Strength = 11 at start Potion of Strength Identified at Start


When the damage done by a Furious warrior is caculated, the damage rolled by the weapon is multiplied by 1.5 rounded down.

The Furious buff is applied when the Hero's damage reduces the Hero's health below 0.4 of the Hero's total health.




• Increased wand recharge rate: formula unknownss
• Scroll of Identify identified at start
• Can weild wands as melee
• TODO: Find the formula for increase in wand charging rate. Find the formula for Melee Wand Damage
•Does more damage with wielded wands: Amount unknown
•Gains 1 wand charge on melee hit with that wand.
•TODO: Find formula for damage of wielded wands, esp. as function of level


• Every kill that generates XP
• Reduces hunger by 10 points (starving = 300 points)
• Gains health: Function of XP. Function unknown.


• Get hungry slower: increases hunger counter every 12 turns instead of 10)
• Ability to wield ranged weapons as consumable melee weapons
• More likely to detect traps: formula unknown
• Dodge bonus: increase Dodge stat by adding (hero strength - current armor strength requirement)
• Scroll of Magic Mapping identified at start

Free Runner

• Runs twice as fast as regular hero when unencumbered (not wearing armor that is too heavy)


• Sneak Attacks do more damage: formula unknown


• HP from dewdrops doubled
• Starts with Boomerang, an upgradeable ranged weapon
• Strength requirement of boomerang not decreased by upgrading
• +1 to boomerang damage
• Ability to wield ranged weapons as consumable melee weapons
• Major Bug: When boomerang is equipped as a melee weapon and then thrown the boomerang will no longer return to the huntress when an enemy dodges it
• Hero starting HP = 15


• When hero moves onto a tile with a plant grown from a seed on it, hero has a 1/5 chance of harvesting a dewdrops and a 1/5 chance of a random seed.


• Deals increased damage with ranged weapons: Formula unknown

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