Hero's Remains are the skeletal remains of the latest dead Hero/ine.

Appearance Edit

Hero’s Remains look and act exactly like skeletal remains, the latter being a standard item container similar to an Unlocked chest.
Consequently, you may encounter many skeletal remains in the same dungeon, but only one pile of them will be Hero’s Remains.

Content generation Edit

When a Hero/ine truly dies (i.e. no Ankh in inventory, and not a game deletion) in depth depthOfDeath, one of the 4 equipped item slots is randomly selected (25 % chance each).

  • If the selected slot is full, the item is retrieved, but it is cursed, and its level is high-capped by (depthOfDeath-1)×3/5 + 1 (rounded down), see table below.
  • If the selected slot is empty, part of the Hero/ine’s gold is retrieved (uniform range 1 to herosGold), with a minimum of 1 coin, if the Hero/ine didn’t have gold at all.

Then, when another Hero/ine (even with different class) reaches that depth for his/her first time, s/he will find skeletal remains containing that item or gold.
No other Hero’s Remains will be found until a Hero/ine truly dies again.

Class armor Edit

As a class armor doesn’t have a level, there is no high cap applied to it, so it is not degraded when being transferred through remains, even at depth 1.

Item level cap Edit

If the retrieved item has a level too high for the depth of death, the level will be high-capped to the following values:

Depth Level cap
1 1
2 1
3 2
4 2
5 3
6 4
7 4
8 5
9 5
10 6
11 7
12 7
13 8
14 8
15 9
16 10
17 10
18 11
19 11
20 12
21 13
22 13
23 14
24 14
25 15
26 16

For instance, if a +7 ring is left at depth 16 (cap=10), the ring will still be +7; However, if it is left at depth 6 (cap=4), the ring will be +4 only.

Tips Edit

If your Hero/ine is about to face certain death before having reached the depth that the Hero's Remains is located on, it is highly recommended to back out of that game file and erase it.
This will give you another chance to reach the Hero's Remains, as the Hero's Remains will not be erased along with the game file. (Repeat it until you've successfully reached the Hero's Remains and obtained the item from your predecessor.)

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