Lloyd's Beacon

Lloyds beacon

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Type Boss Loot
Function Teleports the Hero/ine
Source Drop from Goo (1/3)
Reusable yes
Upgradeable no
Stackable no
Breakable no
Buy price cannot be bought
Sell price cannot be sold

Description Edit

Lloyds beacon
Lloyd's beacon
Lloyd's beacon is an intricate magic device,[sic] that allows you to return to a place you have already been.

Additional description if the beacon is set:
This beacon was set somewhere on the[sic] level <depth> of Pixel Dungeon.

Use Edit

Lloyd's Beacon allows the Hero/ine to teleport to any depth of the dungeon that has been visited (excluding boss rooms).
However, you must manually set the beacon at the depth that you want to be able to return to.
You can set/use the beacon when an enemy is in your view, but not when the enemy is right next to you.
A set beacon will glow white.
Once used, the beacon must then be re-set; thus, Lloyd's Beacon is a one-way teleportation.
The beacon can be used multiple times.

Lloyd&#039;s beacon set

Set beacon

Obtaining Edit

There is a 1/3 chance of getting Lloyd's Beacon from Goo.

Tips Edit

  • Lloyd's Beacon can be used to mark a depth's exit.
    • When you are done exploring a depth, use Lloyd's Beacon to teleport back, saving you time and hunger.
  • The beacon can be used to place precious space between the Hero/ine and an enemy.
    (See the Pro as heck guide to Sniper)
  • At the first two stages, it can be helpful to set the beacon in a Garden, especially if your Hero/ine needs to heal up. (It won't be helpful in deeper stages, since your Hero/ine's max health will be too high to heal it all back, without becoming hungry/starving.)
  • If you're an item hoarder, it would be wise to set the beacon beside the Shop's door at every stage, so that you can instantly return and sell any unnecessary items for more gold as well as buy some more essential items you might not have been able to purchase the first time.
    • This is especially helpful for whenever the Backpack becomes full.
  • If you're at Depth 24 before fighting Yog-Dzewa and you have sufficient healing items (and/or can avoid enemies in previous depths), it would make for an easier/faster time to re-ascend to Depth 1 to set the beacon there, re-descend, defeat Yog-Dzewa, obtain the Amulet of Yendor, then teleport back to Depth 1 with Lloyd's Beacon to ascend to the Surface, so your Hero/ine can avoid the increased enemy spawn rate that's triggered by obtaining the Amulet of Yendor and opting to ascend to the Surface.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of this device "Lloyd's Beacon" is a reference to the spell, from the game series, Might & Magic, which existed in every game, excluding the first one.
  • If the Hero/ine has the Lloyd's Beacon in his/her Backpack and s/he gets revived by an Ankh, the Lloyd's Beacon will be in his/her Backpack upon revival.
  • If the Hero/ine returns to a tile in the same turn, while an enemy is located there, it will overlap with the Hero/ine. The enemy won't perform any action until the Hero/ine moves.
Fly on my face

Huntress and Swarm of flies sharing the same tile

History Edit

Update Change
0.5.1a Fixed: Lloyd's Beacon Depth Duplicate Exploit
0.5.4c Bug: Unobtainable; doesn't drop from Goo
1.6.0 Fixed: Unobtainable bug
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