Infobox sewers

Weapon info
Damage 2 to 15
Average 8
Strength 15
Accuracy 1
Delay 1
Debuff [[Crippled Crippled]]
DebuffDuration 10 turns
Quantity 5 to 15
Price 15

The Javelin's class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​weapons.​missile.​Javelin".

Description Edit

This length of metal is weighted to keep the spike at its tip foremost as it sails through the air.

Damage Edit

The weapon's damage is triangularly distributed between 2 and 15.
A Huntress will obtain an extra 0 to (heroStrength-requiredStrength) damage points per throw.

Obtaining Edit

The Javelin is randomly generated at normal depths, or can be obtained as loot from a Skeleton, in quantities of 5 to 15.


  • Use against Sewer crabs & Vampire bats when they appear in the doorway, to slow their approach
  • Use against Crazy Thieves/Crazy Bandits when attempting to retrieve an item they stole.
  • Use against Dwarf monks/Senior monks & Golems, when trying to avoid unnecessary combat & conserve/ration Healing potions.
  • Use against Fetid rat to slow it down when not ready to attack it, or slow it down to kite it & get more turns to attack.
  • Use against Goo to slow it down to kite it & get more turns to attack.

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.0 Changed: Javelin applies Crippled debuff
1.6.1a Added/Changed: New image for Javelin

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