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The Golems quest is one of two quests given by the Ambitious Imp.

The Ambitious Imp asks the Hero to slay 6 Golems for him. Golems spawn only at depths 18 & 19. Each slain Golem will drop a Dwarf Token.

Once at least 6 Dwarf Tokens are given to the Ambitious Imp, the Hero will be rewarded with a cursed, identified ring. (The depth 21 Shop will also be unlocked if kept unvisited before the completion of this quest.)


Upon speaking with the Ambitious Imp:[]

Are you an adventurer? I love adventurers! You can always rely on them if something needs to be killed. Am I right? For a bounty, of course[sic] ;)

In my case this is golems who[sic] need to be killed. You see, I'm going to start a little business here, but these stupid golems are bad for business! It's very hard to negotiate with wandering lumps of granite, damn them! So please, kill... let's say 6 of them and a reward is yours.

Upon speaking with the Ambitious Imp without 6 Dwarf tokens:[]

How is your golem safari going?

Upon returning to the Ambitious Imp with 6 Dwarf tokens:[]

Oh yes! You are my hero!

Regarding your reward, I don't have cash with me right now, but I have something better for you. This is my family heirloom ring: my granddad took it off a dead paladin's finger.


Update Change
1.6.2 ADDED to the game
1.7.2-1.7.5 Fixed: [Grammar & Punctuation] Typos in initial dialogue