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Loot Dungeon Shattered is a peculiar case among other mods and also the first mod of Shatttered PD that was released in January 2015 by Senri Hin/Dinjon.

Like its brother mod, Loot Dungeon, that does exactly the same for Original PD, it is a visual remake of Shattered PD that implements very well designed new graphics for all the sprites and tiles of the game, which are similar to those of indie japanese RPG games. This virtue becomes also a problem though, as the new sprites are totally irrelevant to the enemies of Pixel Dungeon and can become confusing for the player: for example the Marsupial Rat looks like a walking red mushroom, the Sewer Crab looks like a pink snake etc. (nevertheless the names and the game descriptions of all of them remain the same). In addition, although this mod doesn't state explicitly the version of Shattered PD it was based on, judging from the in-game evidence it was most probably based on the very old version 0.2.2 of Shattered PD, as it does not include even the Potion Bandolier (added in 0.2.4), throwing weapons do not cancel stealth (changed in 0.2.3), but it includes challenges (ported from Original PD in 0.2.2). For more details about the additions and changes in Shattered PD up to this version you can visit this link.

However, a recent (Nov 2019) in-depth research in Chinese community has revealed that Midens/MenSheng (a user from there) made a mod of this retexture in September 20, 2018, which is essentially a bugfix & adaptation of this retexture to the 0.6.5c version of Shattered Pixel Dungeon. For agreement, this new version will be treated as a different mod and will be called Loot Shattered Dungeon II.

Known bugs[]

Whenever the hero kills an Animated Statue and picks its weapon, the game crashes and deletes the progress on the current depth.