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King of Dwarves

King of Dwarves
Spawns in 20 (Dwarven City)
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 300 HP
Dodge 25
Armor 14
Resistant to Toxic gas
Grim weapon
Scroll of Psionic Blast
Wand of Disintegration
Immune to Paralyzed
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee
Accuracy 32
Damage 20 to 38 (29 ±3.89)
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Nothing special
Max level
30 for XP
32 for drop
Experience 40 XP
Drops Skeleton key (always)

Armor kit (always)

The King of Dwarves is the boss of Dwarven City.


Dwarf King gif.gif
King of Dwarves
The last king of dwarves was known for his deep understanding of processes of life and death. He has[sic] persuaded members of his court to participate in a ritual,[sic] that should have granted them eternal youthfulness. In the end he was the only one,[sic] who got it - and an army of undead as a bonus.


  • When noticing you, King of Dwarves yells: “How dare you!”
  • The King of Dwarves can summon 1 to 5 undead dwarves to fight the Hero, when standing over the two pedestals at the center of the throneroom.
    • This can be seen when the message says “King of Dwarves: "Arise, slaves!"”
  • The maximum number of simultaneous Undead Dwarves increases, from 1 to 5, depending on how much the King of Dwarves is hurt; if the King's current HP is:
    • 1 to 60: 5 undead dwarves
    • 61 to 120: 4 undead dwarves
    • 121 to 180: 3 undead dwarves
    • 181 to 240: 2 undead dwarves
    • 241 to 300: 1 undead dwarf
  • The Undead Dwarves do not die when the King of Dwarves dies.
  • The Undead Dwarves have the chance of paralyzing the Hero.
  • The King of Dwarves can call out, like a Scroll of Challenge, to notify where you are to the Undead Dwarves.
  • When dying, King of Dwarves yells: “You cannot kill me, <Hero (Sub-)Class>... I am... immortal...”

The Fight

The King of Dwarves has no ranged attack. It is advised for the player to focus on the King; however, if the Hero is surrounded by Undead Dwarves, the player should focus on clearing them.


  • See: King of Dwarves Boss Guide
    Whatever you do, DO NOT heed what the signpost in the anteroom instructs.
    This CANNOT be stressed enough.
  • Armor that absorbs up to 35-40 Dmg, is needed to get through the fight.
    (His highest dmg output is 38, as shown in the infobox on the right.)
  • A weapon that deals an approximate average of 30 Dmg (1/10th of his total HP) is needed to face & defeat the Dwarf King.
  • Potion of Healing to help heal throughout the fight.
  • The player should avoid their Hero being surrounded by the Undead Dwarves, as they can paralyze your Hero.
  • A Scroll of Mirror Image is very powerful against all bosses. When fighting the King of Dwarves, it is best to use the scroll early, so your images will hit the King instead of skeletons.
  • The Scroll of Psionic Blast is great to use against the King of Dwarves, when he has summoned many skeletons. The scroll can do surprising amounts of damage, though this is inconsistent.
  • The King of Dwarves is immune to many potions.
    Don't use a Potion of Paralytic Gas on him, or your Hero might end up paralyzing him/her self!
  • In contrast to paralytic gas, toxic gas is a better choice, as the King & his Undead Dwarves will take some serious damage; and perhaps suffocate to death!
  • As the King will go from one pedestal to the other (if he can summon more undead dwarves), planting seeds on pedestals will provide useful traps.
  • Melee Method:
    Plant a Seed of Earthroot on one pedestal and step on the plant.
    This will give the Hero the Herbal armor buff (dramatically decreasing the damage received from the boss to 0 to 7 damage), and will cause the King to only use one pedestal.
  • Scroll of Lullaby are useful, to get a couple of extra hits on him.
  • Wand of Slowness can help by making him slower with his attacks.
    • Also, a melee weapon with the Chilling Enchantment can be used in place of this.
  • A Wand of Disintegration can help, if there are a lot of Undead Dwarves around.
  • Use the Wand of Amok on him & his Undead Dwarves, as they are susceptible to the Amok debuff (this synergizes perfectly with the Wand of Flock).
  • Firing sheep with the Wand of Flock at the pedestal, opposite from the one you're standing on (assuming you're standing on one of them), will render him relatively weak & practically harmless.
    (The sheep will block him from approaching & standing on the pedestal, to summon Undead Dwarves, forcing him to approach & fight you without backup. [Also assuming that you drew him out of the line of fire between the two pedestals.] Best, if used with the Wand of Amok.)


  • If you die at depth 20 with an Ankh, after the floor resets, King of Dwarves will now be called "Undead King of Dwarves".


Update Change
0.4 ADDED to the game
0.5 Changed: King of Dwarves is now immune to Paralysis
1.7.3 Changed: King of Dwarves is now immune to Vertigo