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To mutated
Gnoll brute
Gnoll brute
Spawns in 9 (Prison)
11 to 14 (Caves)
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 40 HP
Dodge 15
Armor 8
Resistant to Nothing
Immune to Terror
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee
Accuracy 20
Damage 8 to 18 (13 ±2.26)
If enraged: 10 to 40 (25 ±6.33)
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Nothing special
Max level
15 for XP
17 for drop
Experience 8 XP
Drops Gold (1/2)

The Gnoll brute is a standard enemy that can be found in Prison and Caves.

It has a 1/30 probability to spawn as a mutated Shielded brute.


Gnoll Brute gif.gif
Gnoll brute
Brutes are the largest, strongest and toughest of all gnolls. When severely wounded, they go berserk, inflicting even more damage to their enemies.


Gnoll brutes will attack on sight.
After the Hero/ine inflicts enough damage on them, they become enraged and attack stronger.

Special notes

Gnoll brute becomes enraged if its health falls strictly below 1/4 of its total health (i.e. if HP < 10).

Shielded Brute gif.gif

Its rare variant, the Shielded Brute, has higher evasion and can block the hero's attacks.

Drop detail

The gold quantity is uniformly distributed between depth×10+20 and depth×20+39.


  • Back away whenever they become enraged, and wait until their enraged buff disappears, before continuing to fight them, or finish them off. (Similar to fighting Goo)
  • Try to slay the brutes before they attack you in their enraged state.
  • Avoid fighting brutes while under 20 HP because sometimes, even if you have good armor, they can inflict a lot of damage.
  • Brutes are a key figure in the item farming process at Depth 11, as they will be your main source of gold for the shop.
    If you run out of brutes to slay, try going to another depth, and then coming back.
    After that, take a long walk around the dungeon, and this should spawn enough brutes.
  • Brutes spawn the most in levels 12, 13 and 14. Either avoid spending too much time there, or go there, if you’re item farming.


Update Change
0.3 ADDED to the game
0.5.2 Added: Rare enemies (Shielded Brute)