Pixel Dungeon Wiki
Vital statistics
Type Misc
Effects Allows for item purchase in Shops
Source Treasuries

Unlocked Chests
Gnoll Brutes
Crazy Thieves/Bandits
Gnoll Scouts
Randomly, in the dungeon

Cost to buy Cannot be bought
Cost to sell Item Price

Gold can be found throughout the dungeon.


A pile of <insert amount> gold coins. Collect gold coins to spend them later in a shop.

Alternate description: "A single gold coin. Collect gold coins to spend them later in a shop."


Gold can be used for purchasing items from Shops at Depths 6, 11, 16, and 21. Large amounts of gold are needed, to buy most items in the Shop, as items in the Shop are usually grossly overpriced.

It is not stored in the Backpack like normal items - it can be picked up, but it can’t be dropped/thrown; and if an Ankh is used, all gold will be lost.

A Mimic can also make you drop large amounts of gold from your Backpack.


Gold can be found in chests and rooms on each depth of the dungeon, except for Boss depths (excluding depth 5). It can be found under Tombs in a Graveyard, in the Rat King's room on Depth 5 and in Unlocked Chests in a Treasury.

It can also be dropped by Scouts, Crazy Thieves/Bandits, and Gnoll Brutes.


  • Farming:
    • The first and safest option is to slay Gnoll Scouts.
      They drop 30 to 200 gold coins (depending on the depth), with a probability of 50 %.
    • The second option, which is harder but returns more loot, is slaying Gnoll Brutes.
      They drop 110 to 320 gold coins (depending on the depth), with a probability of 50 %.
      Strong armor is a must, since Brutes do a lot more damage than Scouts.
    • You can also try selling weapons you get from Skeletons to the Shopkeeper to get some gold. (Missile weapons give you more money.)


Update Change
1.7.5 ADDED: Mimics have a chance to make you drop some gold from your Backpack.