero from some falls into pit chasms, from some searching for keys or from using bombs and canon balls.

Tier 4[edit | edit source]

Battle axe.png
Battle Axe
The enormous steel head of this battle axe puts considerable heft behind each wide stroke.
Weapons tier 2 Fushigi No.png
Fuhma Katana
This is a katana made of metal called "Fuhma Iron". It is extremely sharp and is a legendary weapon that the fuurai ronin dreams of.

Note: This weapon's name is most probably influenced by the Yu-Gi-Oh card games. For ronin see above.

A massive polearm consisting of a sword blade on the end of a pole.

Note that the glaive is a tier 5 weapon in Shattered PD.

Meant to be wielded over the shoulder, this titanic axe is as powerful as it is heavy.

Note that the greataxe is a tier 5 weapon in Shattered PD.

More like a mobile wall than a shield, this gigantic mass of metal aids defense, but doesn't leave much room for attacking.

Note that the greatshield is a tier 5 weapon in Shattered PD.

Rat Scepter Fushigi No.png
Rat sceptre
This is a rather short and small golden sceptre. The rat minister used it to control the rats. you are not a rat, so you can't control a rat even if you take it
Stone gauntlet
This massive gauntlet is made of crimson fabric with heavy magical stone layered on top. The fabric tightens around you, making the thick stone plates almost like a second skin. Swinging such a heavy weapon requires strength, but adds tremendous force to your blows.

Note that the stone gauntlet is a tier 5 weapon in Shattered PD.

War hammer.png
War hammer
Few creatures can withstand the crushing blow of this towering mass of lead and steel, but it takes great strength to use effectively.

Note that the war hammer is a tier 5 weapon in Shattered PD.

Name Damage Scaling Slots Particularity Property
Battle Axe 1 - 45 +1 / +3 2 Accuracy +24% Critical
Fuhma Katana 10 - 35 +1 / +3 3 Accuracy +25% Preemptive
Glaive 5 - 54 +1 / +4 2 Delay 1.5, Reach 2 Assault
Greataxe 1 - 75 +1 / +3 3 - Exhausting*
Greatshield 5 - 22 +1 / +3 4 +10 defense, +3 per level -
Rat Sceptre** 4 - 10 +1 / +3 5 Gilded, Sleepy
Stone Gauntlet*** 15 - 30 +1 / +3 3 Delay 0.5 Burst Punch
War Hammer**** 10 - 60 +1 / +5 2 Very Slow, Stuns,

Accuracy +20%


* This specifically is a property and not a curse, so it can't be erased.

** The Rat Sceptre is a unique drop from the Rat Minister chapter boss on depth 5 and it is never a product of transmutation. Its damage is very low, but it is a great candidate for transmuting, as it will become any of the other much better in damage tier 4 weapons, while also keeping its gilded and sleepy properties (the gilded property is extremely useful, as it will protect the weapon from downgrading by getting corroded by red slimes). Note that due to a minor bug, the sceptre can only be transmuted by a well and not by a pot of transmutation, as if it is put inside the pot, it remains unchanged. If you don't find anything better until the caves, this transmuted sceptre can be your mid-game to end-game weapon, as it will come with 2 properties added to the property that the end product of its transmutation will most probably also have, and you can start using the pots of Fusion or any scrolls of upgrade you have on it. Nevertheless, if you find something even better later on and have a pot of fusion, you can always fuse the upgraded "previously sceptre" with the new better weapon.

*** Like in Shattered PD, the Stone Gauntlet can't get knocked off by Dwarf Monks and also because of its reduced delay, regular scaling and of its burst punch property, it is a very good choice to highly upgrade it for end-game.

**** Note that unlike its versions in most other mods, the War Hammer in Fushigi No PD apart from accurate is also a very slow weapon. The tier 4 weapons with some kind of deficiency by default that can't be changed are the Glaive (slow), Greataxe (exhausting property) and War Hammer (very slow), nevertheless they all have their advantages.

Tier 5[edit | edit source]

These weapons spawn rarely in general, and almost always only in Demon Halls (still rarely there, in some complete runs not even one tier 5 weapon will spawn at all), but they can also get dropped by a Guardian summoned by guardian traps on any depth. Among the three, only the Gradius has an impressive +50% accuracy stat and very high max damage at level 0, but comparatively low scaling, while the Infernal Fuhma Katana is a just slightly better version of the plain Fuhma Katana, and the Runic Blade can reach a good damage output only with some upgrades, while it has mediocre starting damage, no enhanhing properties, and only a very good scalng, so as they are also very rare, consider it to be almost sure that you will be using in end-game some weapon of a lesser tier.

