Golden bee

Golden bee

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Type Summoned (Allied)
Spawn Honeypot
Gives Nothing
Walk speed 1 tiles per turn
Attack details
Health 5×(depth+3) HP
Dodge depth+9
Accuracy depth+9
Armor 0
On Damage Attacks Hero/ine's enemies

The Golden bee is a Summoned (Allied) NPC.

Description Edit

Golden bee
Golden bee
Despite their small size, golden bees tend to protect their master fiercely. They don't live long though.

Info Edit

The golden bee is spawned when the Honeypot is thrown. The bee will then follow the Hero/ine and attack nearby enemies. The bee will die after a certain amount of time, even if it has never been into battle. Like a mirror image, the bee is able to swap places with the Hero/ine when tapped.

The golden bee will spawn with 5×(depth+3) health, have a dodge & attack skill of depth+9, and a view range of 4 cells. The bee's damage is HT/10 to HT/4.
Every turn, the bee will lose one health, thus it will live for a maximum of 5×(depth+3) turns. The golden bee is immune to Poisoned.


Update Change
1.7.4 ADDED to the game

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