Gnoll shaman
Gnoll shaman infobox
Spawns in 6 to 9 (Prison)
13 to 14 (Caves)
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 18 HP
Dodge 8
Armor 4
Resistant to Electricity
Immune to Nothing
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee, ranged
Accuracy 11
Damage Melee: 2 to 6 (4 ±1.06)
Ranged: 2 to 11 (×1.5 if the Hero/ine is stepping in water)
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Nothing special
Max level
14 for XP
16 for drop
Experience 6 XP
Drops Random scroll (1/3)

The Gnoll shaman is a standard enemy that can be found in Prison and Caves.


Gnoll Shaman gif
Gnoll shaman
The most intelligent gnolls can master shamanistic magic. Gnoll shamans prefer battle spells to compensate for lack of might, not hesitating to use them on those who question their status in a tribe.


The Gnoll Shaman tends to attack from a distance, with powerful lightning magic.
If the Hero/ine is close to them, they will also use melee attack, but it will not be nearly as powerful as their ranged attack.

Drop detail

Scroll Probability
Scroll of Identify 30/119 25.21 %
Scroll of Teleportation 10/119 8.4 %
Scroll of Remove Curse 15/119 12.61 %
Scroll of Recharging 10/119 8.4 %
Scroll of Magic Mapping 15/119 12.61 %
Scroll of Challenge 12/119 10.08 %
Scroll of Terror 8/119 6.72 %
Scroll of Lullaby 8/119 6.72 %
Scroll of Psionic Blast 4/119 3.36 %
Scroll of Mirror Image 6/119 5.04 %
Scroll of Upgrade 0 0 %
Scroll of Enchantment 1/119 0.84 %


  • If a shaman sees you in the distance, be sure to hide behind something, in order to avoid being struck by their lightning bolt.
  • Hiding behind a door will cause them to chase you, bringing them into melee range for an easy (and arguably safer) kill.
  • Avoid using ranged attacks on shamans, because often, the damage from their attacks is greater than the damage you could deal to them.
  • Try not to stand in water when a shaman is nearby, as water amplifies the damage taken from their lightning bolts.


Update Change
1.6.3 Changed: Has resistance to all electricity sources.
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