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The Hero (or Heroine) is the playable character which explores the Dungeon.
They can use items like weapons and armor, slay enemies, and gain experience and levels.

Hero attributes

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Classes are unique roles your character can start the game off as. Each class grants unique perks which persist throughout the game and different weapons at the start, that can be used later to upgrade another weapon.

There are currently four classes in the game: Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Huntress.

After defeating the 2nd boss (Tengu), the Hero will be awarded with the Tome of Mastery that allows the player to choose between 2 sub-classes.


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  • Warriors start with 11 points of Strength.
  • Warriors start with a unique short sword. This sword can be later "reforged" to upgrade another melee weapon.
  • Warriors are less proficient with missile weapons.
  • Any piece of food restores some health when eaten.
  • Potions of Strength are identified from the beginning.
  • Warrior starts with 8 darts.
  • The health restored by any food is 5 HP.


Main article: Gladiator
A successful attack with a melee weapon allows the Gladiator to start a combo, in which every next successful hit inflicts more damage.


Main article: Berserker
The more enemies surround the Berserker, the faster he performs his attacks. When severely wounded, the Berserker enters a state of wild fury significantly increasing his damage output.
  • Fury starts at ≤ 40 % of the total HP.


Main article: Mage


  • Mages start with a unique Wand of Magic Missile. This wand can be later "disenchanted" to upgrade another wand.
  • Mages recharge their wands faster.
  • When eaten, any piece of food restores 1 charge for all wands in the inventory.
  • Mages can use wands as a melee weapon.
  • Scrolls of Identify are identified from the beginning.
  • Mage starts with the Knuckleduster.
  • Any food consumed will restore 1 charge to all wands in the inventory.
  • When used as a melee weapon, the wand’s melee damage increases with its level.
  • When used by the Mage, the wand needs 40/sqrt(wandLevel+1) turns to recharge once.


Main article: Battlemage
When fighting with a wand in his hands, the Battlemage inflicts additional damage depending on the current number of charges. Every successful hit restores 1 charge to this wand.
  • Hits dealing zero damage do not restore wand charges.


Main article: Warlock
After killing an enemy the Warlock consumes its soul. It heals his wounds and satisfies his hunger.
  • The Warlock gains HP equal to the present stage level, with an additional point at Boss depths (1-5 HP; +1 at Boss depths) and brief satiety from slaying enemies.


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  • Rogues start with a Ring of Shadows+1.
  • Rogues identify a type of a ring on equipping it.
  • Rogues are proficient with light armor, dodging better while wearing one.
  • Rogues are proficient in detecting hidden doors and traps.
  • Rogues can go without food longer.
  • Scrolls of Magic Mapping are identified from the beginning.
  • Rogue starts with the dagger.
  • Rogue starts with 8 darts.
  • Rogue is able to equip missile weapons as melee weapons.
  • Rogue gains a dodge bonus for each point of strength beyond what is required to wear the equipped armor (dodgeBonus = strength - armorCurrentRequiredStrength = strength - armorBaseRequiredStrength + armorLevel).


Main article: Freerunner
The Freerunner can move almost twice faster, than most of enemies.
When he is running, the Freerunner is much harder to hit.
For that, he must be unencumbered and not starving.
  • When perk’s conditions are met (unencumbered - not wearing armor heavier than the strength level), Freerunner's speed for certain actions is multiplied by 1.6:
    • walking speed,
    • armor equip/unequip speed,
    • mirror image swap speed.
  • He has a doubled dodge rate while running.


Main article: Assassin
When performing a surprise attack, the Assassin inflicts additional damage to his target.


Main article: Huntress


  • Huntresses start with 15 points of Health.
  • Huntresses start with a unique upgradeable boomerang.
  • Huntresses are proficient with missile weapons and get a damage bonus for excessive strength when using them.
  • Huntresses gain more health from dewdrops.
  • Huntresses sense neighbouring[sic] monsters even if they are hidden behind obstacles.
  • Huntress starts with the dagger.
  • Huntress starts with the upgradeable Boomerang
  • The health gained from dewdrops is increased by 1.
  • Huntress is able to equip missile weapons as melee weapons.


Main article: Sniper
Snipers are able to detect weak points in an enemy's armor, effectively ignoring it when using a missile weapon.
  • As a Sniper, ranged weapons are significantly more accurate and deal more damage due to bypassing enemy armor.


Main article: Warden
Having a strong connection with forces of nature gives Wardens an ability to gather dewdrops and seeds from plants. Also trampling a high grass grants them a temporary armor buff.


  • Hold down the wait button to enable sleep mode. This action is functionally identical to waiting for many turns in a row; the turns will play out at a rapid rate, allowing to regenerate health faster. Heroes will wake up if any enemies enter their field of view, or if they start starving.
    • Try to find a safe spot to sleep in, such as a garden room, or a nearby stairwell. A cleared Boss depth is perfect.


  • Before classes were released, the player played with a character that used the Rogue sprite.


Update Change
0.3.4 ADDED Character Classes to the game

Changed: An unarmed Hero inflicts damage based on their strength

0.3.5 Changed: All classes were tweaked a little
1.6.1b Changed: Hits dealing 0 damage do not restore wand charges to the Battlemage when fighting with a wand
1.7.0 Changed: Freerunner's evasion rate is doubled when he is running