Weapons tier 5 Fushigi No.png
Gradius Forever! [It always offers the "Shoot" option in its window.]
Weapons tier 4 Fushigi No.png
Infernal Fuhma Katana
It seems to have been made by some kind of tempering by the Fuhma katana. The blade emits a red glow, but it does not produce a flame. The katana seems to exist only in the legend. But it is said that the monarch of a desert kingdom has such a knife.
Runic Blade.png
Runic Blade
A mysterious weapon from a distant land, with a bright blue blade.

Note that the runic blade is a tier 4 weapon in Shattered PD.

Name Damage Scaling Slots Particularity Property
Gradius 19 - 85 +1 / +2 0 Accuracy +50% Shoot
Infernal Fuhma Katana 11 - 38 +1 / +3 5 Accuracy +25%

Enchanted with fire

by default

Runic Blade 5 - 25 +1 / +5 4 Benefits more from upgrades -

Generally, like armors, weapons of each tier start spawning often following the number of the game chapters, that is tier 1 in sewers, tier 2 in prison, tier 3 in caves etc. Unlike plate armors, tier 5 weapons spawn rarely even in demon halls though.


  • Assault: critical attack while approaching the enemy
  • Assassination: min damage +100% to unaware enemies
  • Balance-weapon: steady (same min and max) damage
  • Beheading: increased damage against enemies with low HP
  • Burst-Punch: It causes an explosion on every hit, which does not damage the hero or items (not even high grass) but only deals increased damage to the target and to adjacent enemies.
  • Critical: increased chance to crit
  • Gilded: It protects the weapon from Acid destruction.
  • Preemptive: critical hit to enemies with full HP
  • Shoot: Zaps weak disintegration rays with no charges needed.
  • Sleepy: Puts enemies to sleep.
  • Thumping: more damage to non-living enemies
  • Vorpal: bleeding on hit

Unlike enchantments, properties do not proc and their effect is always present if the occasion is suitable for them, in most cases for better, but in the case of the "exhausting" property for worse (it just gets applied usually only once per fight and not with every hit). Also, all weapons with the Balanced enchantment have a damage scaling of +2/+2 and a median value for their damage always.

Note: It was already mentioned previously, but it should be noted again that because almost all weapons with delay 1 scale by +1 / +3 with upgrades (with the sole exception of the quick stone gauntlet that has regular scaling, quick or extremely accurate weapons get +1 / +2, while slow or inaccurate weapons get more, but their different amount of attacks per turn or their different precision makes them essentialy equal to the "regular scaling" weapons in their overall damage), in theory almost all weapons from tier 1 to tier 5 can be used for end-game, weapons of lower tiers just start with lower stats, so the maximum damage end result with the same upgrades will be somewhat worse in comparison. Players should have only in mind that enemies in the two last chapters are generally very evasive and some of them very quick in their attacks, so inaccurate, slow and especially very slow weapons are worse choices than weapons with delay 1 or less for end-game, unless the hero has an upgraded ring of Accuracy or Furor. In contrast, weapons with either increased accuracy (the battle axe, both fuhma katanas, the gradius, even the tier 2 hand axe when highly upgraded) or with regular scaling and decreased delay (stone gauntlet) will give an advantage in these last chapters.

Weapons' with characteristics / properties by default and other than +1/+3 scaling[edit | edit source]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • Accurate: battle axe (+24%), fuhma katana & infernal fuhma katana (+25%), gradius (+50%), hand axe (+32%), mace (+28%), war hammer (+20%). Inaccurate: flail (0.9)
  • Can't surprise: flail
  • + Defense scaling: greatshield (+10, +3 per level), round shield (+5, +2 per level). + Defense fixed: sai (+3)
  • Dig: mattock
  • Extra reach: glaive (+2), spear (+2), whip (+3). Ranged also: crossbow
  • Quick: scimitar (0.8). Slow: glaive (1.5), spear (1.5)
  • Stunning: war hammer
  • Very quick: knuckleduster (0.5), sai (0.5), stone gauntlet (0.5). Very slow: mace, war hammer

Properties[edit | edit source]

  • Assault: glaive, spear
  • Assassination: assassin's blade, dagger
  • Balance: quarterstaff
  • Beheading: hand axe
  • Burning: infernal fuhma katana
  • Burst Punch: stone gauntlet
  • Critical: battle axe
  • Glided: gold sword, rat sceptre
  • Preemptive: fuhma katana, infernal fuhma katana, katana
  • Shoot: gradius
  • Sleepy: rat sceptre
  • Thumping: flail, mace, war hammer
  • Vorpal: sai, scimitar
  • Exhausting: greataxe

Scaling other than +1 / +3

  • +1 / +2: gradius (starts with very high max damage though), knuckleduster, mage's staff, sai, whip
  • +2 / +2: quarterstaff (also any weapon with the balanced enchantment)
  • +1 / +4: glaive, spear
  • +1 / +5: flail, mace, war hammer
  • +1 / +6: runic blade

Weapons Missile and Thrown[edit | edit source]

Unlike current Shattered PD thrown weapons are not upgradeable, but they are enchantable, and with the exception of the boomerang they have limited durability (as they can't get upgraded in Fushigi No PD, they all eventually break, with the sole exception of the Boomerang). Some missile weapons of current Shattered PD like the force cube, heavy boomerang, kunai etc. are missing from Fushigi No PD. Also these weapons have no tier and no strength requirement displayed in Fushigi No PD, but their damage is also affected positively or negatively by the hero's excess or lower than 10 strength.

