Vital statistics
Type Misc
Effects Summons Golden bees
Source Gardens (1/3 chance)

Spawned randomly in the dungeon

Cost to buy 300g
Cost to sell 50g

Description Edit

There is not much honey in this small honeypot, but there is a golden bee there and it doesn't want to leave it.

Use Edit

The Honeypot can be thrown and/or shattered to spawn a Golden bee, which will fight for you.

Obtaining Edit

The Honeypot can be obtained in a garden with a 1/3 chance or randomly in the dungeon as a misc item.

Tips Edit

  • It's best to save these for bosses as the bees spawned from them can help fight the boss.

Trivia Edit

The Honeypot is stackable in the Backpack.

History Edit

Update Change
1.7.4 ADDED to the game

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