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Glyphs are magical improvements that can only be found on armor. It is the armor’s equivalent to enchantments.
The equations given in this article are only true if the armor level is ≥0. Any armor under level 0 has formulae the same as level 0.


Every time the Hero is hit, there is a chance for the armor to apply an effect. For some armor, only melee (enemy and Hero in contact) have any chance of effect.

Glyphs/Inscriptions increase armor damage reduction.


A randomly spawned armor has a 1/10 probability to already have a glyph.
A Scroll of Enchantment can add a random glyph to a non-inscribed armor, or it can randomly change an already existing glyph to another glyph.

Table of glyphs[]

Image Glyph Effect Chance of Activation
Glyph bounce mail.gif Bounce Causes enemies to be pushed back after hitting the Hero. Level+1Level+5
Glyph affection mail.gif Affection The enemy will receive the charmed debuff for 3 to 8 turns while the Hero will be charmed for 1 to 6 turns but never more than the enemy. Level2+5
Glyph anti-entropy mail.gif Anti-entropy The Hero will be illuminated and catch fire for 8 turns, and the enemy will be frozen for 1 to 1.5 turns. Level+1Level+6
Glyph multiplicity mail.gif Multiplicity This glyph causes the Hero to spawn a Mirror Image but be damaged by 1 to maxHealth/6. This can kill the Hero, resulting in the endorsement of the badge - Death from a glyph. Level2+6
Glyph potential mail.gif Potential This unleashes a lightning-style blast, which will damage the enemy that attacked the Hero and will damage the Hero by 1 to damageDone (on average half the damage done to the enemy).

This glyph can be used to obtain the Death from a glyph badge.

Glyph metabolism mail.gif Metabolism The Hero will be partially healed from 1 HP up to 1/5 of their total health, before the enemy damage is applied. Only applies if the Hero is not starving.

The Hero’s hunger will also worsen by 36 points.

Glyph stench mail.gif Stench The Hero will release a cloud of Toxic Gas that damages both the Hero and the enemies in proximity.

This glyph cannot be used to obtain the Death from a glyph badge.

Glyph viscosity mail.gif Viscosity The Hero will obtain the damage deferred debuff, which will cause the Hero to receive 1 damage per turn, instead of receiving the whole amount in one shot (e.g. 5 dmg received = 1 dmg for next 5 turns).

This glyph can be used to obtain the Death from a glyph badge.

Glyph displacement mail.gif Displacement Whenever the Hero is hit, there is a chance that the Hero will be teleported to a random visible tile.

Higher armor levels increase the chance of teleportation. This glyph does not work at boss depths.

Every hit picks Level+1×5 random tiles in the level. If any of the selected points are visible, the Hero will be moved there.
Glyph entanglement mail.gif Entanglement The Hero may receive herbal armor with strength 5×level+1 but will also be rooted for 5-⌊level/5⌋ turns at the same time. 14
Auto-Repair This glyph suppresses the degradation rate of the armor. Upon being hit, it will cost you Gold equal to the tier of the armor with the glyph in order to repair the armor. T.B.A.

Glyph Probabilities[]


Main article: Glyph Probabilities

Glyph Loss[]

When using a standard Scroll of Upgrade on an inscribed armor, there is a risk to lose that glyph.

Reforging armor via Troll Blacksmith also has the same risk as with using a Scroll of Upgrade.

Appearance of glyphs[]












  • Some glyphs can be countered, or its effect(s) can be reduced.
    • Entanglement's Rooted debuff can be dispelled by the Levitating buff from a Potion of Levitation.
    • The effect of Anti-entropy can be reduced with a Ring of Elements.
    • Stench can be countered with a Potion of Purification.


Update Change
1.6.1 ADDED to the game
1.6.2 Added:
  • New Glyph - Armor of Stench
  • New Glyph - Armor of Viscosity

Changed: Some glyphs tweaked

1.6.3 Added:
  • New Glyph - Armor of Displacement
  • New Glyph - Armor of Entanglement


  • Inscribed armors are more common now
  • Viscosity Glyph's Damage Deferred debuff now equals the absorbed damage (rather than 1.2 times the absorbed damage)

Fixed: Armor kit retains existing Glyph

1.6.3a Fixed: Entanglement Glyph now available
1.6.4 Changed:
  • The damage received from Copy creation is slightly reduced when Multiplicity is activated. (approx. -17%)
  • The "Death from a glyph" badge can now be obtained by dying from the Viscosity glyph/Damage Deferred debuff.
1.6.4b Fixed: A potential bug with the Pushing effect (i.e. Bounce Glyph) is corrected.
1.7.2 Changed: Glyphs/Inscriptions increase armor DR (Damage Reduction)
1.9.1 Added: New armor enchantment - Auto-Repair