Goo infobox
Spawns in 5 (Sewers)
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 80 HP
Dodge 12
Armor 2
Resistant to Toxic gas
Grim weapon
Scroll of Psionic Blast
Immune to Nothing
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee, ranged if pumped up (2 tiles)
Accuracy 15 (30 if pumped up)
Damage 2 to 12 (7 ±2.26)
If pumped up: 5 to 30 (17.5 ±5.32)
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Gives Caustic ooze (1/3)
Max level
30 for XP
32 for drop
Experience 10 XP
Drops Skeleton key (always)

Lloyd's beacon (1/3)

The Goo is the boss of Sewers.


Goo gif
Little [sic] known about The[sic] Goo. It's quite possible that it is not even a creature, but rather a conglomerate of substances from the sewers that gained rudiments of free will.


  • When noticing you, Goo yells: “GLURP-GLURP!”
  • When on water, Goo will heal 1 HP per move.
  • Goo has a special attack, in which it will start pumping itself up.
    If the Hero/ine does not immediately leave the 2-tile radius from Goo, the Hero/ine will get hit for a lot of damage (See infobox on right).
    This attack can be seen when Goo has “!!!” over its head, and the message says “Goo is pumping itself up!”
  • Goo can give the Caustic ooze debuff to the Hero/ine.
    Caustic ooze will act like poison, taking 1 HP from the Hero/ine per turn. The Hero/ine can wash the debuff away by stepping on water.
  • When dying, Goo yells: “glurp... glurp...”

The Fight

Goo will be awoken if the Hero/ine gets too close, or attacks it.
Goo has a short-ranged attack (2 tiles) - the “!!!” attack. It will follow the Hero/ine around the dungeon when it is awake.

The general strategy is to attack Goo regularly, while avoiding its “!!!” attack.
If the Hero/ine is away from Goo and has wands/ranged weapons, it is best to use them on Goo until it gets close.


  • See: Goo Boss Guide
  • Armor that absorbs up to 12 Dmg is needed, to get through the fight.
    (Its highest melee dmg output is 12, as shown in the infobox on the right.)
  • A weapon that inflicts an average of 8-10 Dmg (1/10th of its total HP) is needed, to face and defeat Goo.
    Once you are noticed by Goo at Depth 5, THE STAIRS WILL DISAPPEAR, and you'll be UNABLE TO LEAVE until Goo is defeated.
    Be sure you're absolutely ready to face Goo before entering the boss room and initiating the fight.
  • Potion of Healing to help heal throughout the fight; heal when HP falls below 10.
  • Stay on water while fighting Goo, but make sure it isn’t on the water (and doesn't walk on any water tiles when following you). It will heal 1 HP, for each time it moves on water, undoing any damage you dealt to it.
  • Melee-centric Combat Only:
    If you have a Seed of Earthroot, plant it on a water tile beside the door outside of Goo's room; then wake it up and lead it to the door. When Goo starts following your Hero/ine, plant a Seed of Sorrowmoss in the doorway, then step onto the Earthroot plant to start the fight. This will dramatically decrease the damage received from the boss to 0 to 7 damage. And Sorrowmoss will inflict 40 Poisoned damage, over the next 20 turns.
    NOTE: Once you step onto the Earthroot plant, it is absolutely imperative that you do not step off of the plant until Goo has been defeated. If you do, you will lose the Herbal Armor buff and will be left unprotected from Goo's attacks.
    • Additionally, once you step on Earthroot and once Goo steps into the doorway, if you have one, throw a Tomahawk to inflict Bleeding, as your opening attack.
    • NOTE: As of Update 1.7.0., the Infinitely Burning Flammable Tile bug has been fixed. (Inflict Bleeding and Poisoned debuffs for the Doorway Tactic, instead.)
  • Use items that inflict the Paralyzed debuff, which will allow you to attack Goo without being harmed by it.
    (i.e. a Stunning-enchanted weapon, a Wand of Avalanche, Potion of Paralytic Gas, Curare darts, and Bombs)
  • A Scroll of Mirror Image is very powerful against all bosses.
  • Golden bees will significantly help expedite the fight.
  • Using Wand of Slowness can be helpful to reduce the amount of damage taken.
  • Scroll of Lullaby is useful for getting 1-2 hits in.
  • As it follows you, throw seeds in its path, to make traps. (e.g. Sorrowmoss, Firebloom, etc.)
  • When leading Goo toward your trap(s), don't get too far ahead, or it will turn around, go back to its den, and regenerate!
  • Using a Potion of Toxic Gas, in combination with a Potion of Invisibility, will aid in the fight tremendously. Provided, of course, you stay out of the gas' range.
  • If you manage to slay Goo and survive, consider your play-through successful, and then be sure to upgrade your armor, so it can be worn without encumbering your Hero/ine.
  • Obsolete Strategy:
    To slay Goo, simply kite it to the steps to the upper depth, and then step up and down, and strike it once, or twice, each time.
    Goo might strike you a few times, so be sure to look for water at the depth above, to wash the Caustic Ooze off with.
    WARNING: As of Update 1.7.0, this method is no longer viable, as the stairs disappear, like they do for the boss fight against Yog-Dzewa.


  • If you die at depth 5 with an Ankh, after the floor resets, Goo will now be called "Spawn of Goo".


Update Change
0.3.5 Changed: All bosses are now resistant to Toxic Gas & the Grim enchantment
0.5.4c BUG: Stopped dropping Lloyd's Beacon
1.6.0 Fixed: Non-obtainable Drop bug
1.7.3 Changed: Goo's behavior
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