Thrown to the enemy this flat curved wooden missile will return to the hands of its thrower.
These unusual ranged weapons aren't very damaging, but they do an excellent job of slowing their targets.
These simple shafts of spike-tipped wood are weighted to fly true and sting their prey with a flick of the wrist.
Fishing Spear.png
Fishing Spear
Tiny throwing spears designed for fishing. They work well as an improvised weapon too.
These larger throwing spears are weighted to keep the spike at their tip foremost as they sail through the air.
Star-shaped pieces of metal with razor-sharp blades. They are lightweight and easy to use on the move. A single shuriken can be thrown instantly after moving.

It has the same sprite with the Shuriken, but different stats. For details see table below.

Throwing Hammer.png
Throwing Hammer
These hefty hammers are designed to be thrown at an enemy. While they are a bit lacking in damage, their smooth all-metal construction means they are quite durable, and won't stick to enemies.
Throwing Knife.png
Throwing Knife
These lightweight knives are balanced to arc through the air right into their target. They are most effective against unaware enemies.
Throwing Spear.png
Throwing Spear
These lightweight spears have thin frames which are clearly designed to be thrown, and not thrusted.
Throwing Stone.png
Throwing Stone
These stones are sanded down to make them able to be thrown with more power than a regular stone. Despite the craftsmanship, they still aren't a very reliable weapon.
These throwing axes have a serrated edge that makes them a bit tricky to use. However, a solid blow with this weapon will cause an enemy to bleed.
Massive throwing spears with three deadly prongs on the end. They are powerful, but quite heavy.

Name Damage Scaling Slots Particularity Property
Boomerang 1 - 6 +1 / +1 2 The only indestructible -
Bolas 1 - 15 - 2 Cripples -
Dart 1 - 5 - 2 Can be tipped with seeds -
Fishing spear 2 - 17 - 2 - -
Javelin 4 - 30 - 0 - Assault
Shuriken 4 - 12 - 3 Fast -
"No text found"


4 - 12 - 5 Fast, Pierces enemies -
Throwing hammer 2 - 56 - 3 Stuns
Throwing knife 1 - 13 - 3 - Assassination
Throwing spear 3 - 24 - 2 - -
Throwing stone* 1 - 10 - 5 - -
Tomahawk 1 - 35 - 2 causes Bleeding -
Trident 2 - 60 - 3 - -

* Throwing stones are a starting item of the Warrior, but don't seem to spawn in the dungeon.

Completing the game fully - Amulet of Yendor[edit | edit source]

As in all mods apart from Sprouted PD and its children mods, the goal of the game is to kill Yog-Dzewa and obtain the Amulet of Yendor, which is found in Fushigi No PD on depth 51. If you are interested in the "Happy Ending" badge and have a scroll of Escape, keep in mind that If the hero uses it after he/she beats Yog and gets the Amulet, he/she will get instantly to depth 0 and will be able to use the staircase that leads up to ascend (which is not possible in the beginning of the game), but in the Rankings screen this will be displayed as "Leave by the scroll of Escape", as if he/she would have used the scroll even from depth 1, and it will not be considered a victory.

To get the "Happy Ending" badge and the "Obtained the Amulet of Yendor" ranking the hero must ascend back to depth 0 from depth 1 by passing from all 50 of the previously visited depths, that ascending to them is not anymore blocked, by foot (if he/she was lucky enough to get the Lloyd's beacon and farsighted enough to set it at an early depth, this journey back will take far less time). When the hero ascends from depth 1 to depth 0, the player will get a "Game Over" screen, but by the player pressing "game over" the hero will apear again on depth 0 and all NPCs apart from Roberry, which will have exactly the same behavior as in the begiining, will be happy to see him/her again and congratulate him/her for his/her victory, but won't give any task related with the Amulet. From there the hero will be able to ascend from the stairs of depth 0 and then the game will be oficially over. After first getting the "Happy Ending" badge the player will also unlock the Fuurai class. To get only the "Obtained the Amulet of Yendor" ranking the hero just has to end the game with the Amulet on any depth.

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