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Huntress is one of the classes available in the Hero selection menu.

DM-300 must be defeated in order to permanently unlock the Huntress.


  • Huntresses start with 15 points of Health.
  • Huntresses start with a unique upgradeable boomerang.
  • Huntresses are proficient with missile weapons and get a damage bonus for excessive strength when using them.
  • Huntresses gain more health from dewdrops.
  • Huntresses sense neighbouring[sic] monsters even if they are hidden behind obstacles.
  • Huntress starts with a Dagger.
  • Huntresses are able to equip missile weapons as melee weapons.
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After defeating the 2nd boss (Tengu), the Heroine will be rewarded with the Tome of Mastery. This allows the player to choose between 2 different sub-classes.


Snipers are able to detect weak points in an enemy's armor, effectively ignoring it when using a missile weapon.

The Heroine is able to hit a target more accurately, when using a ranged weapon.
She also receives the Zeroed-In buff from ranged-attacking enemies, effectively increasing her ranged attack speed by 1.5.

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Having a strong connection with forces of nature gives Wardens an ability to gather dewdrops and seeds from plants. Also trampling a high grass grants them a temporary armor buff.

The Heroine is able to obtain more HP from dewdrops, and is able to obtain the Barkskin buff, by walking on vegetation.

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Sniper vs. Warden

Warden is a better choice, if the player prefers more sustainability, via more dewdrops & the Barkskin buff. Sniper is a good choice, if the player prefers to focus on using ranged weapons (especially the upgradeable boomerang).

Huntress cloak

After defeating the 4th boss (King of Dwarves), the Heroine will be rewarded with the Armor kit.
The armor kit allows the Heroine to modify one of her armor into class-specific armor, that has a special ability.

Huntress armor.png A huntress in such cloak can create a fan of spectral blades. Each of these blades will target a single enemy in the huntress's field of view, inflicting damage depending on her currently equipped melee weapon.

Spectral Blades is the special ability for Huntresses.
If you are wielding a weapon with an enchantment, most if not all enemies in your field of view will be affected by the enchantment.


Update Change
0.5.3 ADDED to the game
1.6.0 Added: New perks for Huntress